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To all my kingdoms and friends
05:12:45 Jan 13th 13 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus XXV):

Its come time for me to decompress and learn to love VU again... I love this game and everyone knows how addicted I am... but I need a break. Between 2 toddlers, a full time job, masters program classes (MBA student), I've stretched myself too thin. Now that I'm expecting my third child in August, I've got to spend more time preparing my house to sell so I can get something with a 2nd bathroom. I may be getting rid of one of my dogs too. (a few family friends interested)

to ROC:
Sorry for playing a good mage, then a mediocre mage, then going almost afk and checking in to see my colonies taken and not being able to do much. I'm definitely a better attacker than mage. I'll be back, I'm not leaving the KD, but I may be pulling a McMax. Don't know when I'll be back full time, but I'm going to be logging in occasionally. ROC is my original home and nothing will ever change that.

to Meme:
It's been extremely enjoyable leading such a talented kingdom. We have established, in a very short time, a reputation for being a strong independent kingdom. Everyone should be very proud of this. The kingdom IS NOT disbanding. I will be checking in and I'm considering what the new leadership structure will look like with my activity level dropping. I understand some of you will move on to new adventures, and at least one member (you know who you are) is going to be taking a few months off of VU. Meme will not go away. Its been a pleasure as was my previously lead kingdoms Japan and Medieval Warriors. What has made Meme different was that special, indescribable belief that perseverance would always prevail. I've admired anyone that's put up with working with me. Even if everyone leaves or goes AFK, Meme flags will fly again.

to MAD:
You guys have always been so kind to me. From Bluelight inviting me to join when worlds were connected and I was in Blackflag, to working with Ryan in MW, to Aloy accepting my application for my second go round in this amazing kingdom. I'll be there casting for you for the remainder of the era and I'll do what I can to assure your survival and victory, but no promises on activity. Everyone needs to know that MAD is one of the the most honorable kingdom I've ever had the opportunity of working with. And thats saying a lot since I've been around VU for 9 years now.

Bottom line to everyone is don't count on me for anything. I will occasionally log in, but 'll be playing lone wolf style. Either under a kingdom flag or not. I'll resume full-time addiction level playing eventually, but I cannot put a date on when. I'll not leave any kingdom but if booted, I totally understand.

05:23:33 Jan 13th 13 - al (Mr. al al):

always knew you were a softy

07:16:22 Jan 13th 13 - Dyrness (Sir Dyrness The Ram):

I've enjoyed having you in ROC, but you certainly have your hands full. It will be nice for you to enjoy your growing family without the distractions that come with this game. You are a skilled player and a great kingdom-mate. We will miss you in ROC and you will always be welcomed back, whenever that time will be. Take care.

10:25:17 Jan 13th 13 - Princess Wonder Woman:

We go way back, been friends for many years, and you have been one of the nicest people I met in this game. I am honored to have you as my friend, and I've always enjoyed every kingdom we were in together.

Thank you for accepting me into Meme, it was a nice coming back to the game, good team of people, but you're right, I could see that you're starting to be inactive. RL is most important, so I wish you all the best, enjoy life and come back to VU when you can :)

15:15:44 Jan 13th 13 - Mr. Captain Hindsight:

And to think I was complaining on the forum last era about my difficulties with activity- you must have lol'd something mighty.

All the best with your family and future Horus.

19:57:46 Jan 13th 13 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Mr. Mysterion):

My long time friend horus you will always be missed in roc and you will always be in mind for whenever i decide to try and make a perfect kd also take care may your beers never be warm unless you like them that way and may the future always hold something bright for you.

ps. two rules in life will never bend never whittle towards your self or pee towards the wind

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