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Top 3 and bottom 3 most useful
20:51:52 Jul 3rd 07 - Mr. Sakaal II:

What are the three most useful and the three least useful things you know?

For example:

3 most useful:
1. Thinking and listening
2. A knife, flint and tinder
3. An iPod

3 least useful:
1. A nun's nipples
2. The Pope's balls
3. A thanks from the board instead of a bonus or a raise

20:55:23 Jul 3rd 07 - Mr. Orly:

You have an IPod as most useful? What are you a fan girl?

20:56:53 Jul 3rd 07 - Mr. Sakaal II:

...or a troll

20:57:08 Jul 3rd 07 - Mr. Killstone The Destroyer:

Most useful

1. me

2. computers

3. my friends (not nessecerilly in that order though)

least useful

1. meticulous details during history

2. Sin (least useful)

3. pointless things...

21:03:54 Jul 3rd 07 - Sir Spud:

Top 3:

  1. ACAD
  2. Commen sence
  3. How to live life to the fullest

Bottom 3:

  1. This thread
  2. Other peoples answers on this thread
  3. Future conversations in this thread

21:13:51 Jul 3rd 07 - Mr. Killstone The Destroyer:

lol spud best bottom 3 so far =P

06:00:29 Jul 4th 07 - Sir IM Shyers Who The Hell Are You:

1. my penis
2. Zeta
3. waffle cones

1. my penis
2. mielo sober
3. beer in plastic bottles (it's just wrong)
4. sporks (just give me forks and spoons!)

06:07:46 Jul 4th 07 - Sir Spud:

This message goes out to Spoon...

" I dont think that Shyers really means when you come across this know what? Nevermind...I think shyers does want you. Go get 'em Spoon! "

19:45:49 Jul 4th 07 - Mr. Peace War And Suffering:


1)metallica :)

2)my yhat



1)my knee

2)my ps2 (obserleat)

3)anything apart from the above

22:31:15 Jul 4th 07 - Mr. Love:

Mose useful:

1. My vagina that i bought online. Always the perfect way of ending a hard night of drinking.

2. My computer.

3. Small rodents.

Most useless:

1. Dumb threads with no discussion value whatsoever.

2. Sakaal II

3. Wars.

All above is in the correct order. So the vagina is better then my computer and Sakaal II is worse then wars.

00:03:29 Jul 5th 07 - Sir Bruto Cikayson:

3 most useful:
1. Being alive

2. Having all 5 senses functional (a few more would be nice, but unnecessary)

3. Having a functional, rational brain

3 least useful:

1. Dirt
2. my dad's singing
3. A customer saying "thanks!" instead of tipping me (I work as a bagger/carryout at my summer job)

22:29:51 Jul 5th 07 - Mr. Sakaal II:

To the self-proclaimed drunk wanker who is criticizing me: I'm so happy I'm not on the shared 1st position on your Top 3.

04:17:26 Jul 6th 07 - Sir Pelagius Septim II:

Most useful

1. computers

2. ability to breath

3. ability to move

Least Useful

1. A spline

2. This thread

3. George W. Bush

in that order...


08:07:31 Jul 6th 07 - Mr. MY God Farts:

Most useful

1. godlike farts

2. hot chicks

3. my *beep*

Least usefull

1. lgc

2. mr. love and his fake pussy

3. oya ;p

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