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Tutors needed
01:17:13 Feb 19th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

okey we really need to start using tutors in Sweden,
Can anyone give us advice in how to get them?

maybe our american players knew were to find them since apparently all good lookin people in america need a tutor ( atleast that what I see in the movies and series from there) though that must meen there is little need for tutors there since there are so much fever good looking people there (that what I experienced when I compare my trips there to how its in Sweden)

Well there is two groups in US that seem to use tutors alot and thats sport jocks and people who use drugs so I guess that meens there are alot of turors since there are so many people using drugs over in the states.

01:22:56 Feb 19th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

one of the reasons we need turors in Sweden is this.

<@brashen> more prof that zeta flunked math
<@brashen> Size:    Brigade (Around 5000)
<@brashen> Eits shows > Rockthrowers:9831
<@brashen> 9831 is not around 5000 in my world

does that meen zeta is either good loking or use drugs, because a sport jock dont tend to create games like this!

hmmm and the picture of computer nerds is ugly people.

01:25:25 Feb 19th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

Okey so this must mean that zeta is a ugly looking computer nerd that flunked math because he use to much drugs.

01:25:29 Feb 19th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

Or we do got a pretty famous sport jock called Zeta in Sweden, atm he play in the same lineup as Peter Forsberg in the Olympics.

12:42:00 Feb 19th 10 - Hentai Whitecloak:

You're such a horndog Brashen.

12:54:01 Feb 19th 10 - Lady Boobson:


15:13:13 Feb 19th 10 - Mr. Dalak The Dodgy Gynaecologist:

Lay off the drugs Brash..  ;)

15:37:35 Feb 19th 10 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

Swedes all sound the same, perhaps get voice tutors first?

03:46:53 Feb 20th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

what are u talking about Stirlin? Roxburys and Victoria Silversteds voices are only almost identical,

and why should I lay of the drugs Dalak? they make me feel really good and fuzzy inside!

21:01:44 Feb 20th 10 - Duke Jictelious The Younger:

My army of 100k archmages and 17k spellweavers don't fall into the 500,00 either when the description of a four-x army is 100k-200k.  I know this has to do with the relative strength of troops and not just count, but hey, if you can break some rules, why not break them all?

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