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Unbelievably violent fight
06:33:19 Jul 24th 09 - Sir Sorra:

What in shock...

A very violent fight occurred outside a high school in Fuijian China, 1 person was killed(guy in red).

Note: Before watching, you will notice a security gaurd at the highschool interence doing nothing at all, just holding back the crowd and keeping the gate shut.

Also, WTF, since when when you take on 2 guys, you also need 2 feet pipe parts and bambosticks?

But congrads to teh second guy, they had Sh!t loads of people attacking him but he still held them of. When the other security guys jumped over, looks like they told the guy to put down his weapon. That’s when the mobs got him with some shots to the head. Before the security stepped up.

This is really really fuked up. I feel sorry for the kids


As for the guy in the red, as stated above, he died.


Last but not least, apparently this was I HIGHSCHOOL fight sparked by a TEACHER.


If anyone can get anymore on this it would be greatly appreciated, such as a actual reason the 30 something High schoolers with 2 inch pipes needed to gang up on 2 students?




Since when did a 2 inch pipe part become part of the uniform, everyone seemed to be carrying one…



Here is what I got so Far


Getting tired, am going to sleep now. I hope I don’t get nightmares….this is seriously fuked. Your watching the boy in the reds last moments alive and at his last camera  shot, when he is no longer with us..


Just though the VU community would be interested in this.

06:35:17 Jul 24th 09 - Mr. Twelve Inch Mcsatay:

The guy that survived was carrying a machete. No one would dare approach him directly with such a weapon.

06:40:30 Jul 24th 09 - Mr. Twelve Inch Mcsatay:

And FYI, there is a bit of conflicting information on the location between the website and the information you provided. Anhui (the location provided by the website) and Fuijian (the location you provided) are two very different provinces in China.

From what I read on YouTube with regard to this fight by several Chinese YouTubers, this fight took place in Western China (far away from the above two provinces) and the two boys being attacked were actually gangsters. The 30 people or so attacking them were actually retaliating for something.... *shrug*

06:45:18 Jul 24th 09 - Sir Sorra:

Details Twelve Inch Details please

thank you

17:26:36 Jul 24th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

I've seen worse.. Have you never seen a gang fight in the U.S.? Way freakin worse.

17:30:24 Jul 24th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

you never saw russian people in sportswears fight

17:51:57 Jul 24th 09 - Mr. Overcome:

this is horrible=/

00:44:08 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

I don't care if American or Russian fights are worse, point is that someone died in a horrible fight and everyone was so young. What a pity

00:45:39 Jul 25th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

Mr. Vuggy


17:26:36 Jul 24th 09
I've seen worse.. Have you never seen a gang fight in the U.S.? Way freakin worse.
Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger


17:30:24 Jul 24th 09
you never saw russian people in sportswears fight

Why are you bragging?

01:16:31 Jul 25th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

cause im a fag

01:31:09 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

I am not bragging. I am merely saying this is really nothing compared to other countries' violence...

01:33:53 Jul 25th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

its still a death ;( i saw a cruel one. when 20guys vs 1 girl. end was .... (puke) they thrown a brick on her head... russian people are insane.. like the rest of the worlds youth

03:21:31 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

That's true.. This guy died in a pretty bad way as well though... Being beat to death with mainly bamboo sticks with some iron pipes thrown in... You don't know if it's going to sting or smash when it comes down... =(

05:32:42 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Pure:

It has been delted of the site you gave us :(

Also were I come from it has many gangs beating each other up with all kinds of utensials from sticks to rocks to knives to fists it goes on and on but you cant compare fights as you dont really know the full details and penguin there was a few issus like that one time in AUS there was a girl approched by about 15 boys they beat her up with trolley polls raped her sparyed deodreant on her lit here up with fire continued to hit here they made a video of it and it weent for 30mins of just beating her up and the repe went for 42mins or so

there have been many issues like that all over the world so there is no point go on about who fights a better(well worse) it just shows how bad your contry is

05:40:00 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Pure:

also this isnt seriours stuff about VU this should be in the hangaround

14:21:42 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Piece Maker:

What were they throwing at him?

14:39:18 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Heroix:

yep. russian youth is even more agressive and dangerous.
In eastern Europe all the trouble causers are russian speaking, sports-wearing morons.

15:18:57 Jul 25th 09 - Mr. Chuckynorris:

Mr. Piece Maker


23:21:42 Jul 25th 09 What were they throwing at him?

I think it was those bamboo sticks or rocks to fast to see

05:14:35 Jul 26th 09 - Sir Sorra:

They were throwing, metal pipes, Rocks and bamboo sticks, If you watch it slowly you will see one guy throw a rather large metal object at the Kid.

10:31:21 Jul 26th 09 - Mr. Brain:

Poor guy in the red jacket, rip.. Fkin corrupt cops!

13:50:40 Jul 26th 09 - Mr. Seloc:

Looked like glass projectiles to me.

It's just sick what people will do.

16:49:27 Jul 26th 09 - Mr. Pijavka:

Did that kid in red getting pwn'd in the begining die? sorry but i kind of fast forwarded a lot and might missed something... gawd i cant watch those kind of videos.

lol but its funny how all those guys that were throwing stuff at that one guy againts the gate, there were like 20 of them and not one had the balls to get close.... lol its like gang banger pu$$ie$, only tough when in groups...

16:52:56 Jul 26th 09 - Demonslayer The Infidel Killing Kitten:

Mr. Twelve Inch Mcsatay


01:35:17 Jul 24th 09
The guy that survived was carrying a machete. No one would dare approach him directly with such a weapon.
Red guy died.

17:07:05 Jul 26th 09 - Mr. Pijavka:

he had a machette? i thought it was a chain :S lol i havent looked closely though :p and yeah that sucks, those guards failed and should be held somewhat responsible for it...

17:28:35 Jul 26th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

@cahrley. yes red guy died, but other one had a machete and those 20 guys were afraid to aproach... he survived

23:59:43 Jul 26th 09 - Sir Santa:

If there are 19 others to do the job, I don't I'd be approaching a guy with a machete :S

10:17:48 Jul 28th 09 - Mr. Koss:

you know it sounds harsh but for 20-30 people to gang up and fight 2 if it was a gang related fight the only gang i can think that has fights that violent is ms13

i mean ive seen the bloods and the crypts fight and its not that bad and they fight with chains and pipes as well but most gang killings are with guns and not during gang fights

10:37:05 Jul 28th 09 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XXII:

yeah lol bloods and crips one fighting just get banged and fight another day unless they get one ever gets beat to death...well not usually

11:32:44 Jul 28th 09 - Mr. Koss:

but they sure do beat the shit out of eachother i used to know a guy who weaved barbed wire into chains and sold them to gang members

11:33:28 Jul 28th 09 - Mr. Koss:

he gave me one once for my birthday it was a gift ill always cherish

23:40:31 Jul 28th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:

Have you ever seen someone get curb stomped? Like, real life, none of that shitty Gears of Wars crap. Though that is true... but why do you mention Crips and Bloods first? If you ask me, bloods and crips have become too known. Soon enough they're all gonna get gang raped by the POlice. ^^

22:48:37 Jul 30th 09 - Mr. Roxbury:

23:55:26 Jul 30th 09 - Mr. Vuggy:


01:54:23 Jul 31st 09 - Sir Penor The Overwhelming:

haha that's messed up

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