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Understanding Why Im Better
13:09:18 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

1. Peasant Siphon

Your entire economy and the strength of your Kingdom is based on TOTAL EMPLOYED PEASANTS.

When a city hits 100% population, siphon the peasants off to a different city for them to be employed there.

Peasant Growth is a resource.
There is a reason you need donator status to see it.
Never let it hit 0.

13:10:36 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

You can also just leave an army of peasants at a city- especially useful for players who land-drop (Technique I invented a long time ago)

2. Land Drop

18:07:30 Sep 24th 22 - Ms. Asrock:

I really doubt you invented land drop.

19:00:22 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

I really did invent the land-drop.

Then a few years later I shared the strategy with the unwashed masses in 2015.

Some of you idiots still don't understand the concept.

19:03:00 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):



If you have low productivity mines/farms/lumbermill that you just captured sometimes you will GAIN income by razing them because they add to your total number of mines/farms/lumbermills?

If you said 'Yes Barny I knew that' then you are lying.

Nobody does this.

I tried to tell you all 7 years ago but you were too stupid to get it.

19:04:24 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

09:07:30 Sep 24th 22 - Ms. Asrock:

I really doubt you invented land drop.

There is a reason I won the very first era of The Fifth Age.

Ask around.

Was it because I was such a good king, or was it because I was a better player and faster learner?

The fifth era

Click on the era winner to see full list of all players

19:09:11 Sep 24th 22 - Ms. Asrock:

Land drop was already used way earlier in the game.

Think it was Lord Paul or Fordius or Binh or maybe Draiken who started with it.
I remember Fordius doing a massive land drop and spammed nazguls when was with Binh in a kingdom.

I remember Lord Paul once having a huge army out of nowhere but that was either cause of a income bug or land drop, who Fordius/Thijssen defeat with a chain merge.
But it could also been Draiken who was a good attacker back than, but I think he was bit after that time aswell.

I've no clue who you are ? If your barny than ur legacy only started after those feats if I remember old vu correctly. But if ur Barny which I doubt, as he wasn't really the guy that wanted to put all attention upon himself, but was more involved in helping the game forward and sharing knowledge.

But people change with the time ofc. But you came way after the first chain merges , land drops, other stuff.

19:23:50 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

Fordius used to use the land-drop strategy before me in LGC but I copied the strategy and improved upon it then popularized it

Fordius's big mistake was taking 30ks to 90k but not going from 30k land to 90k- his starter cities were 25600s and not 40ks which get full bonus instantly and can be dropped from 13,300 to 40k

To this day most of you guys still land-drop incorrectly.

Dropping a 30k to 90k when you have a fully built 25600 is HORRIBLE and VERY BAD yet some of you will drop 67ks into 200ks with other fully built cities

You're supposed to triple your land count, not triple the land in one city.

Either way it's still better to attempt it and fail then to not use it at all.

19:24:54 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

4. Not only am I the greatest player in VU, I am also the MOST HUMBLE

So much so that I will even concede that Pure was better than me, Binh was my equal, and that Konstant is my equal.

19:27:23 Sep 24th 22 - Mr. Fcukr:

I regularly drop the F bomb. 

The most effective land drop has always been to destroy all other production buildings in smaller cities prior to the land drop. Improves the land drop time by 22% due to the reduced cost of building while still earning tax from peasants. 

19:31:02 Sep 24th 22 - Ms. Asrock:

Well regardless of if you improved it or not, it means you didn't invent it.

But somebody else did, I'm still not sure who did, you seem to think it was Fordius aswell. 

And not sure if his way of building or not was impressive or not, I know that the fucker could be very strong very fast and havent experiened someone gettings big / strong as fast as he did.

But than again I had left vu a long time ago, so not sure who came after my time and who did what afterwards. 

19:34:50 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

To this day people still do it wrong

Also back in the day 'land-drop' had a different meaning: Troop cost was tied to total land count, so 'land-drop' in 2010 and earlier meant litterally dropping your land count to a very low number then pumping troops.

Today 'land-drop' means dropping a bunch of land (building) all at once.

In the 2010s I was still one of the best low-land STGers and Nazgul pumped.

And I am the most humble.

19:35:26 Sep 24th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):

I won the first era of the fifth age because I learn faster and because I am the Most Humble

20:06:35 Sep 24th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Ahura Mazda):

Barny, you really gotta stop talking me up like that. People are going to begin expecting things from me.

17:20:03 Sep 25th 22 - Jarl Ivar The Boneless:


4. Not only am I the greatest player in VU, I am also the MOST HUMBLE

So much so that I will even concede that Pure was better than me, Binh was my equal, and that Konstant is my equal.

Idk about being humble lmao

17:54:51 Sep 25th 22 - Matthew (Chief Trogdar):


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