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Understanding Woke Culture
03:51:25 Nov 10th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

I am a movie buff, ever since I can remember I always preferred going to movies or watching a movie home than going to club or bars, and lately I keep reading about woke culture in movies. I do tend to watch reviews to see if a movie is good or not before investing time to watch it. And this tends to show up all the time in the reviews especially lately, in last couple of years. 

I believe this is another thing Americans have brought to us, but I am still not sure what does it mean. So a simple quick Google search tells me woke culture is against racial prejudice or any kind of discrimination. Ok so I can go with that, that is a good thing. But mostly in these reviews I read when people mention woke culture its always in negative connotation. 

Why is that, can anyone explain? I feel like its getting forced on us, like that new Marvel series, characters called Safespace and Snowflake? Those characters are super weird and almost laughable. But since woke culture is against discrimination I should probably not laugh at them? 

Quick woke movies search gives examples of Ghostbusters movie with female cast, is that because its females? 

06:36:07 Nov 10th 22 - Mr. Revenant:

Not everything labled as "woke" is actualy woke. Some on the Right like to throw the term "woke" around like a buzzword these days. Literealy anything they don't like is "woke", even if it's not really. On the other hand, some on the Left think that "woke" culture doesn't exist. Honestly, it really depends on your worldview if you can see it or not. Some people would look at a colourful cast of people and think nothing of it, some would think it was nice they included so many types of people, some would think that it was unrealistic and just diversity for diversity's sake, and others see one non-white-cis-het character and scream "woke!"

For me personally, it only annoys me when it's unrealisticly shoehorned in, like that "girl power" scene in Avengers Endgame. Or making a black Elf in a LotR show where Elves have always been said to be "pale" and "fair." (Although that show has way more problems than that.) Or when they cast an actor that doesn't fit the character's description, ie. race-swap/gender-swap (Usually just for the sake of having a non-white/female character if their arn't already enough. Not that white-washing is any better though.) For me it's more of a case of lore accuracy/realism rather than woke-ness though. Although sometime it's obvious a studio/director is adding in things just for brownie points with the Left, which is where I think most avarage people get annoyed about it. ("avarage people" = not blatent racists/sexists/etc)

12:14:13 Nov 10th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

I’m not sure of any mainstream definitions

I think the level of woke is determined by how much truth one has accepted about themselves which, determines the level of growth they have achieved & level of consciousness which, determines the level of control they have over themselves & ability to use free will

This results in “more choice” & flexibility

I’ll give you a tip

We are all God

“Everything & nothing”

We are all everything but, on a scale

We can alter that scale with repetition which, is essentially our personal make shift religion 

We are what we do most often, a result of our choices & habits

“Our habits decide our destiny”

The law of attraction is simply repetitive action, small steps leading to big steps that, create space inside our consciousness, emptying our minds & emitting a magnetic frequency

A still, empty mind is more powerful than a chaotic, racing mind

“Common sense”

03:58:30 Dec 3rd 22 - Mr. Entropic:

I'd like to preface this by saying I'm not American nor do I care about republicans or democrats (why did I even have to preface this ? But I digress) 

I think it's much like the China market and people trying to appease them but just for the western market; woke culture to me seems to be if you are not including people who can and have been discriminated against e.g race, gender, sexuality etc you are automatically excluding them which makes it an issue. 

That just dosent make sense to me, I mean fuck racists fuck x-phobes damn man but realistically I feel like it's damaging to the real issue of fixing these problems by trying to be over inclusive. 

01:45:32 Dec 6th 22 - Mr. Chaosgeoff:

I'd also add there is a difference between positive connotations of woke and negative connotations of woke (this is excluding the far rights idea that anything that isn't like them is 'snowflake woke', and extreme left of no woke).

Over simplifying things, the positives connotation is as Jasmina describes above.  The negative are when things are done to be forceable equal without allowance to deviate from using as many different groups as possible.  This is where it comes up in movies, the ghostbusters movie is a good example as people believe the only reason to have 4 female leads was because it was sexist not to (which is unlikely).

The negative comes from equality of outcome.  This is the expectation that everyone should have the same result irrelevant of anything they have to offer.  Imagine the Olympics where the 100m sprint is run by everyone, you see each sprinter run their own race and finish with different time.  However, the scoreboard then shows everyone having the same time as first place.  This would be equality of outcome and can you see how it doesn't make much sense?  

The positive comes from equality of opportunity.  We want everyone irrelevant of who they are, their situation, their abilities, etc.. to be able to pursue anything without exemption or prejudice.  They might not get what they were after because someone more suitable happens to beat them or because they for what ever reason are not able to attain it, but they had the opportunity.  Using the sprinting analogy again, this would be like allowing a one legged man race Usain Bolt.  He's very unlikely to win but he had the chance because he was allowed to race.

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