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Understanding the Afterlife
15:02:26 Sep 4th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

tl;dr take a shot at it and tell me your thoughts

19:54:37 Sep 4th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

Come on someone provide their thoughts on what happens when we die someone step up and illuminate the final question

20:17:02 Sep 4th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Baba Yaga):


04:50:37 Sep 5th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

Damn that would suck for everyone

07:39:34 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

This is what I’ve gone in sort of relation to time & afterlife

“We are an individual in the collective...”

We can accept or reject any of the new or old ways and become who we are meant to be...

“We are at the beginning of time all the time...”


We are a collection of archetypes...

We play the role of all the archetypes out as we experience life with the lessons handed to us...


Our soul comes from a place that is “trapped in time” 

We could figure out what time our soul is from and the meaning of our souls name...

We’re trying to reach the infinite...

07:41:45 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

So basically

Life is infinite

& we’re trying to find balance

07:44:55 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

We’re born at the centre of the universe


We either drift further away from the centre, stay at the centre or drift in & out

07:46:30 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Their is a universe or dimension that is “flat”

07:47:08 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

I think the meta is flat?

07:53:29 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Everyone is basically the same (deep down) if we are ourselves

Everyone is just like Goku or Jesus

Goku & Jesus is who we are if we “be ourselves”

Vegeta is who we become if we lose our humanity


Have a cruel past

10:26:55 Sep 5th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Trogdar):

22:46:30 Sep 4th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

Their is a universe or dimension that is “flat”


I always thought that 0d or 1d was basically death or totally flat like a line, 2d was a plane, 3d was a cube, and 4d was impossible for us to conceptualize in the same way that information is lost when translating from 3d to 2d or from 2d to 3d

I also thought that all these shapes were circles and spheres and not squares and cubes
I imagine that its impossible to escape death

10:44:38 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:


I’m not sure but

We all share the same purpose

Will to power

Will to conquer & defeat death

10:48:12 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

10:50:24 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

i can’t upload the image😭

basically i think the “flat” part is made up of triangles

the two “magic keys to the universe”

3,6,9 & 1,3,7

both of those are special keys apparently & i found it in the geometry of triangles

10:52:05 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

On Multiverse…

Is there an alternate universe running backwards? One where philosophy comes first we are drawing all our energy from, the void must be a wormhole our imagination is trapped in eager to be discovered.

Wisdom = time


Philosophy = space 🙂



3rd dimension = action, material world

4th dimension = thought, the dream world

5th dimension = no thought, spirit world

The universe is a mirror so there would be ten dimensions because we are in the middle of the middle looking in at the middle

They say life is better understood backwards so, the universe manifest from point A to B. From everywhere to one point. 

The highest dimension we can see being the tenth so, we go down the middle and we would say the 5th dimension is the centre of the universe. This is where the universe started but, this is not true. This creates dimension zero which is the egg, so, we have the 5th dimension down the middle of the spectrum which is the sperm. The 1st and the tenth, all this creates you, a little spec, a special creation, a little miracle, a 5D, 3D hologram but, we’re not alone. We were shattered at the start. We mirror again. This is the 1st Dimension meaning the universe started with a twin flame. Each spec is going across distance in a straight line, each made of 3 points so, each spec is made up of zero, the fifth and the 3rd. Space, time & matter, creating a 3,6,9 pattern in every direction. This is the 3,6,9 method. This creates the other key to the universe, 1,3,7. One is made of three, three is made of nine & seven is made of twenty one creating a brand new pattern, 3,9,21, within twenty-one, we have 3,6,9 in every direction, plus zero this means we are twenty-two-dimensional beings. This means everything Devine that could be manifest, manifest at the start of the universe with unlimited possibility :)

This would mean each universe is contracting or expanding. That there are only beginnings. All life is a game, the universe is like a Russian doll. 

This would mean we are all born at the centre of the universe. We are born with all the wisdom of the universe and life is a journey moving closer or further away from the centre of the universe as we develop, discovering wisdom or not. We are the singularity. This makes us creation & creator. :)

We all have the Ontic Sphere,

“ Deep inside the being of human life there's a secret connection to powers and forces, the refined and raw energies of the world and the cosmos beyond it, all funnelling down and inward to that secret connection and flowing through the entire ontic sphere\* of the human being, bringing more reality to the reality than it had before it was fed the true foods of existence, the blending of experiences and the feelings, and from the ontic sphere spreading out to all the world,  radiating like a microscopic star the rays and beams of a  formative influence, making the human being more than a consumer or a  parasite,  but a symbiote, a producer even of the transformation flows through the topologies shaping reality everywhere. This is a good purpose for human beings, enriching the very planet and its planes themselves, and between them, even more, special the magick, the sorcery,  the craft,  the very tales of love and drama, the majestic other dimensions of the being of the human family.  

Consciousness is more than a trip, it's a vital part of our present cosmos & chaos alike.  

\*An  Ontic sphere, to the best of my understanding, is the world which  you  live interplaying with your psyche and its organic expressions,   creating an almost ultra fractal and transracial appearance and   relevance to life.” - written by Jerry David Rosenberger

So in theory. Each solar system is like a little universe. There are possibly little you are running around with one leg missing. Our imagination is a portal. All the chaos happening here right now is all the chaos happening everywhere in the universe.  We could be the first to leave the planet and it’s probably already happened. Our realist us would be immortal and complete all challenges in life. All life across the universe shares the 3D 5D realm.


So, everything that exists inside the mind has already happened somewhere or is about to happen. Everything is a phase. Everything is a figment of our imagination. Life is but a dream.

10:52:50 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

that’s surface level knowledge & logic on the universe

10:55:48 Sep 5th 22 - Prophet Hanky Panky:

the entire universe shares the same path

11:33:52 Sep 5th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

Perhaps we must walk the Golden Path if we truly wish to defeat Death

12:45:05 Sep 5th 22 - Lady Jasmina:

I like the "understanding" trend of topics :P

In regards to the topic
Same as religion.
There is a God? Prove it. You can't? I don't believe it then.
Afterlife? Prove it. You can't?

Therefore there is nothing.

12:55:25 Sep 5th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

What if God isreal but right now God is dead but in the future we created God in our image?

14:28:02 Sep 5th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

Grim Reaper and Hades have the worst jobs in the world

15:48:30 Sep 5th 22 - Mr. Fcukr:

u were born out energy, u return to being energy

16:00:38 Sep 5th 22 - Lord Caedus:

Personally I believe that we'll all come face to face with Jesus, and we'll see that he always was the way, truth and life. :) 

18:17:13 Sep 5th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

You were tricked by the Christian Bible.

Islam > Christianity.
The Ummah is over a billion Muslims strong, it will win.

Ancient Egyptians believed that the end of your life, you—an immortal soul, would stand before several gods and 42 judges.

Keep this in mind as you live life under the gaze of the Eye of Horus (former Abydos Flag)

11:36:22 Sep 6th 22 - Lord Caedus:

I didn't realise I was embroiled in a war for numbers.

16:52:24 Sep 6th 22 - Mr. Skiepe The Beast:

Watch until the end

Jasmina: just because you can’t prove it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We only know about 1% of the brains and even less of the universe. We don’t even know what is below the oceans for that matter or where electricity comes from. It’s just there for some reason.We know nothing. So if you don’t know anything, everything is still possible.

17:37:53 Sep 6th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):


19:41:10 Sep 6th 22 - Mr. Hipster:

Fun fact about electricity. It has been around for probably millions of years and it is just since couple of hundreds of years we know it is here and how to use it. So you can only figure what else is there we don’t know about! 

Fun fact about evolution: we should be mutated for millions of years (also animals). It would take 100000 of mutations to get where we are now. But… were are all the skeletons? Our world should be packed with them, at least millions of them! But we only found 200 or so… the math doesn’t add up.

So… welcome in a world that will never be the same again after reading this message right? You’re welcome!

21:17:41 Sep 6th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

^Whoever built the pyramids had knowledge of electrical power^

There were batteries in Baghdad

22:17:32 Sep 6th 22 - Mr. Hipster:


^Whoever built the pyramids had knowledge of electrical power^

There were batteries in Baghdad

Still 100000’s of years 

06:17:37 Sep 12th 22 - Mr. Cyrones Mommy:

11:36:51 Sep 12th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

21:17:37 Sep 11th 22 - Mr. Cyrones Mommy:

You are an absolute clown for making fun of ICP.

Scientists are liars.
Are you even aware of how an electromagnet works in space?

Scientists will push bullshit like 'Femi Paradox' and 'Dark Forest Theory' and tell you that the Pyramids were grain silos or tombs meanwhile the reality is that ALL MAGNETS IN SPACE POINT DIRECTLY TO EARTH LIKE A FUCKING COMPASS.

If there is life outside of our planet, and there is (There are millions of habitable earthlike plants in the Milky Way Galaxy) (Earth is not at the center of the galaxy) then they 100% know EXACTLY where we are.

Never clown on ICP again you absolute fucking clown shithead.

12:37:35 Sep 13th 22 - Mr. Skiepe The Beast:


^Whoever built the pyramids had knowledge of electrical power^

There were batteries in Baghdad

It’s not the knowledge how to use the electricity, its the fact we don’t know what it is and where it comes from. I know how to work a computer, but i don’t know how the mechanics work. I know how to drive a car, but i don’t know how the macanics work. We know how to use electricity , but we as a humans don’t know how it works and where it comes from

12:54:36 Sep 13th 22 - Mr. Cyrones Mommy:

13:05:41 Sep 13th 22 - Mr. Fcukr:

I made it all. And when u all die, you become bubbles in my bath soap.

11:10:27 Sep 14th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

04:05:41 Sep 13th 22 - Mr. Fcukr:

I made it all. And when u all die, you become bubbles in my bath soap.

I find this hard to believe

03:37:35 Sep 13th 22 - Mr. Skiepe The Beast:


^Whoever built the pyramids had knowledge of electrical power^

There were batteries in Baghdad

It’s not the knowledge how to use the electricity, its the fact we don’t know what it is and where it comes from. I know how to work a computer, but i don’t know how the mechanics work. I know how to drive a car, but i don’t know how the macanics work. We know how to use electricity , but we as a humans don’t know how it works and where it comes from
10/10 post, I have never considered this, thank you.

12:19:25 Sep 14th 22 - Mr. Greensmoker Cyrone:

13:15:17 Sep 14th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Electricity is a form of energy. Electricity is the flow of electrons. All matter is made up of atoms, and an atom has a center, called a nucleus. The nucleus contains positively charged particles called protons and uncharged particles called neutrons. The nucleus of an atom is surrounded by negatively charged particles called electrons. The negative charge of an electron is equal to the positive charge of a proton, and the number of electrons in an atom is usually equal to the number of protons. When the balancing force between protons and electrons is upset by an outside force, an atom may gain or lose an electron. When electrons are "lost" from an atom, the free movement of these electrons constitutes an electric current.

We know exactly where electricity comes from and how to manipulate it. This is like saying we don't know how fire gives off heat, how nuclear bombs work, or why the sky is blue.

13:22:22 Sep 14th 22 - Mr. Greensmoker Cyrone:

00:18:30 Sep 15th 22 - Matthew (Mr. Xeta):

We don't understand those things Konstant.

Scientists don't even understand how magnets work or how a bee flies.
We don't know why the sky is blue, red, or yellow during fires.

All we understand about electricity is that we generate it by spinning bigass magnets that we dont understand around a wire really fast.

02:49:30 Sep 15th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

04:15:17 Sep 14th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

how nuclear bombs work

Great question!

Why can't we perform Nuclear Fusion?

04:26:47 Sep 15th 22 - Percy (Sir Percy The Medical Practitioner):

I… I can actually explain almost every single one of the examples you listed of “what scientists can’t explain”. If I can explain these, then there’s no way it’s “beyond human comprehension”, as I promise I’m not a top scientist lol just because one person doesn’t know, doesn’t equate to the whole of humanity not knowing. 

Electricity is a well studied form of energy, and we know how it works down the sun-atomic level all the way up. That’s why we can predict mechanics and interactions with it so accurately, is we have a VERY solid understanding of where it comes from, how it works, and how to harness it.

Same is true for practically every example you mention… 

19:00:32 Sep 15th 22 - Matthew (Chief Barnyyyy):

19:12:06 Sep 15th 22 - Mr. Hipster:

Same explanation applies to all above messages. We can break it down into pieces like the car and the computer. But still don’t know why it is there and how it got here. We all end up saying… well it is energy… it is just there…

So coming back to the main discussion. All is energy. We are energy and everything that we can see is energy. So i am pretty convinced about the fact that there must be something that brings the energy to us. 

What do we do when somebody dies and he gets to the er? We put those handles to his body and inject electricity ( energy) into his body to bring him back to life… 

So that is what i believe. We are all energy. And energy is always there, does not go away. So our body may go, but our energy lives on forever… in what form or whatever, i don’t know. But it does not just vanish. 

Also pretty sure the sky is blue because it’s a reflection of the ocean, but hey 

21:37:31 Sep 15th 22 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Karmatic):

When you die, DMT (extremely powerful psychedelic, FAR more than LSD or mushrooms) is known to release in the brain. So the afterlife is not so much an afterlife, but the moment of death dilated to feel eternal. 

If you are full of regret, bitterness or anger, then that is like damnation and you will experience your own personal hell. 
If you are peaceful and content, then death will be a kind of heaven for you.
So we are our own judges at the gates of heaven.

Just an idea lol :)

21:56:25 Sep 15th 22 - Konstant (The Ancient Quetzalcoatl):

Why the sky is blue:

How magnets work:

How bees fly:

How/Why the heart is restarted with electricity:,to%20reset%20a%20normal%20rhythm.

The double slit experiment:

It's clear that We, as in the collective Human race, have a looooooooooooooooong way to go in understanding many things, but We have already understood a great many things as is. A lot of times all it takes is a google, a quick look through to find a ***qualified*** source, and some time reading to answer most of your basic questions.

22:33:15 Sep 15th 22 - Mr. Pugmaster:


Why the sky is blue:

How magnets work:

How bees fly:

How/Why the heart is restarted with electricity:,to%20reset%20a%20normal%20rhythm.


Guys, we live in the age of the internet. The above sources are from NASA, Nat Geo, Arizona State, and John Hopkins. These people have literally devoted a lifetime of study towards these areas of study.

Yeah i know. And 15 lifetimes ago we use to be sure the earth was flat. I don’t want to be like: science is fake. I just want to place things in perspective.

22:51:59 Sep 15th 22 - Konspyre (Captain Baba Yaga):

"we used to believe things that turned out to be wrong therefore nothing today can ever be truly believed" can be both smart and dumb, and i'd love to see how you'd debate religious people with that argument, since what they're arguing resembles the opposite

02:44:55 Sep 16th 22 - Konstant (Mr. Farmer Tester):

Well actually, no one thought the world was flat. That's really a very much so modern phenomenon. 

For instance: Columbus knew the world was round, as did his contemporaries, he just misjudged the distance of India from Europe. The main reason why no one wanted to take Columbus on his offer to sail west? Everyone knew he miscalculated. The King and Queen of Spain just had so much cash on had they said screw it.

How did they already know the world was round all the way back then AND how big (roughly) the world was? 500 BCE...which was 1000 years ago at that point.

I will concede our collective knowledge is probably infantile compared to where we will be 100 years from now, and that will be infantile compared to another 200, but to say that we don't know how most basic things work is really misleading.


It’s almost certain that in the 1490s, nobody thought the earth was flat. According to historian Jeffrey Burton Russell, “no educated person in the history of Western Civilization from the third century B.C. onward believed that the Earth was flat.”

That was thanks to scientists, philosophers and mathematicians who, as early as around 600 B.C., made observations that Earth was round. Using calculations based on the sun’s rise and fall, shadows and other physical properties of the planet, Greek scholars like Pythagoras and Aristotle determined that the planet is actually a sphere.

03:52:59 Sep 16th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

In Ancient Greek times, Eratosthenes was able to determine the diameter of Earth to within only like 2% just by measuring shadows between a few locations. 

The surge in Flat Earth comes from the general distrust of any government sources, likewise the rise of most modern conspiracy theories. It’s not based on any evidence whatsoever, and every attempt to “prove” it’s flat has actually shown it’s not flat… there’s a whole documentary about it with a very amusing ending lol

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