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VU 3D Map large images
06:57:29 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

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Hello, all.

As some of you who were in the old VU chat may have noticed, I have spent the last 3-4 hours working on converting the 2D VU map into a 3D map. What this entails is going over each feature and hand-painting them in different layers (mountains, plains, and then a black base-layer of water). I have completed a first version, which is not even close to done, and I really want to share it, as I am about to go off for the night. This was more of a novelty "for fun" project, but I hope to find some neat use for it in the end.

I am going to fix the coast. Below the render images is the 'height-map' image, or what the program used to create the image in its various stages: terrain paint, mountains paint, and final.

Height-Maps (finished, basic, terrain only):

11:19:41 Jan 16th 11 - Ms. Gene Talia:


11:21:59 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Tyr Tokugawa:

pretty nice :)

15:36:05 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Glad to hear it is well liked so far. :)

16:34:34 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

That's awesom. Good work. ^^ Need to make some little 3D cities to put on there. lol Oh and trees. lol.

17:19:41 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Yep... It'll take me a few days to get it all done... I do need to make the cities in 3D from scratch, which could take a while. XD

They may just be  a bunch of L1 or L2 cities.

18:00:44 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Melkor:

nerv thats AWESOME...

glad to be in a kingdom with such a talents individual =)

18:21:20 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Bromance:

If only those talents were shown through his gameplay.

I for one don't want a 3d VU.

18:30:16 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Mr. Bromance, I don't think we have met. Glad to be of acquaintance. :)

This has nothing to do with Zeta... he probably doesn't even know this thread exists. And anyway, there's no such thing as a 3D browser-game unless you use something like Java or a download client... which is something I doubt Zeta feels like doing, as that would be rebuilding the game from scratch in a new language and with a new concept. At best, this experiment would mean an optional new map or series of maps/graphics that are unaffiliated with the VU administration.

18:31:27 Jan 16th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Anyway, here's the latest version of the map. I plan to add some trees and such today.

03:42:14 Jan 17th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

dude that is way better then the one you shown me the other night :P
but its absolutly awsome grats

05:25:15 Jan 17th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Yeah, there's still a lot of work left too!

04:14:45 Jan 23rd 11 - Duke Belian:

Reminds me of Minecraft!

05:30:12 Jan 25th 11 - Ms. Tress Mayhem:

kind of cool but the colours are pretty faded out on my browser :(

18:00:01 Jan 28th 11 - Mr. Nervonius Degrimme:

Well, the colors in the heightmap should be. XD

Yeah, though... I will run some saturation changes and such in photoshop on the finished render.

23:35:59 Feb 1st 11 - Mr. Legend of Chaos:

If only you were around when Zeta asked if making a map like this was possible. He wanted to have one similar to this maybe not completely 3d but more of a 2d/3d mix. Well that idea died cause no one knew how or wanted too do it...makes me sad :'(

Oh and nice map wish I didnt suck at Photoshop so much(ok its more towards impatient 4 hours on 1 map = waste to me :P)

15:17:07 Feb 4th 11 - VU Admin:

looks cool ;)

15:54:17 Feb 4th 11 - Mr. Barny:

Inb4 the shitstorm of people posting because Zeta posted in this thread. Also:

You (2/1/2011 7:20:57 PM)
If someone were to design a new map, would you be willing to put it into the game?
VU Admin (2/4/2011 6:01:22 AM)GOODBAD

Do you think you would be able to put your image making skills to use and design a new map? If you need a template or outline that shows where water/trees/mountains could be, I could send you one; but I need someone like you to be able to make an outline into a sexy sexy new map :P

16:37:01 Feb 4th 11 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:

wahooo guess il start it of then :P
WoW Zeta is back :P

18:56:09 Feb 21st 11 - Mr. Alderius Degrimme:

I could try to get something together... but I'm not too good with making tessellating figures (things that repeat on the x and y axis without too many issues). I will try to bring this into blender and see if I can use some skills I recently learned to fix that. :)

This type of map is hard to make from scratch, as you really don't know where you want things and such until you finish it... and then you realize that this mountain is wrong and this forest cuts off passage, etc. I could try to make a new map, but just know that I am not all that experienced in map design. If someone else wants to make one, I can cast it up as a heightmap and then work from there.

19:01:04 Feb 21st 11 - Mr. Alderius Degrimme:

So yeah, if someone could make a template that would be great. Stick to your binaries in size (a.k.a. the squares of 2; preferably 2048x2048 or 4096x4096), so it's easier for me... Make it however you want. If you can model it after my templates (the middle one) up at the top (with mountains and grasslands on two different layers; top view, no prospective), and send it to me in a .psd, then it will be a lot easier, as most of my work will already be done. However, if you can't do that, just a big color-coded image will work.

If I don't see any replies with ideas in a week, I'll work on designing a new map myself.

10:36:56 Mar 19th 11 - Mr. Xtard:

wow!! those 3D thingies are really amazing :D

11:28:26 Mar 19th 11 - Mr. Thugish:

You used "Rhino" to make this?

11:44:10 Mar 19th 11 - Mr. Pure II:

I think this is great BUT VU is meant to be able to be played on old/slow pc's etc. If there was an option in settings for 2d/3d map then it will be great.

This has nothing to do with Zeta... he probably doesn't even know this thread exists.

Does zeta even know VU still exists?

12:14:30 Mar 19th 11 - VU Admin:

New versions of Chrome and Opera comes with webGL turned on by default. It's open GL for the browser in witch you can use the computers graphics card to generate the scene. It wont take long until all major browsers support this. But I think it will take maybe a year before you start to see 3d browser games. *

I don't think making the map 3d would help game play though. We could add changing terrains like trees growing and altitudes, but that could also be done with tiled images.

* There are 3d browser games now, but they use plug-ins like flash (witch doesn't support open GL).

19:41:47 Mar 21st 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Or changing seasons. I'd like to see a winterised VU... or maybe just ice and snow at the north and south??

21:18:21 Mar 21st 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Would be cool, but why bother when no one is administrating my bum anymore...

04:17:27 Mar 26th 11 - Mr. Alderius Degrimme:

It's very simple. Anyone with a basic photo manipulation program can make a seasonal map. In fact, I did that a year or so ago. In fact, you could make your own custom graphics pack if you were so serious about it. :)

11:33:33 Mar 27th 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

Ty for changing my post, whoever did it.

01:16:42 Mar 28th 11 - Mr. Julius Caesar:

Great images mate : )

20:14:51 Jul 28th 11 - Mr. Gabriel I:

So, how would a flash battle work in Visual Utopia?
Every army has a melee unit and a ranged unit.
3 races have cavalry. 3 other races have soldiers with extra hit points and strength.
Could it be that with ranged units, you can alter attack types?

Special qualities of each ranged unit:

Archers: can light arrows and burn buildings as well as shooting rope arrows.

Hammer throwers: Can fight melee and wreck buildings with melee attacks as well as throwing grappling hooks

Slingers and Rock Throwers: Can heat pellets and use ropes with rock-like anchors on the ends.

Knights are heavy infantry that have strong defense and are good at charging and attacking.

Riders are fast and light, but have poorer defense and can use arrows if they want to.

Pony Riders are very small and fast targets, making them effective when routing and outmaneuvering. They could be equipped with crossbows.

The other three units that are not cavalry have extra health and defense as well as strength. They can throw weapons as well as breaking buildings.

Magicians can't attack, though.

20:21:52 Jul 28th 11 - Ice Prince Keth The Tahl Ael:

Try to put this on the sugs forum.

20:27:00 Jul 28th 11 - Mr. Gabriel I:

Comparisons and Contrasts between Visual Utopia and Total War:

Visual Utopia: Cities and Walls
Total War: Either Cities and Castles or Capitols and Economic Structures

Visual Utopia: No battle, just automatically resolve
Total War: Battle on full 3d real-time-tactics gameplay.

Visual Utopia: Increase building quantity
Total War: Increase building quality

Visual Utopia: All about numbers
Total War: All about tactics

Visual Utopia: direct the exact path of army
Total War: command army direction by a single click, but vulnerable to path crossing.

Visual Utopia: Build and destroy cities
Total War: capture cities

Visual Utopia: Every team has a team leader that is playable.
Total War: Not everybody governed by the same person is going to get along. Teams are organized by diplomats and are ruled by diplomatic actions, while the only "team leader" in the Total War series has been the Pope for only one side in only two games.

Visual Utopia: Oversized armies with unknown organizations and generals
Total War: Armies up to 20 units with generals.

Visual Utopia: Same Time
Total War: Turn Based

20:27:53 Jul 28th 11 - Mr. Gabriel I:

Where is the sugs forum?

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