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01:17:24 May 7th 10 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

Hi all!

We all know we have a fabulous writing and role-play community, and I have a feeling there are a good number of artists among us. If anyone else has done any art in the past/is slightly competent with Photoshop/GIMP/like program and would like to make a piece for VU, feel free to post it up below. Here's one of my pieces that ended up being done for VU:

(larger size available)
Also, if anyone is interested, I made a video on VU and a sample main-page redo in parchment-paper style.

Again, I urge anyone who feels like making a picture or two, no matter how bad, to give a bit of time and show the rest of the world how great the community really is. If you need any reference pictures/images, tips, or something to spark your creativity, I have a good collection of figures and such.

P.S. your picture can be of anything that is slightly related to VU, including Knights, castles, etc. In fact, if it's relatively clean, it's fine to post up.

23:43:50 May 7th 10 - Ms. Cute Fluffie Purple Bunnie Gal:

The image was manipulated and enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.

00:04:02 May 8th 10 - Endless Muggings:

lol Davey :D

00:40:13 May 8th 10 - Duchess Solesta The Cruel:

I one-up your advanced Photoshop Software!!!!  Mwahahah!

01:04:47 May 8th 10 - Ms. Cute Fluffie Purple Bunnie Gal:

That picture's inaccurate though. The Visual-Utopia class "Human" doesn't have the Chicken Rider among their army's ranks.

01:09:18 May 8th 10 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

Very true, I fear Ms. Cute Fluffie Purple Bunnie Gal is correct... Unless that is a merged army of Orcs and Humans, which would be more inaccurate since merges no longer exist. :(

I have to say, those pictures are frighteningly beautiful.

01:14:29 May 8th 10 - The Architect:

He has a point, though I do like the Chicken Rider, could that be a new unit please?

@ Deldrath

What font did you use for the "Visual Utopia"?  And what are your sources for the images?

I've been playing around with Photoshop alot the past few days, just upgraded to CS5 and it's freaking awesome.  I might be able to put something together.

Also, Solestas image looks like Visual Vtepial, just sayin.

02:35:40 May 8th 10 - Mr. Venomz:

I used to spend some time with photoshop doing all kinds of stuff for VU images.. mostly banners/maps where to build/attack etc.

03:14:17 May 8th 10 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

The font is called PR Uncial (follow link and click 'download'). A while back, I downloaded and installed a large number of Gothic-medieval style fonts.

Most of my sources are my own, which are actually photos of a set of toy knights. However, some of my other images come from a great website of knight images taken by a guy named Douglas Herring.

I have put together a set of source photography, some of which are already cut out and simply need to be placed in. I will post it up in a few minutes.

04:21:11 May 8th 10 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

Ok, here is the basic edition of my sources, mostly focused around knights and such.

The download is about 87 MB, so it's pretty big, but it contains over 120 or so images, many of which are ready to be used instantly. It also has complete instructions to using the images.

>>Download now!<<

Click link and go to bottom of page and click 'Download now!'.

(If you have trouble with the above link or it doesn't want to work, I will later post a second, possibly easier place.)

06:02:52 May 8th 10 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

Here's an easier, two-part download:

Then download the second one next to it.

06:26:41 May 8th 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

How about you post your favorites instead of making us download? :)

16:33:12 May 8th 10 - Sir Deldrath of Hannador:

There is a thread here in another forum that goes over a few of my images, but there are simply too many, and that thread only has a few.

If anyone wants the pre-cut images, here they are:

Photos by Douglas Herring I have 'cleared' out:

Then there are my own 'cleared out' pictures (right-click link below image and select 'save as...' for full-size, or download the shrunk versions shown below):

'Pre-Cuts'- these images have been 'cut out' of their original picture. To place them (in Photoshop), go to file>place, then move and transform the image to where you want it. To remove the border, you should use the Magic Wand tool with a low Tolerance (between 1 and 15) and Anti-alias and Contiguous checked.


Then I have tons of background images, some of which are available in the thread link above.

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