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VU Attack Calculator
00:18:30 Jul 21st 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

can someone plox update this, ive become very lazy. Plus be nice to use again and be nice to let newbs use.

Thanks a bunch.

(i would ask teh person who did it, but dont got a clue who did, seems like forever ago)

00:49:33 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Ogrim Doomhammer:

I just tried looking in the source code for the unit OP/DP, but couldn't find it. It shouldn't be that hard to change if I can find that, I took an intro to web design course that went over everything this person did in here, just not at that large of a scope.... lol

01:33:04 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Soul:

Ogrim i think this works thoh have not tested it yet if i overlooked something and a calculation does not work please tell me.

credit to the guy that made it by the way not taking credit.

thoh i suggest Ogrim you look at it again because i found it easily. (if this actually works :P)

03:30:33 Jul 21st 11 - Mr. Nooooobhammer:

Its all good, figured it all out... just updated it on my cpu, though I have no way of uploading it....

03:58:33 Jul 21st 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

hmm upload it else where? :P

12:45:45 Aug 3rd 11 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

I have also created one as an application. It counts battle power and very handy when building as counts 1:5 ratio when you insert max. buildings you can build.

13:23:17 Aug 3rd 11 - The red Dragon (Ms. Flame):

can you tell me what i need to open to get that to work because the only thing i see is classes and png's

13:47:02 Aug 3rd 11 - heroix (Mr. Heroix): Java Virtual Machine should help, I think.

15:26:42 Aug 3rd 11 - The red Dragon (Ms. Flame):

just reformatted my computer so did not know i didnt have java installed

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