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09:38:06 Feb 10th 14 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

So should I make a card game based on VU ?

  • I've been waiting 10 years. Finally!: 6 (18%)
  • Yes please: 5 (15%)
  • I don't care: 3 (9%)
  • Don't you have better things to do?: 20 (59%)

14:37:51 Feb 10th 14 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

I'd rather an improvement to this game than making another one.. Like another race, etc.

14:54:19 Feb 10th 14 - Princess Aisha:

For a long time I thought you have given hope on VU, and that you do not care. I am glad that I was wrong, with new slight updates an stuff, I see its getting better. I like that you implemented "sent messages" to be seen for donors, that was suggested in the forums, so means you listen. Also I like that you're working on new chat system, thought it will take time for people to get used to it.

I think making a new card game makes no sense at this time, would it not be better to get more people in VU, that way you would have more people for the card game as well?

Might be good to take a look at the suggestions, at least those that are very popular by checking the thumbs up. For example:

1. Remove inactive kingdoms, so that we can use the names of the kingdoms that are there, some of the people who quit the game still have those kingdoms and many of us would like to see some of the old kingdoms, at least to have ability to return them.
2. Make reserve kingdom members; people that quit VU for 1-2 era, they could be in reserve as some kingdoms like Immortals on Fantasia seem like a large kingdom and they are not due to having many inactives that are not playing. That way they get targeted cause they are large. And we do not want to kick people out, we want to show them they are welcome and we are waiting for them to return.
3, Fix the drop system, I know its random, but 90% of the times its 3-4 kingdoms in the same place. Its good if there are 10 kingdoms, but when there are 5, every era at least 4 will start in same place. Make more settling areas, so that we can end up on different places on the map.
4. Close at least 2 worlds, one lower and one higher lets say, that way we would get those people on lower worlds to concentrate on higher worlds, and we would have more people on higher worlds.

Get people to make new maps, last time we discussed there were several that were happy to make a new map, and as soon as that new map was implemented, everyone was very excited. People enjoy new things, so I think the best way to get more people would be to simply make a little addition to every world, make every world different, and it does not have to be something drastic. Just so that we have something new.

Instead of investing time in building a new card game, rather make few adjustments to VU and make it more fun for us. Considering we are all playing for many years, we love the game, and we know the potential it can get, so please just do some work on it, and people would invest money in it like they used to. 

15:05:54 Feb 10th 14 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybeanz):

^ agreed 

16:15:56 Feb 10th 14 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

What Aisha said :)

16:32:45 Feb 10th 14 - Mr. Papa Poof:

While a card game might be interesting, I don't know how successful it would be in terms of the player-bases's interest.

I agree with the other's. 

20:25:07 Feb 10th 14 - Ms. Angelic Reminder:

what a random idea... 

20:52:59 Feb 10th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Pokachu):

I think you should rephrase the 4th option.
Not "Don't you have better things to do?" But "You have better things to do!"
/refer to Aisha.

22:57:22 Feb 10th 14 - Ms. Bromance Afk:

it could be interesting but a lot of vuers already play hearthstone together.

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