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VU Day 100000
12:30:41 Nov 28th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

Happy VU Day 100,000!

Many of us have enjoyed this game for a very long time. Thank you to ZeTa for making it and keeping it running for so long as well.

fun fact: 100,000 hours is 4166 days (11.41 years)

Best wishes to everyone!

13:00:00 Nov 28th 21 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Jesus Left Toe):

Is it sad I remember VU day 1?

13:15:29 Nov 28th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

not at all

14:59:33 Nov 28th 21 - Lady Jasmina:

Is this true? VU has been on for only 11 years?  I always say I have been playing +15 years and I have missed the "golden age" of VU. I have never seen Dark Blood or Legacy war each other, I have never seen likes of Rambo, Agent Smith or any of those old guys. From the list in scores I only know Roxy, never seen any of those other people.

This is what my history says:
Lived in Era 33, got 1 heir(s) (Jasmina) and was a member of Odyssey

Means I started in Era 33, is there any way to find out what year was that? So I can figure out when I started the game exactly? 

15:23:24 Nov 28th 21 - Bigfield (Mr. Bigfield):

I know for a fact I played in seventh Grade, which would have been when I was 12 And 13, and thus 2004-2005.

There must be a different metric or possibly a reset must have occured. I was finishing highschool a decade ago.

15:43:53 Nov 28th 21 - King BurningLegion (King Burninglegion The Troll):

I believe I was first played in 2006-2007

15:44:21 Nov 28th 21 - Jarl The Candy Man:

Yeah I was playing this back in 07

16:09:14 Nov 28th 21 - Kobuskan (Sir Kobuskan):

Mr. Kobuskan

Lived in Era 24 and got 1 heir(s) (Krathor)

I think about 2005

16:59:11 Nov 28th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

I think Beta test started 2001 or more earlier.

18:39:55 Nov 28th 21 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jack Frostt):

  Copyright © 1999-2021 Visual Utopia

game has been copyrighted since 99 so assuming 2000-1 is when it started being played. wanna say i started around 05-06

19:05:45 Nov 28th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

Superb job JD. That clarify everything. I assume vu CBT test occurred 1999 maybe.

19:10:05 Nov 28th 21 - Mr. Ice Panthera Felidae Xenosexa:

So the game is around for +21 years! Holy crap... there's only very very few games still available to play in this earth since that long!

We're playing a legendary games with who knows how many players played. Many even died & their names erased but who knows you might just played with him someday!

21:31:39 Nov 28th 21 - Endless (Lady Styx):

Donít any of you remember VU day use to reset every era and then one day it didnít and we were all wtf

22:24:53 Nov 28th 21 - Matthew (Chief Mathew):

VU Day 0 was the first hour of the Fifth Age.

The game is older than that, the Fifth Age is when game mechanics like land production scaling with land count were introduced as opposed to troop cost scaling with total land.

02:00:38 Nov 29th 21 - Konspyre (Captain Kerstman):

Matthew sounds about right here. I started in era 30 of the 4th age and that was definitely longer than 11yrs ago.
People getting 10m+ income back in the day. Crazy times.

04:31:17 Nov 29th 21 - Mr. Aloysius:

My first VU era (2004) was when Agent Smith utilize the teleporting of Nazgul armies in the map to gain access to a kingdom core. Itís an expanding map so defeated kingdoms can possibly rebuild in map edges. 

It was also a time when unlimited cities are possible so you can house hordes while still casting magic from it. 

Those eras are rough on any new players, but it thrives.

09:40:59 Nov 29th 21 - Mr. Hohohofuk:

If I recall, it started around 2002.

10:04:44 Nov 29th 21 - Lord Caedus:

Yeah I've been playing since around 2004 ish. Back in the days of Rambo if I remember correctly. 

22:05:45 Nov 29th 21 - ZeTa (VU Admin):


VU Day 0 was the first hour of the Fifth Age.

That sounds about right. The game used to "reset" where all worlds ended at the same time, there where a few days downtime where the game was updated, then it would start again on VU Day 1. ( I think, see below )

The VU days was introduced so that players in different time zones could more easily coordinate, as the VU Day would be the same across all time zones.

Trivia: Ohh and we used to have 30, 40, and 50 minutes  (if I recall correctly) minute days before we settled on 1 hour days.

10:30:24 Nov 30th 21 - Mr. Qqqqqqqq:

i think i started playing in 2005/2006 or so (era 13). Those times were awesome with big wars, big kingdoms and amazing merged armies. 

10:35:28 Nov 30th 21 - Lord Caedus:

Yeah and big walls! 

13:04:17 Dec 2nd 21 - Prince Chade:

Congrats to all and most of all - to ZeTa for creating and maintaining this game for so long.

I started in 2001 then went away for 3 yrs and came back in 2004. Then I've played and really enjoyed/hated at times this game until my full retirement in 2019.

I probably have had interaction with 75+% of VU's lifetime member roster and I can say with clear conscious today that I have absolutely no negative feelings to each which is outstanding achievement for a game (speaking from personal perspective). There have been disagreements and negative things but they were all part of the game and never on a personal level! Just little "character play" :)

Great friends, unforgettable feelings, countless sleepless hours, big family, thank you VU and ZeTa for making this possible! You are a true and great human being as is every single one of you lot that read th1s rare Chade sh1t innit.

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