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VU Highscores
19:44:29 Oct 22nd 14 - Mr. Urgog The Iron Fist:

Your character Mr. Urgog The Iron Fist is the 50th most powerful ruler in Fantasia

Five years ago, I never would have thought I would be the 50th most powerful ruler in Fant...

02:50:14 Oct 23rd 14 - Lord Jellybean (Mr. Jellybean):

Five years ago, I wouldn't have thought there would only be 58 people on the map :(

03:32:57 Oct 23rd 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus The Redeemed):

^^^^^ now thats krazy :(

03:38:57 Dec 28th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

Is VU declining? I am just getting back after 5 years VU a dead game now?

06:30:54 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Barney:

It's been in decline for 5 years but GvE seems to be bringing back a couple of older players and a few new ones.

07:48:09 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Godsend:

I actually came back just cause of GvE and everyone always talks about how great it is. I just hope teams next era are balanced. I joined near the end so I doubt I could make a difference but I would like to do so next era even if I have to be the *shiver* good guy.

12:34:40 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Soccerguy:

well that's awesome

allowing multiple characters is cool too

i can play as my usual human, and try to learn another race on a lesser world

16:51:36 Dec 30th 14 - Penguin (Mr. Pussy Monsta):


21:43:53 Dec 30th 14 - Mr. Soccer Balls:

jester :)

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