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VU World cup predictorz
19:20:07 May 15th 10 - Mr. Osiris:

Sign up here ===>

Search for the league Visual Utopia and have fun during the world cup :D

19:36:16 May 15th 10 - Mr. Yawn:


20:17:51 May 15th 10 - Mr. Hema Fanboy:

No morons who know nothing about football sign up pls. I.E [Americans]

21:57:21 May 15th 10 - Mr. Samual:

My post didn't turn out as I wanted it to so I deleted it. I might re post it better tomorrow if I remember 

12:30:42 May 16th 10 - Mr. Heroix:

cool :) joining

19:33:18 May 16th 10 - Ms. Gold Digger:

I've signed up. : )

21:40:55 May 16th 10 - Mr. Samual:

Well I haven't signed up, why would I want to lol

21:43:45 May 16th 10 - Lady Katie Holmes:

14:17:51 May 15th 10 - Mr. Hema Fanboy:
No morons who know nothing about football sign up pls. I.E [Americans]

You'll be watching it in 3D thanks to those "morons" :P

03:56:38 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Lollylops:

12:37:37 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Chronic:

It's a private league apparently.

A request has been sent to this league's creator. Now you need to wait for his agreement.

13:39:26 Jun 5th 10 - Lady Patches Ohoulihan:

14:29:43 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Ois:

all accepted :D we need moar!

15:50:24 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Lollylops:

wtf. alis favourite is..italy.

knew he was queer.

20:15:15 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Aligreat:

lol wouldnt let me pick northern ireland. Like hell am i gonna be deluded like you lot and pick england....and you were mocking the yanks for knowing nothing =p

20:22:59 Jun 5th 10 - Mr. Ois:

its not deluded :D i couldnt vote against England!!! i would feel dirty.

05:10:03 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Aligreat:

Was looking at the route path for most teams.

Spain have to face Brazil or Portugal...then Italy (or one of the dung teams that beats them). Then Argentina/Germany...potentially france if they come 2nd....somehow in group, then do well afterwards.

Then if England make it that far, which they shouldn't, it will be a spain vs england final.

Although i wont deny england have an easy route.
Easy group, followed by a game against Australia, Ghana/Serbia unless Germany somehow dont win the group.
Followed by france or argentina...hopefully, unless both continue to suck as has been recently [need i bring up france's struggle against the mexicans (no i mean southern ireland :D ] and somehow dont win their way to face england.
Then finally face, Brazil, Portugal or Netherlands. Which is when they fall regardless, although I actually fancy the french to take them down at the quarters.

But then again. I do have alot of money bet on england not winning the lot, so i'm very biased =D

06:44:49 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Yanks will win for sure ><

11:40:39 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

sent in a request to join as wpak4488

13:48:16 Jun 6th 10 - Lord Woodys Sapphire Trebuchet:

05:44:49 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Yanks will win for sure ><

yanks wont make it through the group stages... :D

16:19:25 Jun 6th 10 - Sir Mcmax The Narrowminded:

Heyyyyy. Beware of the Danish Dynamite!


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19:32:52 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

We will surprise you woody!

19:42:06 Jun 6th 10 - Mr. Lollylops:

Can somebody ban Arthur Dent pls. He is clearly trolling. North America has one of the worst teams in the comp.

20:18:55 Jun 6th 10 - Sir Mcmax The Narrowminded:

And to add to my post a little above. This is our secret weapon.

Pls notice how the orchestra stop playing rather soon. Because WE can do it better!


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18:59:50 Jun 24th 10 - Mr. Fionn Mac Cumhaill:

ITALY are Gonnerz aswell Newest addition to the dropout league whos next England Vrs Germany?

17:57:30 Jul 5th 10 - Junior Guildmaster Shmeh:

Who is this berto guy challenging my position at the top?! =P

18:06:10 Jul 5th 10 - Mr. Vuggy The Annoying Bastard:

I win it all.

23:37:13 Jul 6th 10 - Mr. William The Sneaky Bastard:


05:54:51 Jul 7th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

HOLLAND/GERMANY it was all set up by the FiFa Managers it is all corruption!!!! >;D

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