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VU and Infidelity
21:59:26 May 8th 17 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Hello to my married bretheren.

My wife hates this game. She hates everything associated with it. She has learned to identify the forun acreen and the game screen.

She semi seriously says it is what I am really married to. Does anyone else deal with jealousy on this magnitude?

22:11:29 May 8th 17 - Sir Moon Shine:

You know it (even though she had played this game too for quite a bit)

22:19:02 May 8th 17 - Sir Justanius Fontainius XXXV:

I got married 4 days ago. I am sure in about one year I will be getting the same comments. But yes she has been not happy with the amount of time I spend playing vu. I only started playing vu again in the last year, but now I am active as I run a kingdom. She is not liking it, as I work and once I get home im quite active on vu, well for the very few hours I have. 

22:38:10 May 8th 17 - Duke Chade From Outta Space:

im with my wife for 7 years (married for 6) and the first day i said im very hot and im a with it! 

she refused to deal with it and eventually just gave up 

22:41:23 May 8th 17 - Osiris (Dark Lord Osiris):

tell her you could be out drinking in the pub instead :D 

23:21:19 May 8th 17 - Mr. Chronos:

My family knew/knows not to bother me at the top of the hour. 

 The tick, she twitches when  i say the tick. Yes dear, I will go to the store after the

23:22:44 May 8th 17 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

There is not as big a stigma to being divorced as say 20 years ago.

00:36:15 May 9th 17 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Lol. So I am not alone.

Mr. Johnny Rotten:

There is not as big a stigma to being divorced as say 20 years ago.

I obviously will drop the game if given an ultimatum but for a few months she would demand my attention or want to start a deep talk RIGHT before the tick.

01:21:16 May 9th 17 - Princess Aisha:

You guys need to set your priorities straight

Its either life or an online game
Should not be a taught choice. 

01:27:37 May 9th 17 - TheBornLoser (Sir Sadako):

I play the game once in a blue moon nowadays. After a round or two, I head back to real life for a year or two. Even when I am playing, I know what my key priorities are and (most) of them come first before the game.

I also do not smoke, drink, gamble, engage in substance ingestion, womanize, play video games or have any other unhealthy addiction or fixation, so she also knows when NOT to push me too far ;)

06:10:07 May 9th 17 - Endless (Mahatma Elfen Lied):

It works the other way around too, he doesn't comment much about my gaming now :p

06:12:14 May 9th 17 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion Pest Stomper):

I am told I am married to VU instead of her. 

theres some truth to that but.... its only around the start of new eras! 

She hates VU says it all the time. Sometimes I will go down to 1 character to spend less time on the game.

14:05:02 May 9th 17 - Prince Pesterd:

I'm getting married on this Monday.

Can't wait to see what it's like.

Thankfully I mostly play only on my office computer. But she knows I play an occasional game or two.

15:07:16 May 9th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax of Mantrax):

With the right type of wife, you only need to

  • get up early, make fresh coffee
  • do some of the things she ask you to do during the day (using my socalled "teenage-hearing" in case she ask for something I don't want to hear/do).
  • forget abuot the rest, using my age as excuse (write it down if you want me to do it - I can't remember all you say......).
  • do the daily shopping (remember a fair quantity of beers for the "Chef" (that's me))
  • do the dishwater (my wife says she is using a Max-o-matic for that (that's me too))
  • make a good meal (THAT has to be me, who makes that - the dinner is too important for a man to have women to do!!! Besides it's a good habbit to open a beer or three while you are cooking, just remember to remove the "dead corpses" on a regular basis)
  • clean the table after dinner.
  • remove additional "dead corpses" before you go to bed.

That should be about all folk. It works, I have been married to the same women for 35 years by now, so believe me......You can play as mush as you wish if you pay your women a little attention each day.

15:14:45 May 9th 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

Divorce ensures endless hours of VU game time without nagging.

18:48:31 May 9th 17 - The Lord of Crabs (Mr. Weish):

not married don't want to be

19:02:54 May 9th 17 - Duke Chade From Outta Space:

then you still have some growing up to do ;)

19:08:44 May 9th 17 - The Lord of Crabs (Mr. Linux):

then I'll never grow up

19:30:34 May 9th 17 - errorwick (Mr. Eridisius):

My Wife only gets mad about it when she wants me to come to bed and I'm like, let me spend my money real quick. 15 min later "I thought you said you were spending your money quick"...

03:42:05 May 11th 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes):

Hahahahaha. One of the reasons I've been on a break lol

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