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VU community Vs The world
17:39:01 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Selocgotatanandcold:

Assuming that for some reason we went for world domination.

17:47:27 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Dude:

I suppose if we took on the Vatican first, and maybe countries like Monaco & Andorra after we'd stand a chance.
Take the Vatican and Monaco and we're rich. Plenty of Americans with guns on VU! I mean there was a guy bragging that he had like 5 guns.. We'd totally own the Swiss Garde in the vatican. And Monaco is too rich to have an army.
Not to forget Lichtenstein or something! Plenty of banks, lets take em!

Once we get the cash we buy ourselves plenty of land in Africa and create a massive population! We'd only have to surpass the Chinese in population, and get a more advanced army than the US.. And we'd so win this war!


18:18:41 Aug 19th 08 - Duke Schneizel:

yeah lets start making babies!!! :P hahhah >.< erm...... where the girls? >.> ...........


not many... o maybe we can use Ezzen or Roxy or Swifty as baby making machines :D

18:24:57 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Dude:

And you can lay your eggs!

18:46:10 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Love:

We must first of course make ALOT of money! Somehow  we become the chief executives of some major world coporations. We ofc recruit a few outsiders to do the dirty work. In the end we can make simultaneus coups of all major countries and as such assert our dominace in the forseeable future of the earth.

18:51:35 Aug 19th 08 - Sir Caradoc IV:

we would counterfit money thats perfect, no flaws. *beep* haveing the money, we can just make it. mwhaha

18:54:04 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Bloodlust:

lol buy a private island somewhere and put a communist goverment. No more minimum wage and WE control everything!! We can set up thousands of sowing machines for the less important vu people to work at and then just rake in the cash lol. From there we work our way upwards, purchasing new islands, building platforms to increase the size of our islands, get more immigrants to work at the sowing machines, build some oil platforms, hire an army of fishermen, build parliament and army, switch to dictatorship, send out a thousand spies to slowly kidnap to the goal of a million children. Wait for children to grow up and then put them in the army, invade some crappy little country somewhere, recruit all the people of the host country into the army, invade another titchy country and EVENTUALLY, you've invaded an entire continent, to the entire GLOBE!! Once youve done this you're probly long since ded, but in the unlikely situation that you're not you can always invade some martians somewhere. ITS GENIUS!!!!!

19:13:41 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Piece Maker:

Fight Club style.  It couldn't be easier

19:29:59 Aug 19th 08 - Mr. Shoon:

Lol Blood.Just take some trees and wack anyone unconscious kidnap them and turn them into a cyborg-human thats invincible except to nukes then make them take over teh worlddddddddd :P

22:10:35 Aug 19th 08 - Prince Waldorfius Septim III:

I already have an army of penguins...what else do we need!? :-)

02:01:49 Aug 23rd 08 - General Ezatious:

missiles to attatch to thier backs!!

11:04:01 Aug 23rd 08 - WolfLord Durza Floyd Pepper:

WE need to teach them to fly!!

11:48:53 Aug 23rd 08 - Mr. Basch:

14:56:13 Aug 23rd 08 - Sir Harry The Crazy:



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