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VU script do you have it
21:01:31 Nov 23rd 22 - Prince Ell:

The VU add, the one that shows terrain scripts, and where it might block and that kinda stuff, does it have anything else?
What is the percentage of people who have that active?
How do you actually add that, do you need to download or just click on it?
I noticed someone said you risk getting hacked when you have someone's scripts running on your account (and it was someone trustworthy like Percy) so I wanted to ask how much of a threat is that?

edit: if I add that at home computer, when I open game on phone or another computer would it still be there?

05:18:44 Nov 24th 22 - Percy (Sir Daniel Radcliffe):

Though I donít use the script, itís a safe to run extension. It was made by one our own (Heroix) and is currently in the Chrome WebStore for free. 

In general, you should always be cautious downloading extensions/scripts that have very few ratings, but we know this one to be good :)

To the best of my knowledge, it just shows collision circles, aka where armies canít traverse terrain. Each circle is colored based on the terrain type impeding the movement.

To add it to Chrome (wonít work for Safari, FireFox, or any browser other than Chrome), simply go to the extensionís link and click ďAdd to ChromeĒ or similar button. Attaching link here for future reference.

Once added, there should be an icon added to your browser in the top right you can toggle the script on and off. 

Since this is a browser-based extension, you would need it installed to Chrome to use it. Meaning having it on one computer doesnít mean it applies everywhere. It would need to be done for each device. Not sure if it works on mobileÖ I dont think any Chrome extensions work on mobile, but someone more knowledgeable may be able to correct that. I only use FireFox these days, so Chrome isnít my forte anymore 

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