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Vu able phones
10:47:16 Jan 5th 09 - Duke Random:

Does anyone know of any VU-able phones that are compatible with German and Australian networks?

Im going to germany after this era and i'd hate to have to quit :'(

10:52:21 Jan 5th 09 - Sir Spoon:

Iphone? :D

11:22:26 Jan 5th 09 - Demonic Shezmu The Genderless:

HTC Diamond Touch is VU-able...though it wont load this era's game-map apparently :@

17:30:10 Jan 5th 09 - Sir Clarence of Dragonsfold:

LG shine...

17:30:19 Jan 5th 09 - Sir Bran:

your gonna buy an internet phone so you can play VU, but you cant afford a title??

02:02:11 Jan 6th 09 - Duke Random:

I have my priorities right bran. It means i can txt babes and play VU.

11:30:56 Jan 6th 09 - Mr. Cronus:

Iphone?  then again, my ipod touch (almost exactly the same as iphone) refuses to connect to my wireless broadband for some reason :S

14:22:32 Jan 6th 09 - Mr. Hydroponics Farmer:

iPhone will work.

15:57:58 Jan 6th 09 - Mr. Cronus:

...if your fingers are small enough to  click the little box to type your username and password into :D

01:08:48 Jan 7th 09 - Duke Random:

yay im totally buying one of them :)

02:54:33 Jan 7th 09 - Mr. Sloth:

seems to me a small 8-10" laptop with a usb type cell internet connection would be a superior portable vu solution. i would go nuts playing vu only on an iphone

02:59:21 Jan 7th 09 - Sir Stewie Griffin:

lol i tried playing vu on my i-phone at takes about 15 minutes to log in...and then couple of hours to figure out whats going on, on the map..lawlz....

P.S --> Random u promise u are leaving?? =P

12:49:42 Jan 7th 09 - VU Admin:


20:15:05 Jan 7th 09 - Mr. Cronus:

cooool *logs in on his ipod touch*

19:13:57 Jan 8th 09 - Prince Valan Septim:

My T-Mobile shadow can't play VU, and for some reason it can't use the forum white box. So all I can do on it is send messages... :S

21:05:18 Jan 18th 09 - Mr. Hanky Other Multi:

zeta i think i might love you :)

anyone know which phone can load map properaly ?

the new i phone can load it but i couldnt move armies n shizz

anyone tested the new G1?

11:41:08 Jan 21st 09 - Mr. Hydroponics Farmer:

I have tested my iPhone and it works fine..

22:23:58 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Sepelchure Grail:

Samsung Pixon works brilliant.

22:42:45 Mar 12th 09 - Sir Penguin:

nokia 3310 works uber leet ;)

12:13:51 Mar 15th 09 - Lady Jess of Azzington:

Yeah, you can play snake. Its uber!

22:25:26 Apr 23rd 09 - Archangel Argyle:

I can't make underscore on my mobile, could you change the link to something without underscore?

22:55:13 Jun 23rd 09 - Sir Pesterd:

you should google search it and simply click the first link that shows up, this way, you dont need to type in an underscore.

I currently own the Sprint HTC touch mobile phone, It loads VU Map but doesnt show Mountains,Rivers, or Forsts, thus making the map useless. All I can do is view cities and armies moving

02:14:12 Jun 24th 09 - Mr. Hankypanky:

the G1 google phone is the best phone iv'e found for it yet (also a HTC phone like the spirit)
theirs a new one coming out soon :)

it loads everything on vu even the chat
can also download irc and pretty much any chat...
the only downside is because it is touch screen you cant move armies or cast spells because you cant double click :/
you will get that problem with any new touch screen phone probably

if you want to be able to move armies and cast spells on a phone and not too bothered about map quality then the nokia 5800 is a good one its loads the map and lets you move armies but.... the map and city size isnt correctly lined up with cities and terrain, cities are larger in comparison to map or whatever the clever word for it is...
cant use chat...
this phone uses the origonal touch screen with a stylis...

shame i smashed my G1 against a wall... :/

02:14:39 Jun 24th 09 - Mr. Hankypanky:

ps. i phone sucks

02:18:23 Jun 24th 09 - Mr. Sun Warrior King:

My iTouch can play the game. I can easily do things on there.

03:15:41 Jun 24th 09 - Sir Pesterd:

the iTouch? I tried and I couldnt play it?

Ill have another try at it and see what happens

02:25:51 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Satanclausas:

Does anyone knows if vu is working on new iPhone? Į was trying to lounch both links, būt į did not load the map normaly ;/ į got only production, news, training and kd page loaded fine.
Anyone are still playing vu on iphones?

02:45:54 Dec 29th 09 - VU Admin:

The mobile page is for mobiles that doesn't come with a fully functioning browser.
If your mobile has a real browser, then access the game normaly like you do on your computer.

15:13:38 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Satanclausas:

My iPhone has a Safari. The forums and all text is loaded normally, but when I was tried to load the VU map it doesn't loaded correct, the map looks fine but the cities have moved from they original spots. Any solutions to play VU on phones normaly or just keep reading forums and check production page on phones only?

15:21:53 Dec 29th 09 - VU Admin:

Check what version of Safari you have and we'll see if I can fix it.

20:52:49 Dec 29th 09 - Ms. Enola:

I have a Zune HD and when I go to the mobile page the right side of everything is cut off. So I cant build or train any troops. I dont know if it is something with the Zune or not. Any solutions?

21:11:37 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Skinny Vinny:

my mom's blackberry won't work :(

21:14:08 Dec 29th 09 - The Architect:

My Palm Pre works...mostly

It will load the forums perfectly, and messages are good. It will load the map and everything on it, but it won't let me interact with any of the armies to move them and all of the buttons in the top right of the game are gone (Build, Train, Production, Kingdom...all gone). So you kinda have to work around that...

21:15:34 Dec 29th 09 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

Enola, you can load those pages separately...
etc :)

21:20:18 Dec 29th 09 - Ms. Enola:

I just tried that and it is still cut off.

21:28:09 Dec 29th 09 - Lord Fuelled Byy Lsd:

Oh :\ Sorry then, I don't know as I never used a mobile for VU :\

22:28:43 Dec 29th 09 - Mr. Koss:

dude you are truly dedicated to vu and i give you kudos

19:38:08 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. William Sexeh Feetz:

this one is VU able... ^^

19:43:09 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Sinister:

I have HTC Touch Pro II, it seems to load the map, and I can even move armies, but I can't double click to set the path of the army.

20:09:32 Dec 31st 09 - Duchess Kittieh Aargh:

I can play VU sorta on Iphone, but I cant move troops, I have heard that some ppl can move armies tho? HOW???

02:30:17 Jan 2nd 10 - Sir Lazuras of Acre:

ipod touch works , but sometimes the cities arent actually in there proper places on the map lol

02:44:22 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Chopin:

Phones that i know will run VU:
Nokia N900
HTC Hero

12:05:59 Jan 2nd 10 - Mr. Scottology:

my n95 works fine. except it runs out of memory trying to load the entire map so only a few odd cities and shit will actually load (the remaining appear as small x's and the armies just show the box outline - atleast you can still tell where everthything is). also i cant move armies as i only have the ability to do single clicks :-(

i was hoping to upgrade to the n900 and see if that would work but reading above it probably wont as will still be stuck with single click...

is there no way for admin to fix it so armies can be moved with a single click???

14:21:12 Jan 17th 10 - Mr. Dwarfnub:

I've used an iphone to connect to vu before like it was the computer. Dunno why aargh had trouble with it

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