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11:45:03 Aug 7th 16 - TheGladiator (Mr. Alexandru Muscalu):

shoutout to  all the old school players and new ones alike...

Big question here... who wants to make millions, who wants to make billions and who wants to make history in the real world???

youd be crazy not to be crazy.. 8 billion people in this world and most will come and go without leaving a trace!

youre in the fight of your life, are you gonna cover up and try to survive or take swings and try to make history?
I want to make an accountability group... a group where one another keeps themselves accountable and motivated on the steps to take to achieve greatness!

out of all places i think asking vu players is a great idea its a cool bunch :)

who else is going for big things in life?

cheers,   Mr.The_Gladiator , the legendary one

16:49:02 Aug 7th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

What are you talking about? 

Is this the GotF  gladiator? 

07:02:02 Aug 8th 16 - TheGladiator (Mr. Alexandru Muscalu):

Mr.The_Gladiator, the strongest player VU has ever had, well known for beating large kingdoms solo... and one of the few people also to play solo and do well in the most competitive worlds

I remember having both the top 7-10 most powerfull armies and also top 7-10 most powerfull cities at the same time on the hoh

Now Im just comin out here to say hi, because its nice to see old players ive made some good memories...

My goal had been to take over fantasia all by myself solo... never made it but I was always a superpower in the game... one of the best politicians ever too as far as I'm concerned although not enough people know or give me credit for that but I had a lot of influence most of the biggest kingdoms, I would get them to perform actions like carry attacks, or open gates for me, intelligence ie. tell me where to attack and send screen pictures and also when I messaged a kingdom they all got back to me very very quickly or it was war and they knew it!

Now im up to see who would be in for some new challenges...which is conquering in real life.

Looking for people that want to make big $$, and people with big dreams. We can start a facebook group or something to help eachother go through the steps, keep eachother accountable for taking action... If all what your friends do is drink beer on time off, you dont have good chances of making it need people that think like you and push you to try things and achieve...get what im saying? cheers!

07:31:56 Aug 8th 16 - Acerf (Mr. Acerf):

Sounds great man, though people you're looking for are most likely out there in the real world trying to make it happen, not wasting time here on VU. 

Idea is awesome i also heard it helps to surround yourself with like minded people because it will help you learn, grow and stay motivated. Good luck in your endeavors.

21:22:34 Aug 21st 16 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

Just saying that "make millions" and "make history" is not a good goal or motivator because it have a very little chance for happiness and success.

Instead you should find something that really concerns you or that you love to do, and work on that.

21:27:11 Aug 21st 16 - Mr. Bane:

lol, the Freemasons tried the same thing. Didn't work out very well for them :P

22:53:43 Nov 9th 16 - Mr. Reaper of Twinks:

Free masons still rule the world 

23:41:48 Nov 9th 16 - themanfrombotswana (Mr. Branblingnub):

i want to be part of your plans for world domination

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