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01:59:02 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

Hi guys. Its the first week of spring where I live (Washington, US) and its....snowing.......


It snowed the first day of spring also, but not as hard as this...this is just propostrous.

02:03:36 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Soccerloner:

u obviously have never been in a record breaking CO April.  nor had a snowy 4th of july with fireworks exploding in front of the mountains.

03:04:26 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

CO = Colorado? it always like that?

Im guessing that your schools dont shut down when an inch of snow is on the ground like ours...thats what makes it so weird...I would hate a snowy summer

03:49:28 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Justin:

yea spud i live in washington 2, i was sitting in class when it started to snow really hard

03:51:21 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

lol, where at in washington? Im in Rainier.

04:30:02 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Justin:

dude i used to go to rainier high school. wats ur name?

04:44:00 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:


06:57:47 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Soccerloner:

yes Colorado is always like that. we also get 70 degree days in January ;)

We get tons of snow, yet we get sun around 330 days of the year as well :)

best state ever!

10:59:45 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Durza The Wolfbrother:

Global warming for you...

11:45:05 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Master Tom:

i have been seeing signs of global warming for the past 2 years now.

It snowed here in England too.


Nobody seems to be taking it too seriously though so why not make a bit more pollution, maybe this time next year we will have enough for a snowman.

To be perfectly honest I was expecting worse results, scientists said in 20 years time the summers will be up to 50 degrees C and winters down to -30.

I think they got it wrong, at the moment the winters are getting milder and the summers cooler. We are basically moving into a tropical climate where it is summer all year. One thing tht has definetely changed is this: Nights are getting colder and days warmer.

Up till now I can't really complain, the weather in England is known to be the worst in the world, this year it has been fairly agreeable.

Yes nights have gotten colder but days have gotten warmer too.

Maybe we will still have to move underground one day to avoid the extreme weather conditions we are causing but we might as well enjoy it while we can, it is going to get nice and nice until it then gets unbearable...

Oh yeah and expect to see more tornados, hurricanes and freak storms too.




12:21:16 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

Spring is in march ?

Weird, where I come from it's in feb :)

13:40:45 Mar 27th 08 - Lord Seloc:

We have a brilliant sun shiny day not a clou in the sky! but knowing our weather it will rain in 10 minutes time, then it will clear up in 20 minutes, then in 30 it will snow/hail, in 40 we'll have a tropical storm........

13:42:17 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Spain is lovely....

Everything is sunny
The Average is like    300 days of sun per year  ^-^

15:53:52 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

Wow....lots of differene types of weather around the world. This is intersesting. I got a snow day from school today...theres only about 1/4th of an inch on the's sad I know...but hey, I get outa school.

15:56:36 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

Ireland rains, and rains then for a change, it rains :P

15:56:54 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Redbeard:

It hasnt snowed in Spain where I live for like....

6 Years...


15:57:56 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Wraith:

It hasn't snowed in Malta.... ever... Closest we get is some Hail every so often. :(

15:59:16 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

Frozen, Where do you live in Ireland? My grandpa came from northern Ireland, in Ballylough.

16:01:18 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

Lol, a million people live in Northen Ireland :P

What county was he from ?

16:10:31 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

Down I think...

16:11:35 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

no, I'm from Monaghan :)

16:15:28 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

Is that in Northen Ireland?

Im not sure, I dont have a map around.

16:19:59 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

Nope, in the Republic :).


16:22:29 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

I know that Northern Ireland is owned by the UK, but since Northern Ireland and Ireland are so close and small, Is there any hate between the two? Like what are the differences. You just said Republic, so does that make Northern Ireland Democratic?

16:32:09 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

There is a bit of hate between the two, I am only 15 so I am two young to remember the worst of it but from what I have heard the Bristish "Black and Tans" as they where called (a reference to their uniform not a racist commant) where just as bad as the IRA and UDF.

My father know a guy from Derry who was stopped at a check point and told to open the boot of his car. When he did the Black and Tans through in an assualt rifle, in the next check point, a few meters away,he was arrested and beaten up by the Black and Tans for no reason.

Not to say the Catholic side wasn't as bad. The IRA often simply walked up to a few stand alone soliders, asked  for directions then befor the solider know what was happening the IRA blew his head off.

But like I said the worst is Thankfully over, a Constitutional Monarchy has been set up and both sides are represented in the Goverment of Northen Ireland so things are getting better.

That being said things will take a while.

(P.S When I said Republic I ment the Republic of Ireland not Northen Ireland) :)

16:44:00 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

oh ok. Wow, I've never heard of things like that going on up there. Maybe thats why my great grandpa fled to America...

Im 1/4 Irish by the way.

16:47:37 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Killer:

As frozen said, rain, rain and more rain in Ireland. Hardly any snow or anything. Spring starts in Feburary... Though in my mock JC exams my teacher corrected it and there was this short question about most rainfall in a season. It was autumn, but she said it was summer... She said the months in summer were june and july and august. Just shows you what the teachers are like in my school... I lost around 3% because of her correcting it wrongly, but she also gave me nine extra marks(around 3%) by mistake, so it balances out...

Edit: Said the months of Spring first, sorry.

16:55:24 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

yeah some pretty bad *beep* whent on, I wasn't born but my brother told me that in the village a used to live in (Clontibret) a group of 500 UDF men came into the town beat up the local Police, then retreated across the border befor the Irish Millitary arrived.

17:11:27 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

UDF = ???

IRA = ???

17:13:09 Mar 27th 08 - Mr. Killer:

IRA = Irish Republican Army
UDF = Not sure... Unionist Defence Force? I don't particurly like Irish History, not even the recent stuff.

17:14:57 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Spud The Illusionist:

lol, well, thanks for educating me a bit.

17:15:59 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

Ulster Defence Force, close though.

They where two paramilitary organisations.

IRA wanted a Unified Ireland.

UDF wanted N.I to remain part of the UK.

17:17:44 Mar 27th 08 - Sir Iwasfrozen VIII:

Sir Spud The Illusionist


3/27/2008 4:14:57 PM
lol, well, thanks for educating me a bit.


lol, no prob ;)

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