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What about VU is perfect
20:12:02 Mar 30th 21 - Bigfield (Mr. Bigfield):

Or close to perfect? There's obviously fixes and we all don't agree on it, but most of us here have played on and off for over a decade.

What elements of this game keep you coming back ?

Things I appreciate:

1) The Era system. There are roughly defined end times.  The You know that a round will not last forever, and since there is no need for perpetual time investment, it is less daunting. Other games are perpetual and you feel you owe it to your high score to continue at it so as to not lose it.

2) Resources harvest automatically. I am not obliged to log on periodically to collect resources. They acrue around the clock or penalized or have to pay real money to be more passive. It is less chore like.

3) The History. There is character history and era histories you can scroll through. While not perfect, they allow for customization and role play.

4) Kingdom mates. I know I'm not a top rank player. I appreciate the work my team mates put in, and I don't want to quit on them. If they are here, I want to keep trying.

There are things that could be improved, but I'd like for this to be a discussion for elements that keep you hooked.

21:49:43 Mar 30th 21 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Joebob is perfect 

06:20:29 Mar 31st 21 - Percy (Sir Percy The Fallen):

1-2) What Theo said (Era-defined timelines, resources auto-collect). Nothing more annoying than games that go on forever (why bother playing if guys have been playing years longer?) or being forced to be on every X hours or risk losing things. RL always comes first, and the VU format allows that to be the case. And the fact the players choose when era ends? Thatís too freaking legit.

3) The map and how cities are settled/armies are moved. Itís not perfect, but it could be MUCH better if either A) ZeTa put in extra effort to smooth out map details or B) allowed trusted, specific people to aid in smoothing out this. I honestly donít like hex-style maps that most games utilize, this very fine coordinate system approach is awesome. Was actually a big reason my fam and I joined this game all those years ago, in depth strategy with a solid map mechanic. 

4) The team aspect. As frustrating as it can be coordinating between time zones sometimes, itís fun knowing real people are counting on you and vice versa, and coordinating to accomplish objectives. VU really takes this part up a notch compared to other games in the ability to DIRECTLY assist, rather than passively assist. 

5) The thrill of OOP fights. I feel thatís by far the best part of this whole game. Sure, late era stomps can be fun, but are usually boring for all parties involved getting to that point. The pure chaos of an OOP fight, win or lose, is such an enjoyable experience.

6) And most importantly, itís not pay to win. You can argue if BTs are, but the way ZeTa implemented the 24 hour processing and 1 BT/8 hr (or whatever it is) conversion to use really prevents its abuse. Paid account is a huge upgrade (mostly for mages) but not necessary for most players. 

15:49:48 Mar 31st 21 - Bigfield (Mr. Bigfield):

I second the BT system. It isn't perfect but it does fund the game.

It is difficult to straight up Pay to Win.

I would only support hex type maps if the hexes were as small as the smallest city footprint 

17:49:54 Mar 31st 21 - Konstant (The Ancient Troll of The Five Real):

That the game can be as simple as "build, train, war" to advanced magic and economic strategies.

At the end, VU really is what the player base/each individual players makes it. Though the model is fairly "simple", it's amazing how the game basically lets you do pretty much anything you can imagine within the system.

I also incredibly love the asymmetrical nature of the races. Each race has its strengths, weaknesses, and peaks at certain times of the era.

This said, I do believe that there need to be more tweaks, but overall there is a decent balance.

20:25:54 Mar 31st 21 - heroix (Mr. Heroix):

Open Map. One of the very rare browser games where you can actually move armies and settle anywhere. Almost every other game just makes it square grid and when you send an army you can't even see it's movement on that map. Only travel destination and time as sort of a list. That's boring.

Magic. Unique magic system.

Team Play. Other games has it too, but this mechanics of this game makes it so much more fun.

Activity. You can be as active or laid back as you like - there will be a place for any activity level in any kingdom. You can can fight oop, log in every hour of a day, micro manage everything, or you can simply farm, log in once a day, and still contribute to the late game.

01:58:05 Apr 1st 21 - Bigfield (Dragon Prophet Theophilus):

I really like the fact that armies are visible on the map. That in and of itself is very unique to any browser based game.

18:30:49 Apr 2nd 21 - Senturu (Lord Senturu):

2 things

1: the most perfect thing about VU is me! (obv)
2: the community. i love that i can take a break for a few years. pop back up and see that ya'll are still the sick twisted people (even if there are a few new ones) to exist on the Interwebs. 

23:03:30 Apr 3rd 21 - Mr. Sam Norsk:

It seems as if there's less and less players each time I return to the game, but I like that this isn't a game with hundreds or thousands of players. I suppose it makes me feel like I'm part of the cogs of VU. 

00:34:25 Apr 5th 21 - Mr. Blackbeard Pugmaster:

The fact i keep coming back:

The gameplay: so much tactics... will ypu crush walls as elf, brutal force the nazzies, catapult them... you habe so mucj different strategies

No pay to win 

It takes time... not the more you play the better...old school/ when the world was normal: wait and pass that marshmallow test... 

Merging armies with your teammates to make a bigger goal happen.

Zeta, come back!! I miss you!

I am drunk

Its easter i am aloud to get drunk

I remember the golden years... every month new era... lot of people where playing... i miss that... 

Conclusion: this game is the best thing since pokemon. You can eighter just let it die ( in 10 years nobody is going to be playing) or get involved. Get new players... The concept still awesome! Use it!

I have tried to find my thing that will make me rich someday for years... you have it and donít use it... @zeta... look better!

09:56:08 Apr 5th 21 - Mr. Skiepe Back:

Wow... who invited this guy, right?

I think itís just the balance of the game: no pay to win/ balance between the races/ because we restart each few months itís not : who plays the longest wins... 
every hour new resources instead of nowaday games: the more you play the more resources. 

Further itĎs the working together with kingdom members: put your troops in eachother city to defend it, make blockers and defend them, merge armies...

Last itís the politics: get allies/ napís... to work together. I donít know any other game who has that!

22:14:52 Apr 11th 21 - Princess Aisha The Fallen Knight:

The best thing for me is the freedom of movement on the map, kept me playing for over 15 years. With breaks, in which I looked for other games, but none of the browser games give such freedom of movements and all sorts of abilities of how to attack and defend. I like that it takes time to attack someone, so you can't really lose everything over night if you have any sort of activity.

And another good thing, as there are not many players, if you have high activity you can fool everyone into thinking you are a good player, as my friend told me today, I invest some activity in the game and voila you are considered a semi good player. Have a general understanding of the game and invest some activity, its possible to win an era.

11:51:48 Apr 12th 21 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

The open map style. Armies fighting in the field. Seeing the impending doom of an army marching across the map for several hours has an effect.

Magic! Why didn't anyone mention this? Freezing armies, quaking your opponent's cities, owning an army of elite soldiers. I might argue there's some problems but I won't mention them here.

Magic! Oh did I say magic already?

Truly though I think the first character I made here dates back to 2003? Around the Era of Jekker? I always myself coming back and finally paid Zeta for his time by sponsoring. I do enjoy the strategic nature of this game it is in fact an actual strategy game.

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