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Where Has VU gone
13:22:05 Apr 11th 13 - Percy (Mr. Percy):

I left about a year ago due to no internet access, and now I return to find that hardly anyone plays anymore. :(

The worlds

* StartaOpen50002shatteredworlds94087%
New player worlds (with 50% protection)

* = The world you are on

15:36:00 Apr 11th 13 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus XXVII):

i'm still here Percy - I really like my Starta kingdom too - otherwise i'd be joining you on another 'solo' adventure

16:08:14 Apr 13th 13 - Percy (Mr. Percy):

I'm starting back up now just to get re-acquainted with the game, but Ill be back for real when summer starts. Hope to fight along side you in the future, be it as allies or under the same banner

16:18:49 Apr 13th 13 - Stirlin (Prince Stirling):

the playerbase has been dwindling for awhile now, several changes caused this, although zeta has showed interest again so maybe it has a bright future once more

16:21:44 Apr 13th 13 - Percy (Mr. Percy):

I've noticed that with the new mobile functions he has been implicating. This could be what brings everyone back to VU

16:24:47 Apr 13th 13 - Stirlin (Prince Stirling):

i think the game need some more advertisement, its not attracting enough new blood

04:51:47 Apr 14th 13 - Mr. Sorcery:

If this game had an easier way to start, then people would be more likely to join. Any referall given to people is like a 75% chance they wont play because getting started on the right world with the name you actually want to use takes so long.

Also a tutorial world that automatically reset every 8 days so people can learn how to build, research and train troops without fear of losing before knowing how to play would be nice. Alot of people quit because they die before fully knowing how to play and get frustrated.

On this tutorial world they need to give players 6 bonus turns for that world only so that the beginner can do several moves at once and learn the gist of the game through a guided exercise.

In summation: Easier start method, and tutorial world that resets very often would cause any newcomers to be more likely to stay. These things need to happen before advertising is needed.

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