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Where is SIr Slade Griffin
14:48:53 Jul 18th 17 - Mr. Trumpdoggmillionaire:

Whats new im back dude where are you???? how is everyone that remembers me? I see a few of you still here long time no see guys.


The One And Only Mr. Com

14:54:34 Jul 18th 17 - King Justanius Fontainius XXXVI:

Are you talking about slade, or stewie griffin? Welcome back also

15:17:50 Jul 18th 17 - Mr. Trumpdoggmillionaire:

Slade aka Sladen aka Slade griffin aka anubis and many others lolz

11:17:53 Jul 19th 17 - King Justanius Fontainius XXXVI:

lol Slade my favourite guy, he was with us one era at Dark Riders. He started a bit late. He promised to kick us and play the next era. Next thing I know one of the vices kicked him out after he was inactive for 25 days. He will come around again lol at some point. Everyones pretty much still around give or take, save for most of the LGC oldies. 

14:24:23 Jul 19th 17 - Blood Lord Trumpdoggmillionaire:

yea lolz sounds like him and true ive only really seen roxy from LGC online. come on guy i know some of you are still here hit me up i am back to play.

01:48:50 Jul 20th 17 - Lord Reddragon Thefearsome:

Slade made me return back to vu after 2 years and then he left vu :). He sometimes returns every 6 months.

13:35:34 Jul 20th 17 - Blood Lord Kirito The Duel Swords Master:

lolz ill facebook him and make him get back on we were good mates back in highschool seen him few months ago and told me to get back on lolz im here and where is he??

16:17:36 Jul 20th 17 - King Gwap:

lol you too. I kinda felt like quitting till he come back and made all these empty promises lmao! But thats Slade for you :)

19:06:42 Aug 20th 17 - Blood Lord Trumpdoggmillionaire:

Hes back yay I made him come back

00:32:10 Aug 21st 17 - Endless (Mahatma Kane Jeeves):

shenanigans should ensue shortly then lol

23:41:59 Oct 16th 17 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Naww endless you missed me? Haha

00:48:33 Oct 17th 17 - Endless (Ms. Kate Middleton):

lol, yes I did, you always make things interesting :p

00:53:39 Oct 17th 17 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

I dont know if that's a Laugh with you or at you situation... 

BUT, ill take it haha

00:56:41 Oct 17th 17 - Endless (Ms. Kate Middleton):

with you, I still giggle about that first era we met ingame :D not that I helped, I'll deny that to my grave hahahaha not :D

01:17:55 Oct 17th 17 - The Real Josh (Prince Sladen):

Hahahahahahahaha good times, good times.

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