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Why are kids so evil and cruel
15:57:14 Jun 25th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

16:07:20 Jun 25th 13 - Konspyre (Captain Zealot):

This topic is a perfect example of short-sighted generalization. Just because some kids do it, doesn't mean all kids do it.
Take a look at the kids outside innocently playing football, and please say that again.

16:23:23 Jun 25th 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

Firstly I would be classed in this generation you're talking about so this is from my point of view.

As Konspyre said, you're generalizing all of us as being evil. The thing is this shit happened when you were a kid as well so don't act like we're the monsters. The only thing that makes it seem like we're all evil is that the fact everyone has a mobile phone these days and I'm sure I don't have to point out the fact to the Half-wit of an OP that all modern mobile phones have a camera (Ohh whoops, dd anyway). This obviously allows people to take photos and video of everything in a matter of seconds. Secondly the spread of social networking and the internet fuels the spread of these crimes.

17:00:34 Jun 25th 13 - Sheriff Timmion:

There is nothing new about these behaviors.  What is new is that they are no longer socially acceptable.   Seventy years ago these would not have caused even an eyebrow to raise.


And the behavior is not limited to minors...adults engage in the same behaviors.  

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