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Wow, seven worlds!
23:22:39 Feb 21st 07 - Mr. Arzun:

I've never seen the World of Armagadon, alot of people are dying lol

00:48:14 Feb 22nd 07 - Mr. Oya:

or new players :P.........finally

04:55:34 Feb 23rd 07 - Sir Salaracen:

well im dead

05:01:04 Feb 23rd 07 - Mr. Trig:

ho ho ho

Salaracen, you so crazy.

07:35:15 Feb 23rd 07 - Mr. Ghouma:


12:13:05 Feb 23rd 07 - Duke Efrandor:

That Salaracen is dead..?   Ghouma, that is nasty.

12:29:48 Feb 23rd 07 - Sir Salaracen:

oh my god im a sir  :)

12:30:43 Feb 23rd 07 - Sir Salaracen:

yeah im dead one day ill have my son avenge me

13:51:51 Feb 23rd 07 - Lord Oya:

muahaha, i made lord after 2 years of having negative rp points..........

hmmm, well ok ill compromise, its both lots of dead and new players :D

(Edited by Lord Oya 2/23/2007 1:52:13 PM)

21:12:23 Feb 23rd 07 - Sir Arzun:

lol :P

nice job Oya, you went from a Mr. to a Lord :P

...That's what I wanted :(

23:31:28 Feb 23rd 07 - Duke Amheh:

how the hell? Oya!!! you never even told me you seemingly are able to roleplay...and why the feck am I still a Duke?! :(

*goes to cry a bit in the corner like a little schoolgirl*

15:44:04 Feb 24th 07 - Lord Oya:

thats cos i own carrot :D

now kiss my feet

16:27:23 Feb 24th 07 - Mr. The Phantom Liano:

well i died on mantrax and went to nirvina

04:10:08 Feb 27th 07 - Mr. Raen:

I went to Armageddon, it was almost empty...made me feel all warm inside.

EDIT: I'm still Mr. I have done like 20 good RPs IMHO. Maybe I just suck at writing? Maybe my kingdom mates don't click the green button.

(Edited by Mr. Raen 2/27/2007 4:10:56 AM)
(Edited by Mr. Raen 2/27/2007 4:11:15 AM)

06:40:01 Feb 27th 07 - Mr. Jibbymaster:

YA so i played on all but nirvana last era lol died my share of times but thats only because i always spawned in the middle of a warground and i guess i was an obstacle that had to be moved

14:15:14 Feb 28th 07 - Mr. Santa Claus:

why did they named a world Nirvana, now it looks like it was named after a kingdom, i dont think thats entirely fair, and what if the armageddon was stopped then the name World of Armageddon was useless.....

14:58:36 Feb 28th 07 - Duke Efrandor:

It would  be a new armageddon...

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