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Wraith - A lier and an Idiot
15:59:18 May 19th 08 - Mr. Apple Pie:

[15:37] #:
[15:37] #:   ____
[15:37] #:  <__  
[15:37] #:     | |     _                               /      /<
[15:37] #:     | |    / /                                   | |
[15:37] #:     | |   / /  *  ___   _   _   ____         | |   | |
[15:37] #:     | |  / /  /| / __/ < > < > /     /|     | |   | |
[15:37] #:     | | / /  | | __  | | | | | -- | ||     | |   | |
[15:37] #:     | |/ /   | | __/ | | /  | | || | ||__   | |   | |
[15:37] #:     ___/    |_| __/   ___/  ./ / ___|  |  _/  /
[15:37] #:                                               _____/
[15:37] #:
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[15:37] #:
[15:37] Welcome back to Lobby. The topic is: "This is the main chat window"
[15:37] Sir Wraith: I'm ok, could be better but I'll live :P
[15:37] Sir Wraith: you?
[15:38] Mr. Hiroshima: eh just moved over to starta
[15:38] Mr. Hiroshima: this place is almost empty
[15:38] Mr. Hiroshima: it almost sucks xD
[15:38] Sir Wraith: that sucks... got kicked outta Zeta?
[15:38] General Ezatious: call of duty on xbox anyone? add killerpilchard !
[15:38] Mr. Hiroshima: yeah bastards Dark Fire
[15:38] Mr. Blood Spill: hehe
[15:38] Sir Wraith: lol go DF :P
[15:38] Mr. Blood Spill: lolz
[15:38] Mr. Hiroshima: then they had the never to as me to join them
[15:38] Mr. Hiroshima: *ask
[15:39] Mr. Hiroshima: yeah blood your people suck!
[15:39] Mr. Blood Spill: haha
[15:39] Sir Wraith: btw Elfy... thx for the cheap stone :P
[15:39] Mr. Blood Spill: i ownd u guys
[15:39] * Mr. Darkstar has joined Lobby
[15:39] Mr. Hiroshima: blood you'r dead I hope you know that...
[15:39] Mr. Hiroshima: your Kd can't hold it's place for long...
[15:39] Mr. Blood Spill: spread the thnx to all ur kd m8s for makin me all rich
[15:39] Mr. Hiroshima: BP will get you
[15:40] Mr. Blood Spill: lol no
[15:40] Mr. Blood Spill: BP is part of the alliance dumass
[15:40] Mr. Hiroshima: last time I checked yeah they could
[15:40] Mr. Hiroshima: ...been gone long time
[15:40] Mr. Hiroshima: since friday
[15:40] Mr. Hiroshima: not my fualt
[15:40] Mr. Hiroshima: :P
[15:41] Mr. Blood Spill: ive started doin alittle farmin
[15:41] Sir Wraith: Elfy is a huge farmer..
[15:41] Mr. Blood Spill: so many of ur guys damn cities were crappy RAINBOWS!!
[15:41] Sir Wraith: all he does is farm
[15:41] Mr. Blood Spill: no im not
[15:41] Sir Wraith: yea you are :P
[15:41] Mr. Blood Spill: dude i have #1 hoh army
[15:41] Mr. Blood Spill: lol
[15:41] Mr. Hiroshima: ah
[15:41] Sir Wraith: So?
[15:41] Mr. Hiroshima: well you need to won't you?
[15:41] Mr. Hiroshima: ...
[15:41] Sir Wraith: I could make a #1 hoh army from cheap ghosts
[15:42] Mr. Hiroshima: you'll need to huh?
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: every single damn city ive got is conquered accept blood mines
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: lol
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: plus i dnt *beep* gaias
[15:42] Mr. Hiroshima: yeah nazzies don't come cheap
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: i train as many nazzies as possible
[15:42] Mr. Hiroshima: mines do! xD
[15:42] Sir Wraith: sureeee Elfy
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: then when i cant train more nazzies
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: i spend the remain on gaia
[15:42] Sir Wraith: -.-
[15:42] Mr. Blood Spill: altho last few ticks ive been workin on correctin some cities
[15:42] Mr. Hiroshima: ...why not orges?
[15:43] Mr. Blood Spill: they suk
[15:43] Sir Wraith: I was making 3k nazzies a tick last era :D
[15:43] Mr. Hiroshima: how so?
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: Lol
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: Of course
[15:43] Mr. Blood Spill: not cost effective
[15:43] Mr. Hiroshima: 3K?
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: Sure you were
[15:43] Sir Wraith: but this era I'm doin crap -.-
[15:43] Sir Wraith: Yea, i was
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith , yoi lier
[15:43] * Mr. Khalifa has left Lobby
[15:43] * Mr. Heldeofol has joined Lobby
[15:43] Sir Wraith: No
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: 3k nazzies a tick?
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: What was your incoem?
[15:43] Mr. Hiroshima: not possible he's lieing
[15:43] Sir Wraith: ~12 mill
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: Lol
[15:43] Sir Wraith: and I sold everything
[15:43] Mr. Apple Pie: Even with that income
[15:44] Mr. Apple Pie: You couldnt
[15:44] Sir Wraith: and I had 80-90 cities so thats alot of food + wood
[15:44] Sir Wraith: sure. if you say so
[15:44] Mr. Hiroshima: 80-90?
[15:44] Mr. Hiroshima: how?
[15:44] Sir Wraith: yea
[15:44] Sir Wraith: half of Zeta
[15:44] Mr. Hiroshima: your both liars!
[15:44] Sir Wraith: well... leess than half
[15:44] Sir Wraith: What? No
[15:44] Mr. Hiroshima: no one can concuer zeta in a few tics
[15:44] Mr. Gilth: lol
[15:44] Sir Wraith: ask my Kd mates I posted tham all in the forums
[15:45] Sir Wraith: 80-90 cities
[15:45] Mr. Blood Spill: i got over 15 cities atm (^.^)
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: wraith
[15:45] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith
[15:45] Mr. Apple Pie: You lier
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: it's only been 100 truns
[15:45] Sir Wraith: Hiro... I said LAST era.. xD
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: almost
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: ....damn you
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: lol
[15:45] * Sir Dunnowhattocallmyself has joined Lobby
[15:45] Mr. Blood Spill: hey alban
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: I sucked ;ast era
[15:45] Mr. Hiroshima: *last
[15:45] Sir Wraith: I dnt get it tho... fackin dwarves still beat me -.-
[15:45] Mr. Apple Pie: You lier Wraith
[15:45] Sir Wraith: No
[15:46] * Mr. Blood Spill throws a brick at alban to get his attention
[15:46] Mr. Hiroshima: lol
[15:46] Mr. Apple Pie: 3k Nazzies/tick
[15:46] Mr. Apple Pie: and 80-90 cities?
[15:46] Sir Wraith: ask my Kd mates I posted everything in the forums
[15:46] Mr. Apple Pie: Ha,
[15:46] Mr. Apple Pie: Of course
[15:46] Mr. Hiroshima: no no you could get 80-90 cities in one ers
[15:46] Sir Wraith: I said 3k?! I meant 2
[15:46] Mr. Hiroshima: *era
[15:46] Sir Wraith: but the cities I am sur eof
[15:46] Sir Wraith: 80-90
[15:46] Mr. Hiroshima: how big?
[15:46] Mr. Blood Spill: ye its not that hard to get 80-90 cities
[15:46] Mr. Hiroshima: 40K?
[15:46] Mr. Apple Pie: So why didnt you get 1st?
[15:46] Mr. Blood Spill: by end of era
[15:46] Sir Wraith: How big what?
[15:47] Sir Wraith: no, many were crap
[15:47] Mr. Apple Pie: WHY DIDNT YOU GET 1st
[15:47] Mr. Hiroshima: your cities
[15:47] Sir Wraith: COS OF *beep*ING FARMERS
[15:47] Sir Wraith: and I got Rofed in last few ticks
[15:47] Mr. Hiroshima: cuase threehiunderpoundlezzie was mouch larger than wraith
[15:47] Sir Wraith: so half my nazzies died
[15:47] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith werent on FANT
[15:47] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith
[15:47] Mr. Apple Pie: Stop lieing
[15:47] Sir Wraith: Lol
[15:47] Sir Wraith: I'm not
[15:47] Sir Wraith: and frankly
[15:48] Sir Wraith: I dnt care what you think
[15:48] Mr. Apple Pie: And Frankly?
[15:48] Sir Wraith: I know the numbers I typed in
[15:48] Mr. Apple Pie: Oh dude
[15:48] * Mr. Hiroshima slap everyone then runs
[15:48] Mr. Hiroshima: see ya!
[15:48] Mr. Apple Pie: Of course you did
[15:48] Sir Wraith: cya..
[15:48] Sir Wraith: Yea I do
[15:48] * Mr. Sandoran has joined Lobby
[15:48] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith
[15:48] Mr. Apple Pie: Dont lie
[15:48] Sir Wraith: I dnt need to
[15:48] Mr. Apple Pie: You are
[15:48] Sir Wraith: my Kd mates will tell you its the truth, so will my enemies
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: 80-90 cities and making 3k Nazzies per tick?
[15:49] * Mr. Blood Spill starts thrashing away at hiros car with his trusty ol' wooden hammer then walks off into the sunset laughin
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: Shut up
[15:49] Sir Wraith: 2k
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: You said 3
[15:49] Sir Wraith: I already said it was a mistake
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: lol
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: Lier
[15:49] Mr. Gilth: still incredible
[15:49] Sir Wraith: Sir Wraith: I said 3k?! I meant 2
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: You should go lie some where else
[15:49] Mr. Gilth: pretty much a lie
[15:49] Sir Wraith: Read up *beep*
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith
[15:49] Mr. Apple Pie: Your obvious an insecure 12 year old
[15:50] Sir Wraith: Huh?
[15:50] * Mr. Hiroshima has left Lobby
[15:50] * Mr. Darkstar has left Lobby
[15:50] * Mr. Khalifa has joined Lobby
[15:50] Sir Wraith: Lol
[15:50] Mr. Apple Pie: Who makes things up
[15:50] Mr. Blood Spill: lol
[15:50] Sir Wraith: no
[15:50] Mr. Apple Pie: Yes
[15:50] * Sir Wraith shrugs
[15:50] Sir Wraith: whatever you say
[15:50] Mr. Blood Spill: wraith how much did ur nazzies cost ea
[15:50] * Mr. Heldeofol has left Lobby
[15:50] * Mr. Darkstar has joined Lobby
[15:50] Mr. Apple Pie: With that many Cities
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: ?
[15:51] Sir Wraith: As if I remember the price..
[15:51] * Mr. Gezzerka has joined Lobby
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: About 100k+ each
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: Easily
[15:51] Sir Wraith: No less with armouries
[15:51] Mr. Gilth: lol
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: No
[15:51] Mr. Gilth: I just checked your highscore
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: Gilth, thats right?
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: 100k+ easily with " 80-90 cities"
[15:51] Mr. Apple Pie: Proberly 200k
[15:52] Sir Wraith: Have you seen the crap they build?
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: Stop lieing
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: Please
[15:52] Mr. Gilth: my score was 1 mill lower, pretty big difference
[15:52] Mr. Gilth: but I was not even training 500 archmages each tick
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: lol
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: Hes suchhhh a lier
[15:52] Sir Wraith: want to knwo how I had 2k a tick? cos I spent a week not buildin anythin
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: LOL
[15:52] Sir Wraith: cos I was away
[15:52] Sir Wraith: xD
[15:52] Mr. Gilth: If you get 200 Nazguls each tick it would've been impressive
[15:52] Mr. Apple Pie: Now more crap
[15:53] Mr. Apple Pie: Just stop it
[15:53] Mr. Apple Pie: Your making a fool of yoursel
[15:53] Mr. Apple Pie: Seriously
[15:53] Sir Wraith: what do you want me to say? last few turns thats what i put in
[15:53] Sir Wraith: after I was away for 3-4 days
[15:53] Mr. Apple Pie: Last few turns?
[15:53] Sir Wraith: ye
[15:53] Mr. Blood Spill: lol assumin u were at base price of 17k which i doubt but anyways assumin u were then u wud have to have 34million coming in every tick
[15:53] Sir Wraith: I never said the whole era -.-
[15:54] Mr. Apple Pie: I thought you said they were RoF those last feq turns?
[15:54] Sir Wraith: ye
[15:54] Sir Wraith: the ones on the field
[15:54] Mr. Apple Pie: But, I thought you said you were training them?
[15:54] Mr. Apple Pie: Im confused
[15:54] Sir Wraith: dude...
[15:54] Mr. Apple Pie: At your bull *beep*
[15:54] Sir Wraith: I had some on the field
[15:54] Mr. Gilth: Wraith, you lied.. admit it
[15:54] Mr. Blood Spill: lol wraith stop lyin uve changed the story 3 times now

Id just like too expose him, I have never done this before, but he has pushed me too the limit
Any Orcs out there?
If so, could you tell me how much Nazzies would cost at 80-90 cities?
Id love too know, Im betting you couldnt make 3.. oh wait 2k a tick with it..

Yours in awaitance

Apple Pie

[ PS . I have highlghted the beginning of the Bull poop in yellow, thanks ]

16:01:45 May 19th 08 - Sir Wraith:

Hey copy it all...

15:54] Sir Wraith: fine I lied to annoy Hiro xD
[15:54] Mr. Apple Pie: *beep*
[15:55] Mr. Blood Spill: an even at base cost of nazzies it wud be 34mil every tick to afford that
[15:55] Sir Wraith: it was more like 190 xD
[15:55] Mr. Blood Spill: lol
[15:55] Mr. Apple Pie: lol
[15:55] Sir Wraith: but Hiro bought it :P
[15:55] Sir Wraith: And the cost of nazzies were 65k + armouried
[15:55] Sir Wraith: and I had 1.5 million land (or something. not sure)
[15:56] * Mr. Teocyn has left Lobby
[15:56] * Mr. Orcinus of The Orca has left Lobby
[15:56] * Mr. Marick III has joined Lobby
[15:56] Mr. Blood Spill: man im in deep *beep* for my future troops costs
[15:56] Sir Wraith: lol?
[15:56] Mr. Blood Spill: theyve alrdy been souring cos of all the *beep*ty rainbow cities ive taken
[15:56] Mr. Apple Pie: Wraith you newb
[15:56] Sir Wraith: lol why?
[15:56] Sir Wraith: (Ye I am a *beep*..)
[15:58] Sir Wraith: well Apple?

And I already said I was lying to annoy Hiro, lol.

16:05:16 May 19th 08 - Mr. Apple Pie:

Yes, he did later admit it
But in future, I wont trust him
I hope you follow suit when I say  " Dont trust him"

Thanks Again

Apple Pie

16:22:54 May 19th 08 - Mr. Blood Spill:

haha apple cant take a joke

*points and laughs*

17:55:58 May 19th 08 - Mr. Killer:

Kind of pointless posting this... You could at least have put it in the hangaround. It was pretty obvious he wasn't making 3k nazzies a tick.

18:03:05 May 19th 08 - Mr. Blood Spill:

you know the title :

Wraith - A lier and an id1ot


well rly ur the id1ot for taking him so seriously i mean 3k nazzies???! lol its an obvious jk.


*continues to point and laugh*

18:38:08 May 19th 08 - Sir Slade:

Apple pie your a *beep* why would you evan make this

Wraith is a great player 8-)

21:42:47 May 19th 08 - Duke Elmo The Opmonkey:

That title is entirely true I had seen so, and the ancient dead language of hamishc says so! He truely deserves the title fool.
However this apple pie, although you certainly sound tasty being what you are we have no garrenty of your tru*beep*lness.

21:45:41 May 19th 08 - Sir Wraith:

Idiot I accept but liar is taking it too far! It was a joke to annoy someone, lol. If I wanted to really try lie convincingly I could do much better than saying 3k nazzies a tick.

And thanks Slade, Elfy and Elmo(I think)

P.s. Like Elfy said, if you want to call me an idiot, at least spell the title right...

23:10:11 May 19th 08 - Mr. Killer:

Errr... Wraith, he did spell the title right...

23:10:35 May 19th 08 - Sir Wraith:


Not a word that I've ever heard/seen of, thats for sure...

23:14:00 May 19th 08 - Mr. Killer:

n.1.One who lies down; one who rests or remains


23:15:10 May 19th 08 - Sir Wraith:

Lol? My dictionary didn't have it and neither did Microsoft Word. My apologies and in that case, I am a lier. ^^

Thanks Killer

23:22:59 May 19th 08 - Mr. Tonganboii:

hey *beep* face Apple Pie...
where are you??

I'll come take you out right now =)

00:08:38 May 20th 08 - Mr. Arvious V:

Wow. all of this senseless fighting over a li.e  Yeesh, I'M better than that... kind of. =D

15:09:30 May 20th 08 - General Ezatious:

nabs! how dare you post a conversation which i am involved in!! Leave me out of your petty bickering

15:29:45 May 20th 08 - Sir Slade:


00:51:31 May 22nd 08 - Ms. Penis From Venus:

you copied an massive block of text, to highlight a small piece where he made a lie?

sure, hes a liar. and your sad.

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