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Write your Testimonial
12:14:35 Jan 5th 10 - VU Admin:

I need Testimonials for the welcome page. Post them here!

16:28:05 Jan 5th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

My life has really improved since I started using visual-utopia. I have no girlfriend, nor many friends, and I have a hard time keeping up with school. My parents thinks I'm a jerk as I scream at them when they try to stop me from playing this excellent game of fun and frenzy.

or something like

I've played Visual-Utopia for many years and I hope for even more years to come. To be specific, one of the best parts is the community, the tactic behind every war and the awesome thrill of making something really awesome. I dare to say that if you want to develop as a person and a teamplayer, Visual-Utopia is the game to play.
-Archangel Argyle

any good?

16:35:59 Jan 5th 10 - Mr. Horus IV:

"When I started playing VU I was 19 and now I'm 25... thank you VU for helping me age!"



16:39:46 Jan 5th 10 - Clown Penguin The Chilly Willy:

Cause of vu i lost my virginity. Thanks VU , that my GF didnt like you and wanted more attention! thanks!

20:22:13 Jan 5th 10 - Loser The Born Loser The Enforcer:

"Because of all the other silly free internet games out there, I have, through meeting the many silly retards and emotionally and mentally disturbed people that populate these games, matured into an immature punk ass with the accompanying monstrous ego and arrogance and bitch ass attitude.

However, when I joined and started playing VU, I find that it has a slightly smaller community of the aforementioned people that are of such influence in my life. Hence, I find that now, I am just a slightly less immature punk ass with a smaller ego, less arrogance, and a slightly more submissive male dog attitude.

Therefore, I highly recommend VU because it helps to correct disruptive and negative behavior and attitudes. It is a great balance to the vagaries and excesses of internet e-penor machosism. It must be part of your daily internet routine so that you do not succumb to the ever present diseases of retardism and spasticism.

Much love VU."

P.S. I don't think my testimonial should be published though.... :P

23:06:12 Jan 5th 10 - Death Lord Draven The Pitbull:

VU is one of the best multi player games on the net imho ;)

00:38:41 Jan 6th 10 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

Clown Penguin The Chilly Willy


07:39:46 Jan 5th 10
Cause of vu i lost my virginity. Thanks VU , that my GF didnt like you and wanted more attention! thanks!


04:32:32 Jan 6th 10 - Lord Adelbert:

As an ongoing online strategy game, Visual-Utopia will demand dicipline, skill, patience and nerves! This is not merely a game, this is so much more!
Few are those who make it here, will you?


I started playing Visual-Utopia as a young boy. Complications in my life stripped me of the opportunity to play for almost two whole years. When i returned, my name was still remembered and my friends celebrated my return. Genuine experience, true connection, this is truly more than a game...


I give Visual-Utopia my full attention because it keeps me on edge and helps me focus. I spend hours and immense effort to prove myself here. Not only for the great community or challenging gameplay. For the principle of turn based strategy gives perspective of time, and helps me keep a strict reutine of my life. It allows me to express myself to listening ears, and i owe much of my academic success to this game.


i'm just rambling, use whatever you want if it helps. good luck :p

04:42:31 Jan 6th 10 - Endless Spankings The Naughty:

c'mon.. isn't anyone going to mention that REAL women play it too :p

what else is required ;)

05:07:21 Jan 7th 10 - Sir Cadmus The Noble:

I don't think many of you understand what a testimonial is.. It's just your perspective on the game from your experience. It doesn't have to try to sell the game, just speak the truth. And all of the inside jokes and including other players names... Yeah, don't add them into your testimonial if you want it added. No new player browsing the game is going to have a clue what or who you're talking about, and it might even dissuade them from joining.

It should be more like this...

"I joined Visual Utopia in search of a new, interactive strategy game that I could play daily but at my own speed. VU ended up being exactly what I was looking for, a tick-based game where you could build cities in any strategic location and move your armies to wage war on any open ground. With multiple races with their own unique benefits, and an arsenal of sciences and magics, warfare in VU has turned out to be quite the entertaining challenge. I have loved the game since I joined, and plan on playing for many eras to come."

And that is my testimonial. ;)

17:08:58 Jan 8th 10 - Emperor Gaius Septimus Cidellus:

Visual Utopia was a great game to Join. I have had much fun Over the years, and I hope to contINue. The best part of tHe gamE is the variety of people. Running arOund aLl ovEr the maP has been fun too, and the aLlies I've mAde has made the time even more enjoYable. In closiNG, I have had a Fun time, and I hOpe these gReat times will continUe for Much longer.

17:29:21 Jan 8th 10 - Duke Random:

luls septim

17:44:33 Jan 8th 10 - Prince Highwayman:

Role Play, Power Play or Fun Play, VU has it all.  And the only real girls on the internet!

18:54:50 Jan 8th 10 - Duke Pesterd:

VU is definately the greatest online game I have ever played.

20:18:08 Jan 8th 10 - Mr. Gauntlet:

Kill or be killed.

20:24:29 Jan 8th 10 - Mzz Mzzery The Mzzchievous:

I love VU. It's a game you can win after just having played a few eras, if that's what you really want. There are several ways to win, but the best way is of course by pure warfare, strategy, and war tactics. You can make a lot of enemies in this game, but I'm happy to say I've made a lot of friends instead. Friends I love beating up, and getting beaten by. It's all great fun.

21:23:39 Jan 8th 10 - Mr. Shayol Ghul:

A browser Game

03:21:41 Jan 9th 10 - Mr. Striker:

Simple, idealisitc, and fun. Regardless whether im on a computer capable of playing WoW or one barely of running a internet browser, Visual Utopia is by far the funnest ive played to date. With friendly people to help you get started and a game Admin who really gets involved with his community!



damn..pretty hard to go through all that liein...i mean, great game :)

04:55:51 Jan 9th 10 - Dr. Kevorkianism:

Great game indeed and LOL to most of the "testimonials"

23:40:43 Jan 11th 10 - Duke Slade:

Visual-utopia is a great game, lots of friendly people, easy access to help and a great game concept. The first thing that drew my attention to VU was its unique style of game play, the second thing that drew me to VU was that it was free, VU may not be the biggest game but it has a good solid player bases and  and a very straight forward and easy to understand game. Dont take my word for it, try it out your self.


03:34:19 Jan 14th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Look this is how it is, I've been playing this game now for 2 year (i didnt realize that until now). Though i have been on and off a bit i always find myself coming back for more. The community and game play together really builds something unique like never before.

~Uther Nonsense

23:13:51 Jan 17th 10 - Lady Boobson:

@ Adel:

When i returned, my name was still remembered and my friends celebrated my return.

Lol, wut? We all remember you stealing an era win, but friends? Celebrated?

Just kidding!



"Cos of VU i lernt hw 2 typ propa lyk"



"Im now in a super serial re-lay-shun-ship with 2 guys named Ezatious and Stirlin, I met them through VU, ty VU!"

- Wilbah


"A dirty Belgian I met on VU keeps asking me for pics of my sister."

- Wilbah

21:29:25 Jan 18th 10 - Sir Santa:

"Having trouble with the ladies? Don't know how to talk to them or even grab there attention? If you play VU you will be in a female-friendly environment with plenty of girls to communicate with! Join us now and get free contact with at least 1 Ms.!

NB: The amount of females in our community has been estimated to be 1-3%.
We do not guarantee any useful skills, either involving womankind or not, can be picked up here.
We are also not responsible for possible loss of personality.


23:08:08 Jan 18th 10 - Ms. Black Mamba:

"I am now friends with a wonderful creature from Antarctica due to VU."


04:26:45 Feb 10th 10 - Swedish chef Brashen:

I played a lot of browser based games trough the years,
But with vu I been stuck many of those years and I must say that VU is by far the best game to pick up hot chicks on, though u have to be able to travel almost anywhere on our lovly globe since we got almost all nationality's playing this terrific game!'


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