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You know your start sucks when
03:19:48 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Squiddy:

1. You put a buy order in for 6 food.

2. You always have an excuse at the ready, to use when your KD are discussing their incomes.

03:57:30 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Dishonoured:


3. When you see a thread talking about bad starts you really REALLY expect your name to come up.

4. When you just told a total stranger who wasn't even asking about it that your startup was crap.

5. When looking over this list just makes you wanna....wan.....*completely breaks down*

03:58:44 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

6. When you start off next to a former enemy.

04:08:04 Feb 10th 08 - Duke Indicated Undernourishment:

7. When you realise that no matter how you explain the last start people can't help laughing and cry at you, so you don't even mention what happend, you just let them laugh for nothing.

8. When you have something to write in this thread.

04:23:03 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

9. When your computer crashes the moment you hit 'play'.

10. When you post here... oh dangit!


04:55:50 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Wizardus:

11. When you land in a forest.

06:10:58 Feb 10th 08 - Sir Soccerrogue:

12. when you decide to join carnage instead of going tagless :p

(kidding! i luv havoc!!!!!)

08:18:30 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Twamao:

13. Your kingdom is named Dark Trio and has hanky panky on it

08:23:13 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Random:

14. When you start next to Dark Trio with hanky panky in it

15. When you are oop b4 you put your first city down

19:43:01 Feb 10th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

16. When you are able to put something here


20:20:29 Feb 10th 08 - Sir Alban:

17. when you start over 24 ticks from the nearest mountain, and that mountain has no free space for a new cities

20:53:41 Feb 10th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

18. When on the fourth day you still only have 1 city (with only 1700 buildings in it)

19. When you need to ask Hanky Panky for advice :s


20:54:29 Feb 10th 08 - Prince Calus Septim V:

18. When you land tagless in the middle of a war between Carnage and Abydos...

20:55:50 Feb 10th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

20. When you accidentally hit 'halfling' as your race.

21. When you are the only one who doesnt post in the 'production' thread in your forums...

00:45:13 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

22. When you talk to Clamps about Jesus

23. When you sell 0.02 gold for 1 piece of food

01:23:55 Feb 11th 08 - Duke Altron:

24. when Spoon has a higher income than you! :P

01:24:33 Feb 11th 08 - Sir Pesterd:

25: When Myrr thinks they can beat Dark Fires when they have 23 members vs. 6 members and yet they still lose.....

01:50:57 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Skullz:

26: When it's so crowded that you can't build a armory.

27: When you finally build an armory it gets destroyed by a 100 man army.

16:03:21 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Twamao:

28.  When you are getting owned by Revenge. 

16:23:05 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

29. when you wake up in the morning and you find your income is -5k.

23:47:06 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Link:

30. When you start with 10 gold and 5 tree. and you can't move your army or build a city.

23:50:24 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

31. When you by mistake quit your KD

32. When you need to ask Soc for advice

33. When you kingdom is led by Sanoh

34. When you kingdom is related to Sparta

23:50:26 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Hawk:

31. When you mow your front lawn and you find a car.

23:56:06 Feb 11th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

32. When Link says something completely random

33. When Sir Evans is on your enemies side

00:25:42 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

35. wolflord karac will have a bad start next time he lands next to me (does that count?)

36. when you have to make a thread like this ;)

00:52:45 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. The Gladiator:

 37. When you start and realise you chose the wrong race

00:54:30 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Hawk:

38. When you start and you realize you chose the race that was not right but it was but it was just a joke and it turned out to be the wrong race.

11:17:51 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Elsin:

39. When your kingdom is PHI.

11:30:19 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Love:

40. When you realize you have landed on Mantrax.

17:38:24 Feb 12th 08 - Lord Seloc:

41. When you for the 3rd era in a row built your first city too far from a mountain out of impatience.

17:42:44 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Jar Jar Banks:

42. When you still don't have 5/7 gold bonus in your main mine after 5 days.

17:48:00 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Mazvis:

43. When your first town got burned just when you got out of protection (happened to me)

17:52:49 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Demonsul:

44. When you realize the huge horde approaching you isnt your ally...

45. When you forget to build an army

18:24:26 Feb 12th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

46. When your name is Wolflord Karac and you land next to Hanky Panky\

47. When your income is 240 after a week.

48. When you consider buying 900 bonus turns to finally reach an open spot near a damn mountain

18:26:33 Feb 12th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

49. When you go on vacation for the first 7 weeks

50. When no one wants you to join their Kingdom

51. When you get killed by a first timer

18:36:22 Feb 12th 08 - Sir Drunken:

52. When you wake up to find the VU page down

02:23:41 Feb 13th 08 - Mr. Link:

53. if you are sponsered by Pepsi.

54. if your peasants rebel.

55. if a dragon comes out of the mountain and kills you.

56. when you spend all your income on taverns because you have bad eyesight and you think it says mines.

57. when your kd mates turn on you because they want your city spot because it's too crowded.

58. when you join FA and you start right next to Gauls.

59. when you dont have a ride home from work and you call your friend to pick you up and there's an ice storm and a bridge is covered in ice and you crash into a solid wall of cars. (happened to me today...)

60. when you are eating a burrito and your beer spills all over your keyboard.

61. when you spend $30 on bonus turns and then forget to use them.

02:37:37 Feb 13th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

62. When Link makes a long list

03:17:09 Feb 13th 08 - Sir Engel Van Dood:

59. when you dont have a ride home from work and you call your friend to pick you up and there's an ice storm and a bridge is covered in ice and you crash into a solid wall of cars. (happened to me today...)


and you still managed to log into VU that shows dedication


03:36:02 Feb 13th 08 - Mr. Romus:

63. your KD leader boots you and tells the kd to kill you just becouse you cant get on for a week.

17:06:17 Feb 13th 08 - Mr. Killer:

64. ... you start.

17:26:49 Feb 13th 08 - Mr. Demonsul:

a good way to end a list...
lets think of more anyway!

65. When you log in on your second day and realize that you are looking at the death page

22:25:34 Feb 13th 08 - Mr. Hanky Panky:


22:53:52 Feb 13th 08 - Lord Seloc:

66. Server downtime because of ISPs screwing with important people.

06:24:39 Feb 14th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Dishonoured:

Link that was nothing to do with a bad startup, that was a bad of the worst I've ever heard.... I mean what a tragedy.... spilling your beer?! Man...was it ok? Oh and the accident thing obviously you aren't hurt but the beer man...the BEER....

07:12:22 Feb 14th 08 - Mr. Fox:

suck it out of the keyboard!!!!!!!

Save the beer's life!!!!

or if you really can't, think back, and say to yourself,

It will always be the beer that got away -cries-

17:45:38 Feb 14th 08 - Mr. Demonsul:

67. When you realize your kingdom want you out because 'you are a traitor' although you aren't

(this happened to me in a different game)

00:34:24 Feb 15th 08 - Sir Evans:

"33. When Sir Evans is on your enemies side"

well that was unexpected :)

thanks i'll take as compliment

02:06:29 Feb 15th 08 - Mr. Arvious IIII:

68. When Sir Evans is on your enemy's side and $pams a lot!!!

69. :-)

02:08:04 Feb 15th 08 - Mr. Soki:

70:you got major homework/essay/project/speech XD

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