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Your Thoughts of Canada
08:35:52 May 30th 10 - Mr. Alien God:

what do you think of Canadians?

08:37:11 May 30th 10 - Mr. Alien God:

its 3 am i meant " your Thoughts About Canada " but w/e you get the idea

09:07:32 May 30th 10 - Dr. Evil:

I like Canada.  Lovely countryside

10:00:02 May 30th 10 - Duke Polydeuces:

Seriously, this video explains everything as to why Canada is like the best country in the world.


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18:59:08 May 30th 10 - Master Alien God:

All true and its a nice Song .. why have not heard it before?

19:52:02 May 30th 10 - Mr. Ignis Calibus:

Same think as south park does :)

19:52:20 May 30th 10 - Mr. Ignis Calibus:">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">

21:56:45 May 30th 10 - Master Alien God:

not a real Country ??... lol

06:35:34 May 31st 10 - Konig Polydeuces:

I don't know, it's mostly played on MTV.

14:00:51 Jun 1st 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Canadia is good strong

17:44:46 Jun 1st 10 - Master Alien God:

i heard they have one of the best Military's in the world they are very versatile like a Truck driver can also fix his truck and shoot a gun ... a infantry is also a Medic and a engineer putting up power lines and fix a truck ... also if technology fails they know very old methods to communicate and still have the upper hand

American's Depend on tec and not versatility trained... and alot of Americans go's up to Canada to be trained .... how cool is that lol

19:20:26 Jun 1st 10 - Mr. Erunion Telcontar:

Canada does have one of the best trained militaries in the world (that is standard forces). Alas, we lack the equipment and funding of our southern neighbours, but we do what we can.

19:45:21 Jun 1st 10 - Endless Destruction:

funny page

23:33:55 Jun 1st 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Where'd you get that from Alien? Most americans (I'm assuming you're talking infantry) go to Georgia, or Texas, or New York. Idk what you're smoking.. O.o

23:47:58 Jun 1st 10 - Endless Destruction:

There are plenty of US military personnel seconded to Canadian bases, joint training exercises, visiting ships in our ports .. he may be talking about the joint training exercises

00:28:33 Jun 2nd 10 - King Ernest Deallus The Wise:

A lot of other countries work with America on their forces...doesn't hurt to all be on the same page when allied.

00:49:04 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Exender The Nacre Samurai:

I hear Diana Krall is nice.

20:58:03 Jun 2nd 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Yes but not majority.. not right now at least.. most just go to Iraq or Afghanistan, with a lesser part going to be stationed in places like Germany, Guam.. etc.

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