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Zeta Capture the Flag
08:21:40 Nov 2nd 22 - Prince Ell:

We were talking about Zetamania in Discord, and we had an idea to make a player made type of game. The map is pretty much dead, so lets try to do something there for an era, or more if it ends up being fun.

Game: Capture the Flag

The goal of the era is for 1 person to hold 3 cities called Flag, Flag II and Flag III
Or what ever is available for a name, it would be posted in Zeta forums.
One city would be placed in middle of the map, and other two in corners without telling where, so players would need to find them.

After the city is taken, walls must be built and it must have closed gates, so once taken by player it must be visible for everyone. The person who would set up Flag cities would be Orc to prevent easy oop take overs, Gaia spam and such... That person would only need to build 3 cities (or more if they want for economy) but only 3 would have to be taken and owned to win (for maybe 3 rl days, to allow others to retake?). The person would need to defend the city to best ability, but that person would not have to be super active, and Percy had agreed he could be the first Flag placer.

There are really not many people in Zeta from what I understand, only two players? I have asked several people and everyone likes the idea but bunch of people don't have 4th character, so here we would have people with unlimited characters playing. I would like to ask what is the number of people interested in playing Capture the Flag? Lets have a sign up here.

Also lets discuss some rules. Like to prevent kingdoms so people don't merge up against Percy. It would need to be 1 winner in the end. And we probably would need to have someone (or Percy) build up Magic after his Flag cities are taken to work on Arma casting. Players would then have to let him farm in peace for Arma.

What do you guys think?

Sign up:

1. Ella

13:22:13 Nov 2nd 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

Percy - First flag bearer/Arma Caster

I can settle the 3 principle cities, but will do so staged. Build the first in the middle, then build 2 and 3 a little down the road. Not feasible to defend all 3 right at the start :P

Flag cities would be fair game, but Iíll settle a couple (small) econ cities with WHs to have some econ once those are lost, but would ask for these small econ to be safe havens. After I lose those flag cities, Iíll maintain LoS on them to ensure gates are locked for all to see where they are, and otherwise will remain peaceful for Arma.

19:26:17 Nov 2nd 22 - Mr. Multi Konstant:


Make the flag bearer spawn first for like 100 ticks then cast invi.

20:16:33 Nov 2nd 22 - Prophet Ellle:

Fun, that is another of the tactics flag bearer can do
But no need to start earlier for him
However I plan to play only if there are around 10 people
Rather not do a 1 on 1 here like its now.
If there are not enough people, we will not bother.

00:59:47 Nov 3rd 22 - Jarl (Jarl Ivar The Boneless):

Call them strategic points make it 3 to 5. Have it pre-made owned by natives with x amount of defense and troops in it already. Can make it where you accrue points the longer you own the city. Have it a timed event and whoever has most points at end wins.

01:01:28 Nov 3rd 22 - Jarl (Jarl Ivar The Boneless):

It can be free for all or have kds or a blue vs red 

01:59:23 Nov 3rd 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

I could certainly drop, make the cities and defenses, then resign 🤔 but would take a bit of time Iím sure no one wants to wait for. 

Also, I wonít be nearly active enough to keep score, so that is on yíall to figure out. Thereís a reason Iím not playing a world currently lol

02:20:20 Nov 3rd 22 - Jarl (Jarl Ivar The Boneless):

thats why zeta should just make it coded in so its instant and doesnt require anyone to drop and manually place it

09:45:04 Nov 3rd 22 - Prophet Ellle:

Considering we do not get updates or anything, thats where the player made game idea came from, we don't expect changes to the game, so we have to do stuff ourselves. Sure it would be easier if Admin just did it all, but we can't expect that to happen.

13:59:58 Nov 3rd 22 - Dark Spawn (Lord Dark Spawn):

Playing Fanta and Mant, if I do not play Zeta I can koin too. 

14:19:18 Nov 3rd 22 - HorusPanic (Mr. Bill Gates):

I'll play, but i'm still thinking itas too complicated

maybe another GvE ?

17:57:06 Nov 3rd 22 - Matthew (Mr. Mathew):

Another GvE seems like a great idea

18:59:16 Nov 3rd 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

We can certainly close out GvE for a restart, the bulk of the testing needing done is over :) 

19:29:19 Nov 3rd 22 - HorusPanic (Mr. Bill Gates):

I'm saying run GvE on Zeta

20:32:07 Nov 3rd 22 - Prince Ell:

I am expecting 5 players for this event.
So you guys are saying its better to have 3 vs 2 good vs evil event
Rather than all 5 fight for themselves for a specific goal?
How is 2 kingdoms of 2-3 people more interesting?

20:33:00 Nov 3rd 22 - HorusPanic (Mr. Bill Gates):

I was hoping for 10... idk

00:36:11 Nov 5th 22 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Range Test Officer):

We could also end GvE and run it back as intended. That way GW and merges wonít be a thing. Unless thatís the intent for the GvE 🤔 would make it interesting, but I think most avoid Zetamania because of the merged and GW

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