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02:47:17 Jun 24th 08 - Mr. Einskaldir:

anyone use this? any good?

03:10:30 Jun 24th 08 - Sir Ernie The Orange:

I used this a few years ago to get Photoshop......only thing I used it for....I had Limewire but was told to use Bearshare....(and today I still have my CS Photoshop)

10:08:10 Jun 24th 08 - Sir Revengee:

I used Bearshare

I found it slowed my PC down, and I think I can point maybe a virus in its direction
Its alright if you keep it for maybe a few downloads, but I suggest you get rid of it after maybe 2-3 weeks. It is better at getting Programs than Limeware in my opinion though
Limeware is proberly a safer way is you just want Music etc..

12:54:36 Jun 24th 08 - Prince Melow:

the only bearshare I know is this

13:04:46 Jun 24th 08 - Mr. Twamao:

torrent is way much better

13:07:17 Jun 24th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

yes, i use that too

music, autocad 2008, designcad 2008, rome total war, photoshop, coreldraw, etc

and if even i can get those things to work, then anybody can ;-) 

00:29:11 Jun 29th 08 - Mr. Newcastle United:

It's crap, my brother had this and used it against my advice.

Two weeks later he had to reformat his entire PC because it was so full of *beep* from Bearshare.

Now, part of this was him being an *beep* and most likely download porn with tons of viruses, but I've seen Bearshare and used it, so I know how it all works and I can tell you're better off without it. Maybe it's changed now, but I wouldn't risk it.

I stick with Limewire for all my illegal pirating needs, never let me down before.  (Only download songs from Limewire to stay completely safe, anything else and you will want to use torrents. I recommend Azureus/Vuze for this in conjunction with ISOHunt and/or The Pirate Bay (websites) for any torrent files you need. I myself use a paid torretn site called Torrent Leech, if you can afford it then I would recommend using it, but most paid torrent sites are hard to get into and enforce rules.

These rules are simply fair usage policy rules, if you download 5GB of data, then expect to upload at least 2.5GB. Basically, if you take X amount of information, then you are expected to help share X amount of that information after you have gotten it.

This results in extremely fast download for everyone, (Ever wondered why it took you 86 hours to download a film on some free torrent site? It's because people hit and run, they take the information and don't bother to help share it with others, which results in an ever growing number of downloaders and an ever decreasing number of uploaders.

There are many other benefits to using paid sites as well.

If you need any more information on torrenting then just ask below :P

00:30:09 Jun 29th 08 - Prince Bertilius Septim II:

Prince Melow


6/24/2008 4:54:36 AM
the only bearshare I know is this

That's from the Blacksite: Area 51 ad! :D

07:42:18 Jul 2nd 08 - Sir Frederick:

Bearshare is full of spyware. Dont use it and stay far away from it.

As said earlier, just use Limewire for seperate songs. For large files such as programs or games, use Torrents. Way faster aswell.

04:15:16 Jul 7th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

I tried to use it once but it killed my comp with all its spyware.

03:52:59 Jul 8th 08 - Mr. Naerey:

Thank you for your cooperation people!
Truthfully saying what your guilts are will make your stay in prison 2 years shorter.
We will pick you up tomorrow evening, please prepare your bags and say goodbye to your dear ones!

-- The FBI Team

01:38:47 Jul 14th 08 - Swedish Chef Brashen:

lol im glad I dont live in us so I can just say frack your selfs FBI

01:54:42 Jul 14th 08 - Mr. Zump:

I could never figure out how to use torrents and those websites like "The Pirate Bay"... Too many words with more than three syllables...

06:27:56 Jul 14th 08 - Sir Random:

Vuze =)

easy, doesn't seem to stuff up with firewalls like other torrent clients do =)


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