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22:09:07 Nov 8th 07 - Lord Seloc:

Is it just me or have the boarders to the forum changed??

01:01:30 Nov 9th 07 - Mr. Dakarius:

nope, look the same to me.

01:04:49 Nov 9th 07 - Prince Lucias Septim II:

Nope, they are the same, I would know, I am on here A LOT....

09:07:07 Nov 9th 07 - Lord Seloc:

Must just be me.....

18:02:56 Nov 9th 07 - Pirate Lewatha:

It's a conspiracy! A conspiracy I tell you!

18:06:30 Nov 9th 07 - Lord Seloc:

I believe your right Lew.

18:09:55 Nov 9th 07 - Mr. Revenge:

yes...... a conspiracy.......    * shifts eyes side to side*

21:07:58 Nov 9th 07 - Sir Verll:

To me the borders have changed to....

21:30:00 Nov 9th 07 - Lord Carnage:

thanks Verll
I finally understood that "boarders" = borders

21:56:51 Nov 9th 07 - Sir Verll:


21:58:05 Nov 9th 07 - Lord Seloc:

lol wops.

01:16:46 Nov 10th 07 - Sir Archias:

maybe he's talking about me...

dont worry I dont have enough time to post in these anyways, I'll stop bothering you all just as soon as I hit reply

06:26:08 Nov 10th 07 - Duke Epyon:

Seloc, have you been playing Heroin Hero?! you know you never catch the dragon!!!

11:24:09 Nov 10th 07 - Lord Seloc:

What!!! This is an outrage!

17:49:47 Nov 10th 07 - Prince Lucias Septim II:

You wanna try...Rehab Hero?

00:42:24 Nov 11th 07 - Lady Lacewing:

Yummmmmm Rehab.  *Drools*

Wait, that's not a type of food?

17:44:19 Nov 11th 07 - Prince Lucias Septim II:

No, it's a fictional game.

18:40:02 Nov 12th 07 - Mr. Might:

I wana try it! Where do you get it?

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