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crossworlds benifits
07:02:45 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Dom:

with the way the maps are set up, the game should correctly be played like this:
best kd's on Mant. and Zeta, group of second less experienced players on starta and nirvana, and new players spread around evenly on those maps.

the new players will get killed a lot, but getting killed is part of the game, and it makes it more fun for oop. plus the more often you die the faster you learn. they'll spawn on the diagonal maps and those maps will open up later.

then, the way kd's can recruit is to select members of their kingdom to create smaller sub-kd's that can try to find interested people to help, teach the game, and those new replica kingdoms would all battle against eachother regardless of the relations of the real kd's when they spawn together on the diagonal maps. the active people that stay, show interest or look promising, can join the real kd next era or stay for more practice, and it could be a duty of the vices to take turns with that or whatever your kd decides.

unless it's a group of people who some prior experience, it really takes help for people to actually learn how the game is played I think, if they're not already planning on playing it.

anyway, that's my 2 cents, up for some discussion.

10:10:59 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Wilover:

Capitalisation marks the difference between 'I helped my Uncle Jack off a horse' and 'i helped my uncle jack off a horse.'

I like how its turned out this era, Fant is surrounded by good KDs who're all jumping into fant now.

However, I still prefer way back when there was just Fant, Mant and Zeta, with no cross worlds and maps were pretty big.

All KDs usually have newbies in their ranks that're learning from the more experienced ones anyway.

10:15:21 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

wehn people die 5 times in a rowe with no chance to even properly get started, they just quit. its better now when new players land on totally separate worlds.

21:25:30 Nov 10th 09 - Mr. Arch Shade:

Lets focus on the benefits of cross worlds.  Everyone has been fairly good about it on my thread, I am willing to discuss the perks of it as well here.

In the past, experienced kingdoms that were too cautious to land on Fantasia, now have the opportunity to fight harder opponents, this giving them the training needed to be elite kingdoms. 

As for average players, I've actually seen a spike in their game play and knowledge of the game.  It was easy before to become stagnant and remain at a certain skill level.

I do have to disagree that a player needs to constantly die to learn.  Also, larger kingdoms creating "small" psuedo kingdoms to fight each other and train newbies will never work either.

Just look around.  If you completely fail over and over again, the majority of people mostly give up.  There has to be some sort of win/glory for a player to remain in the game.  With that aside, how could we do this with cross-worlds?

What if players LOST points from taking cities in the corner worlds?  New players could care less for era end placing.  They just want to feel the thrill of defeating an enemy  or taking a city.  All players who wish to spawn in the corners realms, will utterly place nothing; but great for training. 

For example, say we have HIV farming in Zetamania.  The borders open up.  The leaders would utterly kick members if they stroll into newbie maps due to the kingdom losing % for taking cities on talents or whatever.

Any thoughts?

21:39:17 Nov 10th 09 - Lady Miley Cyrus:

the new players will get killed a lot, but getting killed is part of the game, and it makes it more fun for oop.

New players getting killed makes no fun for the one being killed or the killer (ie. no sense of real accomplishment)

21:55:20 Nov 10th 09 - Endless Despair:

Arch's example of farming on xxx and invading xxx

that wouldn't work with the way it's currently set up since Fant this era was empty... but if they all started on Fant and then had % losses for invading lower worlds (exclude Mantrax and Zetamania since those count higher towards end score after Fant) then maybe?

15:14:11 Nov 29th 09 - Mr. Roxbury:

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