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effects of new updates
05:57:52 May 30th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

I was just thinking about how much food we are able to produce with this new update, and i thought that halfers must be hating life right now with people clogging up the world market with a bunch of cheap food. On the other hand, they are producing quite a bit more, i'm sure. So, what has this new update actually done? helped or hurt halfers?

06:10:15 May 30th 09 - Mr. Loony Goatsin Nursing:

I'll tell you end of era.

09:00:59 May 30th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

Ha ha ok

09:03:56 May 30th 09 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

well atm its hurting em quite a lot..cause food prices are down to 0.4 per food rite now...they used to be around 2 each last era OOP

10:28:15 May 30th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

ya, that's why i'm curious. I was hoping to lure a halfer into here to see if their income is in the drain now...

10:31:30 May 30th 09 - Mr. Heroix:

And there is totally no point of tree market.
1.3gold/tree. No rly WTF? You produce even less with lumbermills than mins. + mines produce stone.

15:12:44 May 30th 09 - Sir Elton John:

Well, I'm a halfer and yes it is screwing my income over, meaning I could've had a lot more if this wasn't introduced... Halfling has only one good point left atm: its cheap units OOP.

But I'm still hanging in there for now :P

22:34:31 May 30th 09 - Mr. Overcome:

i havent catched up on the suggestion forums, but im wondering how it will work when many players put a bunch of armies into a blocker and you have to deafed all of them with 1 player (since you cant merge anymore)

23:50:12 May 30th 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

Ya, I think that's why the Kamakaze attack was made. You cant get through a heavily guarded blocker with 10 powerful armies. You're gonna have to sacrifice to get through.

01:23:25 May 31st 09 - Mr. Overcome:

after what i've heard of Kamakaze attack, you would have to be extremly overpowered to get through a blocker with Kamakaze attacks

01:42:55 May 31st 09 - Mr. Supreme Ruler:

simple overcome either you go round the blocker or set up a mage city and CW and walk through by BT

01:46:59 May 31st 09 - Mr. Angel of Death:

Well the current map has what at most times at least 6 possible ways into someones core that have to be blocked and guarded? Not inculding the need for around 2 mages.

01:59:14 May 31st 09 - Mr. Supreme Ruler:

ya thats what i meant my going around but it does mean there is a greater need for a mage now

15:05:44 May 31st 09 - Mr. Overcome:

last era we had wars with MAD and YUM. we had only 3 points we could attack from, unless we wanted to travel around the whole world.

a well organized big KD knows how to defend and it wouldnt be a problem to defend against 1 guy only. thats my opinion atleast

08:23:36 Jun 1st 09 - Mr. Opportunity:

"after what i've heard of Kamakaze attack, you would have to be extremly overpowered to get through a blocker with Kamakaze attacks"

You mean you have to have a ton of troops to sacrifice in order to get through?

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