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19:07:21 Feb 18th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

probably not a good place, but anyway

as i'm starting an early midlife-crisis :-p   ,

does anyone play guitar, or played, or knows something about them?

what would be a good guitar to start with (and no, a real gibson or a real fender are a bit out of my league)?    what should i pay for it? (also an amplifier and etc) (no need to go on stage, just good enough to play with some friends and/or alone (practise))

i would like to play a bit off everything (rock, jazz, blues, metal), so maybe there is something as an allround(?) ...

19:17:04 Feb 18th 08 - Duke Ulgrin The Bastard:

I think you should play Guitar Hero.  It's just like playing a REAL guitar!!!

19:21:58 Feb 18th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

i think buying an x-box (?) is as expensive as a real guitar?

+i hear, it's not really good?

00:27:26 Feb 19th 08 - Wolflord Karac:

im not a fan  of guitar hero, tho most people seem to enjoy it.


Xbox is a lot of fun without guitar hero. great games, yada yada. i like the wii, fun, but not a great variety of games. ps3, well, duh, has God of War, great game.

03:59:40 Feb 19th 08 - Duke of Dark Blood:

Rock Band OWNS GH!

08:30:54 Feb 19th 08 - Sir Architect:

I play Guitar, and have for many years, in fact I'm a Music Major, but thats another story.  I'd highly suggest starting on an acoustic guitar as electrics have some differences that are hard to get a hold on unless you have some previous guitar experience.  You could get a decent starter acoustic guitar for $80-$120 at your local music store, if they don't have one, they should be able to locate one for you.  If you do want to go straight electric out of the gates you have a few choices.  You could buy a kit and build it yourself for about $90 shipped.  It comes with full instructions and everything you need except for a few screwdrivers and maybe a drill, it would probably take you at least a week to build it. 

Next in line is buying a kit made guitar online at eBay or something like that, one of these would probably run you something in the range of $100-$140.  Next, you could get a decent Electric from your local music store for around $150, maybe less if you get lucky.  An amp is the next thing if you go electric.  Your best bet would be buying used.  When buying make sure you get a guitar amp, as there are also bass amps, and if you get the wrong kind you'll either destroy it, or it just won't work.  Again, check eBay or some other online site that sells used equipment, unless you have enough money to buy new.  A decent Amp will probably run you anywhere from $80-$160 depending on what you want to do with it.  If you plan on playing only for yourself, like not in a band or anything, then you can get a relatively low Watt amp, but if you plan on doing anything more than just personal stuff with it, you'll need something larger.

Above all, if you have access to a Flea Market, go there before you do anything else.  You can usually find some dude who doesn't know what he has and you can buy it off him for dirt cheap.  I found a $2500 Taylor guitar at a Garage sale and bought it off the guy for $120, it's quite amazing...  So yeah, Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and Pawn Shops all will generally have cheap guitars and such.  Keep a sharp eye out for good guitars the the people in possession of them who don't know what they are worth.  Barter at all costs when at one of these last 3 places, don't accept their first offer...  If you do it correctly you could go Acoustic for $80 or Electric for $120 if you get lucky...

Oh, and Guitar Hero and Rock band are NOTHING like playing a real guitar, so don't even consider this as an alternative to buying a real instrument.

10:57:28 Feb 19th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

thanks, most of what you said, i have done or is confirmation of what i've been told already,

however ... people keep telling me that anything under 250 dollar (200 euros) isn't worth it (bad neck, bad humbuckers, bad tone, bad 'some things i've never heard about', etc), and i better buy something around 300 euros ...

there aren't many fleamarkets around here (i don't see many guitars anyway if i go to one), and i doubt i could see the difference between a good and a bad guitar (i think i would be the one being suckered)

about that learning on an accoustic ... i was told that it is a bit harder, because you have to press the cords a bit harder (more pain to the untrained hand)

22:15:34 Feb 19th 08 - Sir Architect:

Even with 300 euros, what like $400 US, you could get a decent Fender.  I got a really nice Washburn just a few months ago for $210.  Acoustics and Electrics aren't that different as far as the string action goes, that being the height of the strings.  My washburn was a really low action, meaning I can barely touch the thing and it's good.  If you have to press hard, then you bought a poor guitar to begin with, but I guarantee you that with 300 Euros you'll easily be able to find a good sounding guitar with good action.

22:45:44 Feb 19th 08 - Sir Frederick:

If youre just going to start playing its not about the sound, but the enjoyment you get from playing it. If you cant get through that its not worth the money you invest in it. As a starter you cant really tell the difference anyways, between a really expensive instrument or a cheap one. (Well maybe with drum sets on which the sound may differ a lot. I know this from experience)

23:06:52 Feb 19th 08 - Duke Argyle:

acoustic fender has nice sound, but a beginner don't need that nice sound. My first guitar was a acoustic Yamaha, costed my parents $157 / 107 . My second guitar was a electric fender, one of thoose expensive one only a rich godfather can afford. Which was a real lift for my musical enhancement. Still use my old yamaha and it's fun to bring to beach parties and similar occasions (midsommarafton).

So my tip, start small, and if you like it, continue, otherwise you wasted your well earned money for nothing.

furthermore, internet is the best guitarschool you can find if you think about your economy. You can download videos and examples, and there are lots of websites that has lessons and etc (ultimate-guitar for example). so it's not hard to start play an instrument like guitar.

19:02:53 Feb 20th 08 - Mr. Mushasji:

thanks all, the guitar is a fact now

i had them play a fender (telecaster) (529 euro), an epiphone (650) and an 'aria' (600 but with 30%reduction) ... the 'aria' and the epiphone sounded the nicest (warm) (the fender sounds a bit colder, less sounds could be produced on it in comparison to the others (probably it's just my taste))

anyway, i bought the aria and a 100 watt marshall-amp (i got a bit carried away ;-), but it sounds great! )

now it's all learning notes and chords and sore fingers, trying to keep some rythm (very poorly), fingerplacement, etc ... counting notes in every tune i hear now ... lots and lots of stuff to learn (i hope, maybe in a year or so, i'll be able to play something nice/recognisable).

yeah, the internetlessons seem to be a good start (although i think, if i want to play perfectly, that i'll need real human help aswell; start to crawl first, then walk, then jog, then run, then sprint)

its' one of those things i always said, i'll do later ... now is later ;-) like 16 years :-)

04:40:53 May 27th 08 - Mr. Giggy:

Stupid little addition, but i have a bc rich bich and and dimebag darrel razorback.

05:14:07 May 27th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Irreveran:

I never took lessons but I can see how they would help. No one plays perfectly but everyone makes different mistakes. You will advance much faster by having a trained eye critique what you're doing and show you how to clean up your movements. I've played for ten years now and as I said I never took lessons, so you wouldn't know I've played for so long by hearing me play =p

19:31:17 Jun 11th 08 - Duke Drakos:

I was gonna say you should learn acoustic first, its much easier to switch from acoustic to electric than the other way around.
 Get "Guitar For Dummies" really simplifies the early core learning. for songs and  tabs/chords for almost any song you can think of.

19:39:57 Jun 11th 08 - Prince Melow:

what's your budget?

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