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end world please
11:56:40 Mar 9th 15 - Mr. Vilhelm:

Zeta, please end the world talents as our kingdom is the only one left. ta

20:11:15 Mar 9th 15 - Teirdel (Saint Tyrael of Justice):

Send a message to admin. When he checks in he will get it.

11:56:11 Mar 10th 15 - Mr. Vilhelm:

sorry to be a pain but where do i find the admins

15:15:18 Mar 10th 15 - Mr. Valhallas Clown:

In messages  click write a letter then address it "admin" or "VU admin" cant remember which it is

18:48:25 Mar 10th 15 - Kevin (Kushlord Gonzo):

I'm pretty sure its VU Admin. At the worst, you can send one to both and he will get it. Eventually.

18:51:51 Mar 10th 15 - Mr. Soccer Has Nofriends:

cast arma

19:14:14 Mar 10th 15 - Mr. Fezz:

3 players and 1 inactive. 

No one has lvl 9 ;(

I don't want the world to end. Will be sad to see my almost 80k nazguls die disappear lol

In my opinion Talent world should be open for players. Not enough to justify. 

Reduce # of active worlds 

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