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farming done right
19:00:42 Jun 23rd 12 - HorusPanic (Ms. Cross Dressing Horus):

i created the meme KD so me and my buddy al could try to max out income based on farming alone (mostly). we figured human and dwarf had the highest late game farming ceiling... i think dwarf won out... this income is 90% based on 4 cities stocked with the perfect dwarf 90k build (6:25 ratio, 1 caver/mine)... al has two 200k's, i'll ask him to post later:

Army Upkeep:-2,752,738
Building Upkeep:-241,163
Total Income:+1,878,083

03:21:26 Jun 24th 12 - Sir Dark Magician Who Cantusemagic:

Army Upkeep:-1,897,987
Building Upkeep:-493,317
Total Income:+1,591,611

This is as halfling, haven't really farmed that much (well I have, but i've always had a large number of troops at all times) and I haven't taken that many cities. The ones I have taken provide 450k income. The era has been going on for 34 days. How long has it been going on for you?

03:44:00 Jun 24th 12 - al (Mr. Old Scratch):

i'm getting about 3.8 mil out of my two large cities (200k and 190k)

Army Upkeep:-795,530
Building Upkeep:-446,318
Total Income:+3,460,263

12:17:28 Jun 24th 12 - Mr. Palpy Sucky Mage:

I tested it and a human with 2 200kers makes more than a dward with 4 x 90ks with cavers.

12:24:26 Jun 24th 12 - Mr. Palpy Sucky Mage:

Mind you, you have to factor in the cost of tree in building two 200kers and 4 90kers for a dwarf is a much quicker option.

14:07:17 Jun 24th 12 - al (Mr. Medium):

my 200ks are not pure mining 200ks, they both rainbowed a bit as needed (farms/armories particularly)

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