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Remember when punk meant making your own stuff out of things from the salvation army, back before there were actual 'vintage' clothing stores that sold 1970's bell bottoms for a 3x markup of what they cost back in 1978?  Remember when you had to put your own safety pins in your backpack, and tear your own jeans rather than hit the Hot Topic at your nearest chain convention center (mall)?  I DO.

anywho - nuff about how things have changed - I didn't have a place to put the following, but as 'hipster' is a cliche tag these days - i remember what it was to be a punk hipster from back in the day.  To this day my skateboard is in the back seat of my car sitting next to my converse allstars with duct tape holding them together...just waiting for a sweet bank that has to be hit-up. 

All -

I log into VU at least once every other day, but do not have an active character.  I will not be available for the rest of the calendar year, and perhaps longer.

I've enjoyed the company of a lot of people in VU for the past 4 years or so...and i hope to one day enjoy the day to day gaming with everyone again.

The competition here is fierce. Cheers to all and i hope to meet up with you again someday. I also hope the VU world grows and evolves even more.

no matter your  religion or nationality - I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season & a wonderful new year.


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