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i think this is a glitchb
06:57:25 Sep 30th 09 - Mr. Draco The Dragon:

i am preparing on a city and each time a turn goes by the preparation time goes back to 0 no spells get cast on me and it keeps saying i can take the city then it says i cant what the heck is going on

06:58:16 Sep 30th 09 - Mr. Draco The Dragon:

somebody please help me


07:00:41 Sep 30th 09 - Mr. Draco The Dragon:

Sir Farimer (9/29/2009 4:12:37 PM) GOOD BAD
That is not being very nice towards former members. Is that ur level of honour. I urge u to cease any attacks from u on our kingdom. Treat us with the same respect that we treat u. Feading against former members is disloyal and certainly does not raise the amount of respect that i had for u.
You (9/29/2009 6:41:16 PM)

i have issues with him he did nothing when it came to helping fight and pointbreak had *beep*jection to it he was going to kick him anyway

i have no idea why it put a beep when the word i used was objection

08:55:39 Sep 30th 09 - Lord Wraith The Inactive:

NO OBjection

Turns out as noob :)

16:08:54 Sep 30th 09 - Mr. Draco The Dragon:

is preparation supposed to reset when you cast crush walls on a city

16:20:42 Sep 30th 09 - Sir Penguinus Prime:

yes or any other kind of spell

06:52:16 Oct 9th 09 - Sir Thor:

For future reference, this is not the glitch forum. ;)

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