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movement improvement
23:43:55 Jan 16th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

I would just like to say, that I am very happy about this movement improvement! been wishing it for ages, just never knew about it! :D

Thanks thanks thanks thanks!

00:05:38 Jan 17th 10 - Clan Elder Mcfyatt:

Well, don't know if we're talking about the same thing, but I agree... moving armies has become much better, since moving over cities with closed gates gives a warning (red circles).
I also like the display of frozen armies. So there's been many improvements in the user interface - I like what you did this era, Zeta. Congrats and thanks.


00:40:27 Jan 17th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

nope I was talking about the click to move improvement, but let's be happy for all changes :D

06:40:59 Jan 17th 10 - Mr. Jackdaniels:

i'm liking all the ui improvements but something needs to be done about game play but improving everything else is moving in a good direction

23:17:48 Jan 17th 10 - Lady Boobson:

ZeTa is making VU too easy! I demand difficult gameplay where you don't know if you've moved till it says "FO, you can't move over cities with gates closed, assen."


Plus wheres the fun in being drunk on VU now? I can't wobble my army path around and end up somewhere I totally didn't want to be!

23:21:00 Jan 17th 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Meh its annoying trying to close the mini map now if you dont double click fast enough it jumps you too that spot on the map and you gotta retry the double click to close it and hope it doesnt jump you again where you click on the map lol

If you put a little red X at the top right corner some of us would actually know it closes that way without clicking on the map :/

23:54:00 Jan 17th 10 - Lady Katie Holmes:

...just click anywhere on the grey border to close it? O.o

23:58:42 Jan 17th 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

Yea I figured that out about mmmm 20 or so tries later......

21:12:15 Jan 19th 10 - VU Admin:

i'm liking all the ui improvements but something needs to be done about game play but improving everything else is moving in a good direction

Can you be more specific? Something as in what?

04:40:54 Jan 20th 10 - Mr. Legna Van Hteaed:

I think he means either diversity of races making them all essentail to a kingdom or the balancing of them so 1 doesnt outpower another to much.(like the one thread in suggestion says make races more unique)

You stepped in the right direction with the Dwarves countering Elves making 3 races essential to a kingdom now you gotta figure out how to get the other 3 to fit in without destroying the balance of those 3

05:40:12 Jan 20th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

I like playing orc, but hate the nazgul cost... if you could make them, like 1k gold per, that'd be awesome.... :D

07:02:03 Jan 25th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

make it so halflings are the spam race, elves are the hybrid. Trolls strong offensive through and through. Make them dependant mid-era on plunder, orc weak early strong late so more of a farming race, Humans another hybrid with some quirks elf do not have, such as weaker magic, but better eco and military while elves have better magic and no eco bonuses. (meaning human market discount back) and make it so Dwarves have high income though are able to field medium sized armies of medicore soldiers though have natural magic protection and perhaps cities immunity to burn and destroy.

Essentialy give them diversity without giving them a tick/tack/toe effect.

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