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name of the game
19:34:28 Jun 29th 11 - VU Admin:

What do you think about the name of the game? Does "visual utopia" sound good, is it a good name for this game? What do you think about when you hear visual utopia? Would the game be better off with another name?

  • It's a original name and suits the game very well: 21 (34%)
  • The name reminds me of another web game: 11 (18%)
  • When I hear visual utopia I think of something else: 29 (48%)

19:41:29 Jun 29th 11 - General Undercover Agent of:

When i hear Visual Utopia, I think of actually seeing a Utopia when i open the game. And i sure as hell do, wars, wars, bickering, whining, complaining, non honorable ppl, honorable ppl, skilled people, crappy people, ejc... its JUST LIKE THE REAL WORLD.

Plus we dont call it visual utopia, we all say VU.

20:09:41 Jun 29th 11 - Puppy Thinks Barny Mean:

Can't say a wargame is the first thing that comes to mind. Makes me think of some sort of artsy type thing, really. Either that, or one of those social-focused games like Second Life, among others. 

20:41:21 Jun 29th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

"And did we tell you the name of the game, boy? We call it Riding the Gravy Traaaiiiin!!!"

20:52:13 Jun 29th 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

I am used to it being called VU, tho its probably not the best name ever for a war game.

18:42:43 Jul 3rd 11 - Mr. Glacial Kzat:

visual utopia sounds a bit ghey..

14:25:34 Jul 4th 11 - Lady Cao Hashairypits:

Just call the game VU

16:53:52 Jul 4th 11 - Mr. Jax Garret:

I was playing regular Utopia along with Earth2025 on the old EE/Swirve site when I got drafted for VU back in the Rambo/Own days..

 I almost did not play as when I heard the name, "Visual Utopia" it made me think of an artsy tree hugging commune thing. So probably not the best name. Like most  I just call it VU.


19:15:07 Jul 4th 11 - Mr. Opportunity:

It makes me think of a porn site...

Don't judge my search history

20:35:04 Jul 4th 11 - Mr. Soul:

hahaha lol i think the visual should stay in the name utopia is a bit far fetched something like visual ******   (dont know a good one)

one thing i know the banner looked like porn but i dont think the name does we could always name it something like visual red light D. :P

06:04:32 Jul 7th 11 - Mr. Darvius Willing Bum:



Battle Utopia

Square Nipples....opps sorry mind wandered.

Strategic/Strategical Utopia....Most fitting one I think, Visual Utopia just dont fit, although even if you changed the name it will still be VU

22:55:24 Jul 7th 11 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

i suggest simply reducing the name down to V-U, that way the game is ridiculously easy to remember. When i was new t this game, it literally took me 2 eras to remember the actual name, i was always typing virtual-utopia into my google bar

03:58:29 Jul 8th 11 - Ms. Fit:

I like Wartopia, or Battletopia.  
Do they come in the square variety?
my mind just wandered

05:31:22 Jul 8th 11 - Ice Prince Zeraphyus:

Visual Utopia sounds kind'a weird, the first time I found this webpage I though it was an art web page, or crazy stuff like that came to my mind before playing this.

why not Zeta-Utopia =D or something like that, but the main problem is what happens if a really old vet decides to return to VISUAL-UTOPIA.COM how will he find us?

16:38:11 Jul 8th 11 - Mr. Soul:

redirect the page ?

16:59:17 Jul 8th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Maybe change Visual Utopia into something else that starts with V and U to keep it VU.

17:39:02 Jul 8th 11 - Mr. Soul:

it will limit the chose a lot thoh

18:30:21 Jul 8th 11 - VU Admin:

The most common words on VU are:


So if we could come up with something that represent those words it would be a good name for the game I think.

23:56:28 Jul 8th 11 - Ice Prince Zeraphyus:

Empire Topia?

23:57:46 Jul 8th 11 - Mr. Heroix:

Why Utopia at all?

00:00:17 Jul 9th 11 - Ice Prince Zeraphyus:

dk lol..

what about Zeterberg Topia?
that makes me think of a fantasy game.

05:57:45 Jul 9th 11 - Ms. Mistress Caylaish:

Utopia is a text based game kinda like this one without pictures... so the name Visual Utopia always made me think of a graphic version of Utopia... but sence most people have never played the text-ish kinda game, it wouldnt be all that fitting.

07:02:03 Jul 9th 11 - VU Admin:

12 years ago I made a game that was inspired by Utopia. It didn't take long until the game took a different route and developed into what it is now. The name was really stupid even back then.

When we changed the game from building buildings on the map to building cities it got renamed to "Middle Earth".
But it was at the same time as the makings of the Lord of the rings movies, so we played it safe and stuck with the old name to evade legal threats.

07:58:02 Jul 9th 11 - Mr. Mosquito:

Dead Game Play? :P

I don't think using the most frequently used words in VU will give us a good name... Everything I put together is already a game.

War of Wars (WoW would be a rather unfortunate abbreviation though).
Clash of the Lords (Or some variation of that.)
Battle of the Lords
Unite and Conquer
Clash and Conquer

Just a few ideas

11:06:19 Jul 9th 11 - The Architect:

I think staying away from movie and game titles would be good.  "Unite and Conquer" and "Clash and Conquer" make me think of Command and Conquer.  And "Clash of the Lords", makes me think of "Clash of the Titans".  And "Battle of the..." just sounds like a bad Sci Fi channel movie. =p  I'm not trying to put don your suggestion, just saying that I think it would be better to give VU it's own identity rather than skirting so close to the title of a game or movie.

I believe the biggest thing that needs to be in a name is something that catches your attention and makes you remember it.  Like Evony for example...crappy game, but the name is fun to say and so I remember it.  Same with Runescape, it just sounds intriguing.  If we go into pay games, World of Warcraft, Team Fortress, Counter Strike, Borderlands, Portal, they all just sound intriguing.  In that department, Visual Utopia is a bit dry.  It is better than the text version, but more-so than just because it has pictures, though the map is one of it's biggest assets, if not the single biggest asset.

If VU's name is to change, it needs to be something memorable and intriguing, that may or may not have to do with what the game is about, though the better games seem to have some hint at the game in their name.  The other thing in simplicity.  I think a good name should be 1-2 words, any more and you are approaching a movie title status.

Anyways, just some thoughts.

11:15:15 Jul 9th 11 - Mr. Tyrgalon:

I agree arc.

00:42:23 Jul 11th 11 - Mr. Glamias:

Violence Unleashed - middle earth warfare with blood and magic.

01:24:47 Jul 11th 11 - Mr. Soul:

sounds much better thoh it sounds like a fps now thoh i like Unleashed

16:15:12 Jul 13th 11 - Mr. Bon:

Just a few suggestions:
Era of utopia
Fight of utopia
Utopian War

The name has to include most of the aspects of the game.. Please give feedback on these. I'll try to think about other names as well. 

17:15:15 Jul 13th 11 - Mr. Panic Lucky Number XIII:

Battle for Fantasia

09:23:15 Jul 14th 11 - Mr. Jackdaniels Old Seven:

how about dark world

15:30:02 Jul 18th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Victory Unleashed? ... *cough*

There's lots of words starting with V and U.

15:31:33 Jul 18th 11 - Puppy The Kitten Squisher:



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