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01:24:06 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

yooooooooooooooo   thc  is anyone from back then remmeber us

01:54:17 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

yooo where my nigga ice cube

03:03:55 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

he chilling

04:23:47 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

werd but whats good tho

04:35:49 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

but yo ima keep it a hundred this is mullet not a third creepin multi but i found the old pdf strat idk if it still apply, butt fuck it ima have a go so 2nd era THC bout to be a thing maybe. get at me

04:59:56 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

its a beer hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beer

06:54:15 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Bling The Badass:

think u might need to get back on those meds.

12:06:43 Dec 10th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

naahh more sleep less booze same story

23:32:35 Dec 17th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

the fourth era round 36 starta i found me mofs aayy lmao rofl my waffle 

dang three more rounds and id still have the emblem

01:38:49 Dec 18th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

so yea man havent played since then and its still drunk Russian talkin about vu so wat is it pure pay to win on high realm cus ive noticed the 3 tick free tick is def gone

15:36:22 Dec 19th 17 - The End:

Welcome back,   Server kinda laggy near ticks. 
420 Salute

06:56:49 Dec 20th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

hey same script for ten years proly the same server humming in a corner. it aint broke just zeta is.

08:32:23 Dec 22nd 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

also the map really seems alot smaller but its just that 40k was as big as most would go. any bigger seemed gross and unreasonable, now tho it seems its not a core without 3 max pop. crazy.

05:36:09 Dec 26th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

and it may just be because im an alcoholic but i wish i could see out going messages without reply

05:40:59 Dec 26th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

btw merry Chrysler and happy jew week er'y body

05:44:21 Dec 26th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

even tho chacakkkakkakakakakakakchuspa ended three days ago

06:14:10 Dec 26th 17 - Princess Aisha:

Pay for a custom title and you can see unreplied messages too

21:49:17 Dec 26th 17 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

thank you for the tip

09:13:01 Jan 1st 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haappppppppppy n ew ear mofffercers aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

09:29:34 Jan 1st 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

think your keyboard just had a stroke.

11:23:23 Jan 1st 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

no i jus had a few rum cokes. happy new year guy

12:01:06 Jan 1st 18 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax And His Horse):

Pleanty of good food (I made the meal myself) and half a sh.tload of beers yesterday and champagne 12 hours ago.

That way you don't regret the way you left last year and most important - you do not get a serious hangover the 1st Jan.

12:07:28 Jan 1st 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

being scared of a hangover is an old mans game live as if the sun may never come again and let the drink ever flow friendo. and plenty water

12:08:56 Jan 1st 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

whoops double click i dont know who i don it

08:22:25 Feb 12th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

i'm a greedy faux. but at least i don't hide it/ am bashful about it?

how long is a very long time to, your people?

13:58:53 Feb 12th 18 - Mr. Michael The Wiser:

Whoa. What a thread we got here.

01:51:03 Feb 13th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

ill take quark board of ramblings i will drunkenly forget for a thousand Alex 


04:59:16 Feb 22nd 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

ha hahaha hahahaha bwahhahaha hahahahahahahhahahahahaha

delightful treats indeed

00:57:30 Feb 25th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

shadys back yall catch me at 5 an 1800

02:20:43 Feb 25th 18 - Mr. Bate Borisov:

What a wild conversation you're having here. Nail bitting stuff.

02:27:03 Feb 25th 18 - Mr. Santa Bling:

shhh... dont talk to him... u get the crazy started again

03:25:41 Feb 25th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

its such a beautiful word thought 

17:57:12 Feb 25th 18 - SithEd (Mr. Danimir):

Bwahahahahaha.... t'was a day to remember indeed good sir... Rum Ramblings and whiskey wonders unite 

21:57:04 Mar 4th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

i love the internet its so fauxen dumb even tho were not 

12:57:03 Mar 6th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

bind two birds together and tho they have four wings they cannot fly

- the blind man
contrary to this
the horse has no udders the cow cant whiny up is down and sideways is straight ahead
-chord the seeker

23:22:39 Mar 6th 18 - Mr. Lazy:

Feck!!!! And i thought Hanky was spaced.

06:19:25 Mar 7th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

something something something echo chamber

01:01:26 Mar 11th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

how do you spell assume

07:09:54 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

WIZARD- "Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the son of Aryas there was an age undreamed of and unto this, CONAN, destined to bear the jeweled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow. It is I, his chronicler, who alone can tell thee of his saga. let me tell you of the days of high adventure."

07:17:09 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

MAN- "fire and wind come from the sky, from the Gods of the Sky.But Crom is your god. Crom, and he lives in the earth. once giants lived in the earth. and in the darkness of chaos they fooled Crom, and they took from him the enigma of steel Crom was angered, and the earth shook. and fire and wind stuck down these giants,and they threw there bodies down into the waters. zbut in there rage,the gods forgot the secret of steel and left it on the battlefield. and we who found it are just men.not gods. not giants. just men. and the secret of steel has always carried with it a mystery. you must learn its must learn its discipline.for no one, no one in this world can you trust,not men, not women , not beasts (points at sw˘rd) this you can trust

07:33:31 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

CONAN- what gods do you pray to?

SUBOTAI- i pray to the four winds, and you?
CONAN- to Crom. but i seldom pray to him. he doesn't listen.
SUBOTAI- what good is he, then? Ah its just as Ive always said.
CONAN- he is strong. if i die i have to go before him,and he will ask me "what is the riddle of steel?' if i don't know it, he will cast me out of Valhalla and laugh at me. that's Crom. strong in his mountain.
SUBOTAI- (laughs) ah , my god is greater.
CONAN- Crom laughs at your four winds, from his mountain.
SUBOTAI- my god is stronger.he is the everlasting sky. your god lives underneath him.
CONAN- ( stares inquisitively and furiously )  

07:54:49 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

CHANG SHA- have you eaten, where is your drink your hand is empty.

CHANG SHA-(laughs) dont wish it on me, the whole world is in commotion and you wish me peace. i dont know what peace is, i dont want it, dont you listen to the desert even when there is no wind the sand sings.
CHORD THE SEEKER- my name is chord
CHANG SHA- ah you see, Chord (laughs) play a chord, strike a chord, even your name is annoyance, what do you want Chord, do you want us to play on you

08:26:17 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

THE BLIND MAN- a fish saved my life once!
CHORD THE SEEKER - hows that?
THE BLIND MAN- I ate him


08:27:33 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:


 CHORD- how long have you been blind 
THE BLIND MAN - how long have you been blind 
CHORD- im not blind 
CHORD- do you answer every question with a question 
THE BLIND MAN- do you question every answer
 CHORD- oh talking to you is like talking to a wall 
THE BLIND MAN- the Buddha once sat before a wall and when he arose he was enlightened 
CHORD- do you compare yourself of Buddha 
THE BLIND MAN- (laughs) no only to the wall

08:28:54 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

much later

 CHORD- im thinking of saying goodbye 
THE BLIND MAN- Good bye 
CHORD- i was crazy to belive you where my teacher 
THE BLIND MAN- to learn is to listen to that which is not spoken 
CHORD-oh im tired of your riddles there was no lesson in what just happened all i say was a fool inviting his assasins to kill him 
THE BLIND MAN - the fool is the twin of the wise 
CHORD- and you cant step on the same piece of water twice, and two birds tied together cant fly and the tadpole loses its strength and the sword cant cut itself 
THE BLIND MAN- the path and the gateway have no meaning when the objective is in sight 
CHORD- and a horse has no udders and a cow cant whinny up is down and side ways is straight ahead

08:34:33 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh it ST Pats im drunk already and i got work in the mourning its  bullsnickt i tell ya all so i can exchange pieces of paper till i die

(the secret is three screens btw) (cus  consumerism mofer) 
also buy my sh*t

please and thank you

also also knock out punch a camel cause its easier to train than a horse

12:25:14 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

An aside as the rest of this thread is

Me being "crazy" is not my weakness but my strength for every day I endeavour to be one of you fucking normalfags knowing I am not and wont ever be I use my tools and compassion to connect with and cherish people I interact with and finally tits or gtfo and pics or it never happened

Also also I got to say I said good day sir I actual conversation im so fuckin happy about that

12:46:31 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

You must pay the troll toll to get in thisboysouls 

Ewwh frank stop sayinit like that it sounds like your sayin " this boys hole"

10:02:39 Apr 1st 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

what the .. are you talkin about the china-man is not the issue here dude. im talkin about drawing a line in the sand dude across this line YOU DO NOT also dude china-man is not the preferred nomenclature Asian american please

Walter this isnt a guy that built the ...n railroads here man
what the .... dude
Walter  he peed on my rug man


what is that ....n wisdom- Lenard Church


00:31:36 Apr 30th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

im drunk as shit. damn man its actually been a while 

<raptor or fry squint>
is that bad or good america please explain i am confuse


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