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top 3 worlds
17:18:11 Sep 17th 10 - Mr. Panic VI:

i'm considering torpedo-ing my char on valhalla so that when mant restarts i can put it on that world.


if i do this i'll have 1 char in each of the 'top 3' worlds, fant/mant/zeta.


it feels like a bad thing to do, so i'll probably not really do it


has anyone else had a similar dilemma and how did you handle it?

17:27:52 Sep 17th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon II:

I might consider killing of a char, if it doesnīt matter/affect the kd your in (if you are in one that is).
I myself simply have 1 char in reserve most of the time.

19:29:14 Sep 17th 10 - Mr. Fvckup:

i am increasing my kingdom's overall power, but not really working with them... have my own unattached core


like i said, ideally i want my chars to live exclusive in the top 3 worlds... i went wrong when i restarted my mant char on a lower world


EDIT: horus/panic/fvckup

20:14:58 Sep 17th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon II:

well if you donīt have a role in the kd as such, then you can always get ur troops killed or so and attack like their scouts, so they can take your cities?

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