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unban me please
23:27:13 Nov 8th 19 - Mr. Peabody:

Yo wtf, why did I get banned for multis???  I dont even have another account... Well I do now because I wanted to let my kingdoms know I got banned for no real reason unless someone said I was a multi to Zeta, idk... Arkantos and I used the same connection for a while when we lived together but this is dumb, sooo... UNBAN ME PLEASE 

23:27:32 Nov 8th 19 - Mr. Peabody:

its Polydeuces by the way, forgot to mention....

02:23:58 Nov 9th 19 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Inactive Pirate):

Email zeta at, explain to him the issue and he can deal with it. It auto-bans based on certain criteria, and having both logged in on the same connection is one of them.

03:12:39 Nov 9th 19 - Mr. Peabody:

Why would it auto ban like two weeks after we last used the same connection..

I have emailed Zeta, Ark and I went through this years ago the last time we lived together back in 2007/8. (Known each other since we were 9(1999)so like 20 years)..

03:20:01 Nov 9th 19 - Percy (Sir Inception):

My family and I just went through the same thing yesterday... I play this game with my brother and dad, and since we live in the same town, they will occasionally log in on my PC when they come over (they dont have PCs at home, they play exclusively on mobile). We all got banned yesterday despite the last time they logged in on my machine was well over a month ago. 

We had similar safeguards set for us back in the day (we all lived in the same house back then), but after our 5-year hiatus, my brother and I forgot our login info. So we both made new accounts, which wasnt covered by ZeTa's safeguard, which is what finally got us. A simple email to ZeTa explaining what happened and within the hour he had it fixed :)

03:47:10 Nov 9th 19 - Mr. Peabody:

Well it's been about 36 hours for me, but Ark and I haven't changed accounts at all lol.  Idk this sucks, cause by now I'm sure my unattended Naz Army on zeta got smoked.

03:54:57 Nov 9th 19 - Percy (Mr. Percy The Inactive Pirate):

In your email to ZeTa, did you mention making this new account to inform KD mates? I cant speak as to why its taking so long, perhaps I happened to send during a time he was monitoring, but I'm curious if this new account might be stalling that. I really dont man :(

03:57:42 Nov 9th 19 - Mr. Peabody:

Nope, it's possible, guess I should tho.  Thanks lol.

22:41:55 Nov 9th 19 - ZeTa (VU Admin):

I usually stay active after a multi sweep to deal with false positives. But I guess the e-mail got lost in cyberspace. So If you got no answer in 24 hours, just send again.

Your second option is to create a new account and send me an in-game message if e-mail doesn't work. Although it can be a bit confusing for me when I get inquiries for one account from another.

22:45:57 Nov 9th 19 - Polydeuces (Mr. Sorin of Innistrad):

Thanks Zeta, was goin' stir crazy lol.  I'll be sure to keep that in mind if it does happen again for whatever reason.

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