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yo wtf is up with multis now
23:12:14 Apr 7th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

is there a problem with multis now in vu.....more than before?

i got 2 guys in ma kd....they have like 3 or 4 players with nearly the same name.

(my kd auto accepts)

is this just a fcuk up with restarting on a world?

00:43:59 Apr 8th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

Espawn0Mr.HalflingDead.1 daysK / P
Aspawn0Mr.HumanDead.1 daysK / P
Silverfox0Mr.HumanMidg.1 daysK / P
Starfox0Mr.HumanMidg.1 daysK / P
Starwolf0Mr.HumanDead.1 days

00:44:29 Apr 8th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

^^ kick..kick..kick dem fools yah?

00:56:08 Apr 8th 11 - Mr. Julius Caesar:

If I was you I probably would kick them. It seems just all a bit fishy for me really. However it is up to you to make a judgement at the end of the day, good luck.

01:14:14 Apr 8th 11 - Mr. Glacial Till:

agreed ^

we r now a little slimmer.

08:37:57 Apr 8th 11 - Mr. Pure:

Ahh shit you caught me D:

18:35:07 Apr 15th 11 - Mr. Targaryen:

at this point ive honestly considered the fact if the system even cares for multi's anymore. The fact we are allowed 3 characters and the population has dwindled so much is a concern of mine. Was thinking we need someone to make a vu blog so those of us alive can all just chat on it, bump its traffic then use the blog link (not against rules to post in other forums) to just spam it in other mmo game chats sigs etc.. worked for awhile i got 4 bts for it once.

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