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Canceling account
18:52:18 Jul 16th 09 - Mr. Riretohew:

    Trying to cancel this account and make another because I hate this automatically generated name.
             But to cancel it I have to enter my "Real name"  which I of course never registered because all I did was enter my e-mail. So it's asking for my real name when I never even entered what it was  >_< 
                       Any help?

                        This is fitesalot btw   where mah homies at?   0_o 

     EDIT:  ya I know this should be in Q&A, get over it.

19:57:21 Jul 16th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

just tell zeta that you is makin a new acc and to delete the old one :)

20:39:29 Jul 16th 09 - Demonslayer The Confused Demon Farmer:

^What he said.  I did something and made a new account and never logged on the old one again.  The old one was deleted eventually(Probably inactivity) and here I am.

20:46:42 Jul 16th 09 - Fire Lord Nova:

don't enter a name then. if it was blank... leave it blank.

00:51:49 Jul 17th 09 - Mr. Riretohew:

   tried that Nova   ^^   it still didn't let me.   I guess I'll just get in contact with zeta   

23:32:36 Jul 18th 09 - Sir Santa:

Next time, fill in a name and remember it ;P

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