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why cant i sell food
03:33:50 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orin):

  • Your total price can not be over 25 of the average market price (max 61664847.6230656 gold for 35888889 food)!

You are selling 21888889 food for 52533334 gold (2.4) Sell 30697033 food for 1 gold to make it the cheapest.

You are selling 46000000 stone for 44380000 gold (0.96) Sell 863782 stone for 1 gold to make it the cheapest.


the food price is at 1. and i sold it 2.4 way back but food prices dropped badly and now i am stuck i cant sell sh!t for food lol

03:40:29 Jan 10th 12 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):


04:49:30 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orin):

so yea what can i do about this or is it a bug?

04:52:52 Jan 10th 12 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):

keep selling 5 mil at a time for .001 till is sells

04:56:15 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orrises):

ok i will give it a shot thank you

05:04:52 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orin):

nope same error, no matter if i try to sell it high or low it won't go

05:18:51 Jan 10th 12 - Jenna (Mr. Wtf):

never had that problem before  hope u get it worked out  :)

05:19:19 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Vesta Orin):

thank you

05:31:51 Jan 10th 12 - Dragon (Mr. Black Dragon):

Sell 30697033 food for 1 gold to make it the cheapest.

07:49:09 Jan 10th 12 - Architect (The Architect):


08:22:38 Jan 10th 12 - Penguin (Mr. Penguin The Yellow Eyed Demon):


13:37:29 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orrises):

i dont have 30 mill of food i am halfway there though

13:57:12 Jan 10th 12 - Mr. Humbugs:

What was your input value to begin with?

Sold X? food for X gold...

14:34:14 Jan 10th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orrises):

15,000,000 for ( from .001 - 2.5 and anything in between )

16:43:40 Jan 10th 12 - Mr. Humbugs:

Have you tried selling like 10000 for 0.1? otherwise...

My guess is that you are totaly locked from selling food on the market at this point. Since you are already over 25% of the average market price at your latest selling price.
That is a bug!

16:47:23 Jan 10th 12 - Princess Aisha:

He cant sell any more because he's already so high with his price, but he should be able to lower it down a bit if he wanted to I agree.
There are two ways for you to solve the problem
1. sell the huge amount of food needed or
2. buy all cheaper food on market
Those are the only options I think...

12:00:30 Jan 26th 12 - Mr. Fantamos:

well, to piggy back this topic, I find it ridiculous that you can't post resources at their max value when there are none on the market....for instance, I can't sell slaves for 300 a piece because of that 25% rule...I can only sell for 125 a piece. There are no slaves on the market, by default it should let me sell at any price between 0 and 300(the max allowed price).

It does this on other resources as well, not just slaves.

12:39:11 Jan 26th 12 - Jesus Left Toe (Lord Iesus Rex):

Solution for Orin : Buy the cheaper food, probably only need to buy the lowest lot to fix your problem.

Solution for Fantamos : Sell one slave at 125, then one slave at 155, then one slave at 175, then one slave at 189, then one at 200. Problem solved. (Or if you wanna go to three hundred, 1 at 211, 20*219, and then 50*261. then rest at 300)

12:42:58 Jan 26th 12 - Heripy (Mr. Fantamos):

ik ik, i just dont want to have to do that every damn time.

13:25:16 Jan 26th 12 - Orin (Mr. Orrises):

thank you jesus it worked :)

02:56:43 Feb 13th 12 - kzoolczat (Mr. Dorforc):

maybe your food is ut of date and tastes like shit?

06:20:20 Feb 13th 12 - Orin (Mr. Kane):


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