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1 exp advents
14:44:50 Sep 19th 12 - Mr. Gentleman:

hi, do 1 exp advents find anything? or is it a must have 5+

14:51:32 Sep 19th 12 - Zef (Mr. Zef The Not Brazilian):

They do not, but if they do, its very rare. You should get them higher.

15:27:10 Sep 19th 12 - Konspyre (Mr. Konspyre):

I found a magic science with about 5k advents who had 2 exp once. Never found anything else in about 2 weeks time though. Best get it to about 10 first.

15:32:10 Sep 19th 12 - Zephyr (Sir Hannon II):

The higher the exp the higher the chances to find something a day even twice a day.

18:35:37 Sep 19th 12 - Mr. Gentleman:

thanks, ill try to get them more exp, but since were nowhere near max army, ill have to put more units in and ill lose exp, thats why i asked, since you can also find exp, was hoping id get that :D oh well, thanks anyway, guess ill have to kill some more^^

19:06:26 Sep 19th 12 - Wilberforce (Mr. Ugly Bran):

As stated previously, you should be aiming for 10+ exp, in an army of 20-30k advents minimum before you start thinking about adventuring properly. More of both is preferable but that's a realistic start, once you have your scis done yourself.

Also, 2 finds per RL day is certainly not good. Especially if there's only a couple people adventuring. I'd be annoyed if I got 2 or less alot of eras I adventure properly. 5+ finds a day however, is pretty good... E.g

Recovery gained 1 experience from adventuring.
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 191339000 gold
Our adventurers discovered an ancient fighting art that will be taught to all our soldiers; increasing our military science.
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 191339000 gold
Our adventurers found a magic ring! It increased the magic level within our realm.
Our adventurers found a treasure worth 121239000 gold
Our adventurers found a saw that will revolutionise forestry science.

Found 3 scis the day before that, 2, then 3, then 5. ...Etc...
(Looks abit weird there as I deleted some news, such as my STG casts and messages)

21:29:46 Sep 19th 12 - Mr. Gentleman:

 i know that winning battles at low % and taking over citys at low % gets most ex, but in what order does it give most exp. and does return city give less exp then taking over?

i returned a city with 66% and got 1 exp,was fully prepped, on other world i took over a city with 68% and got 7 exp.... whats the deal?

02:58:36 Sep 20th 12 - The Real Josh (Princess Watermelon):

You returned a city... then you took over a city... think about it!

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