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A Swear Word
19:52:50 Jul 10th 12 - Mr. Theodore Roosevelt:

should 'gay' be considered a swear word? because thats how VUs private messages system  treats the word. seems a bit petty to me

22:48:00 Jul 10th 12 - Wilberforce (Mr. Beautiful Slave):

I wouldn't say it's a swear word.

23:51:23 Jul 10th 12 - Mr. Theodore Roosevelt:

nah but seriously, fix this zeta

02:59:01 Jul 12th 12 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Nooooobhammer):

"Noob" is also a swear word, it gets changed to "morning" if you use it in game

03:00:49 Jul 12th 12 - Prince Pesterd:

It isn't a swear word. Otherwise it would stop you before posting.

03:25:11 Jul 12th 12 - Stormy (Mr. Hootenanny):

seriously? why morning? that makes no sense zeta:P

05:58:00 Jul 12th 12 - Endless (Ms. Abstinence):

why does asshole get changed to dwarf?

14:22:26 Jul 12th 12 - Idiot First Class (Mr. Nooooobhammer):

"god" also changes to "zeta". However, both versions of the N word don't change to anything.... you can't say "noob" or "god", but ef the blacks... in game, of

14:50:54 Jul 12th 12 - Mr. Theodore Roosevelt:

so zeta hates blacks and gays, no wonder VUs player base has dropped!

14:54:50 Jul 12th 12 - Zephyr (Ice Prince Zephyran):


Edit: maybe he did that to stop a little raccism?

03:56:39 Jul 30th 12 - Sun Warrior King (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu):

I do not think zeta hates blacks and homosexuals. I am assuming the he thinks we will not use the term to describe each other since the game has nothing to do with our race or our sexual preference so lets just play the game and put aside such trivial matters of banning a word.

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