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A few Questions
18:11:56 Nov 29th 12 - Sir Storaiser:

Hi There,

I just have a couple of questions about a few things, Any help you can give is very much appreciated!

1. Ok first of all, Lets assume my Kingdom member has a blocker. In this blocker there is 3 different Armies, 1 is mine and 2 that are from different rulers in my Kingdom. An enemy starts prepping on the blocker, If i attack with my army is it automaticly helped by the other 2 armies, or do we have to merge first?

2. Next, I read that you need 7500 Armouries built in a city to receive Max training time decrease. If i settled a city that can hold 40,000 buldings total as an Armoury, What should the build look like? 1-5 Homes to Armouries untill full? or should i just be aiming for 7500, and then build something else?

3. Also, In a production building, lets just say a mining city, that has enough room 200k buildings, if i build 33333 homes, 7500 armouries and the rest mines, would it be as fast to train troops as my 40k Armoury only city, or does the 7500 increase in a larger city?

4. Rainbow Cities. This one is more something that im curious about than an actual need to know. As i dont have any. Ive read that Rainbow citys are generally a bad build, But Ive also I read that Max citys get the same bonus as if it was next to the resource.

So my question is, If i have a 200k city, that i build 33333 homes into, then 83,333 Mines, and 83,333 Lumbermills, does building the two different production buildings in one city give less wood/gold/stone an hour per mill/mine, than a 200k that has strait mines/mills at 1:5? Or is it more so for your starting cities where bonus's are more important?

By keeping the ratio correct, and Ending up with full bonus, 100% production and Employment, what are the negatives?

5. Blockers. Ok so I'm kind of building blind with my blocker at the moment. i have 3k homes, maxxing out walls as it gets bigger, and then the rest Gaurdtowers. Is this wrong? It can hold 25600 total buildings.

6. This kind of ties in with the last question, when building guardtowers in a city, does the amount of extra defence they provide have a cap, or will they continue to provide more defence the more I build?

For now thats all I have written down,

Thanks in Advance =)

18:50:57 Nov 29th 12 - Stormy (Ms. Boadicea):

I'll answer several myself but will leave the building ratios to one of the numbers geeks here...

1. No, they dont. Unless you are on Zetamania where merges are allowed, then you need to have them merge in. On other maps, they will contribute to max dp but not towards max op.

5. It depends. Many use a large sized blocker like that as an armory also, where you have armories, homes, gt's (until they become useless mid era) and mt's...dont forget the mt's and mages to avoid cw's....

6. They will continue to provide dp. However, you will reach a point in the era where gt's are useless since everyone is running around with large op armies, but in oop wars they are very useful.

19:10:06 Nov 29th 12 - Sir Storaiser:

Thanks Stormy for taking the time to answer those,

I recently Settled my 200k building, it only has about 2000 buildings in it now, but i noticed something ive never seen before, is this normal?
Look at where it says what is produced.

Each mine produces around 2 gold per day and 89 stone every 100th day.
Built: 1657 Build:
In construction: 0

19:28:17 Nov 29th 12 - Mr. Shinsei:


No. The other armies will not help.

But if you were on Zetamania, they could have merged their armies into yours.
(Example: KD Mate A with 200k men and KD Mate B with 50k men merge into your 100k army. You would have 350k under your command)

Edit 3: Just a note but if you ever want to unmerge from a merge in Zetamania, Just move your army in a direction because I'm pretty sure that if you press the unmerge option, it'll stop the other armies in the merge from their set path and the lead army would have to manually move the army again.

I'm no expert, but if you wanted just armories and soldiers in that town:
32,500 Homes for 812,500 soldiers
7,500 Armories for decreased training time

Again I'm no expert, but armories only need 7,500 for decreased training time
Also personally I would do:
 - 55,400 Homes
(Room for Army of 750,000,  625,000 Peasants for the mines, and 10,000 Peasants for the Guard Towers)
 - 125,000 Mines (Income)
 - 8,100 Magic Towers (Magic Defence/Left Over Buildings
 - 2,000 Guard Towers (For sight if you need it)
 - 7,500 Armories (Training time)
 - 2,000 Taverns (If you're in the open against morale dropping orcs)
 - ????? Walls

My rainbowed 200k city on fant seems to be producing the same amount per mine as my pure mining 200k city so.....

No expert. I would do 2k guard towers for sight, then rest homes for a stationed army to save on income. You may want some magic towers or taverns though.

Guard towers provide 5 defense with 0 military
(If you had lv 11 military, it would probably be 5+11=16 defense per guard tower)

Edit: My production in my mines went down to 2 per mine until I made more homes. Now its at 7 or 8 gold per mine. Can't remember right now.

Edit 2: And I had lv 6 mining lawl

20:43:09 Nov 29th 12 - Ms. Beautiful Brunette:

1) no
2) 7.5k armouries, depending on location mts and gts, rest homes.
3) always 7.5k max. same total time, troops backloaded if low production.
4) aimed more towards mid sized cities not near a primary resource. "rainbow cities" are really efficient early imo due to the income curve.
5) ~2k gts for LoS, 50% magic towers, rest homes, max walls. make blockers in spots where they will have larger image sizes for increased prep time.
6) guardtowers are inefficient for anything except LoS after early game. troops in homes are better.

20:49:32 Nov 29th 12 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

a lot of echoes in here;)

21:19:17 Nov 29th 12 - Sir Storaiser:

Haha the echoes are good, A couple of those questions i was looking for opinions ^.^

Thanks to everyone who answered anyway =)

02:35:50 Jan 16th 13 - Mr. Glannies:

I didn't want to start a new thread so I'll just ask it here.

I had 1 peasant in the city ( I knew it was going to be taken) yet, when the city was taken, my news said this:

"29213 of the peasants in the city where taken as slaves!"

Bug in the game mechanics?


02:41:13 Jan 16th 13 - Zond (General Cozen):

If you had slaves on market or owned. It can take them sometimes. 

02:45:08 Jan 16th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Yume):

Maybe the amount of homes have something to do with it?

08:52:31 Jan 16th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Durbans):

your peasants were hiding so they didn't have to pay taxes maybe? jk.

Slaves maybe slaves.

15:56:57 Jan 16th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Reallife Stupid Game):

But it says that the peasants* were taken

20:42:53 Jan 16th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Durbans):

by any chance did the peasant count of any of your other cities drop?

23:34:34 Jan 16th 13 - Mr. Glannies:

No slaves on the market or not in one of my cities.  No slaves or peasants from any of my cities were missing.

23:41:30 Jan 16th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Reallife Stupid Game):

How many homes?

02:52:48 Jan 17th 13 - Mr. Pang Tong:

1) All armies that arent your own army(s) provided into total dp. Zetamania is the only realm to provide merges that the leader will have control of total OP and DP and the leader of the merge uses his own military level.

2) 7500 buildings!! I thought it was minimum 15,000 buildings for max decrease without hinder of increase of any other buildings.

3) I would assume Yes, but i am no expert, maybe that only works great for those orcs because their training times are significantly reduced.

4) I find Rainbow Cities are only great when you are near multiple possible resources. And most definitely beneficial early on. Building a larger city will require more time into production to increase and in more open space, your production to certain resources are significantly reduced except early in the game. Once your city is further developed, grown and produced, you earn more and produce.

5)  Building homes is good, get taxes from peasants or have lesser upkeep having your army inside the city instead on the city. I suggest building some magic towers for needed magic defense to prevent "Crush Walls" (destroy your closed gates to no gates) on your city. And Gates provide extra prep time and not extra defense (as it was a change awhile ago as before it was added defense, but now is only increased prep time).

6) Guard towers is 5 defense only. And increasing military level, it is by 10% increase, not this 1 point increase. So if it is military lvl 11, your military is increased to 110% and not just 11 points. The cap on defense is the number of gts you build and the military level you have.

03:15:58 Jan 17th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Reallife Stupid Game):

2. It is 7500


Guard Towers

Each guard tower gives 5 + military level, extra defence and increase line of sight.

Anyways... Did you have at least 1200 homes in that city?

04:59:47 Jan 17th 13 - Mr. Glannies:

Yes, Yukan, there were over 1200 homes in the city (over 2000 actually).


05:16:30 Jan 17th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Grandline):

Hum... Maybe when you take a city belonging to a person larger than you, about half the total possible population is taken as slaves... (I got about 95k slaves from a city that could house about 200k)

Oh well. One day someone will experiment on this :o

06:03:12 Jan 17th 13 - Mr. Pang Tong:

Where is Barny whom probably already tested this experiment :P

16:15:55 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Glannies:

Can anyone tell me what 'lvl 4 blockage' means?

If we build a city here it would be able to hold 90000 buildings and lvl 4 blockage!

16:18:37 Feb 22nd 13 - Zond (Mr. Want The Freak):

means the visual size will be of a level 4 city. in other words. 25k size visually. 

23:23:12 Feb 22nd 13 - Mr. Glannies:

Thanks Zond.


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